Child in a grass F1 car, Sochi, 2019

Caption Competition 159: Young fan’s first F1 car

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Every future racing driver has to start somewhere: This young fan found a full-size grass Formula 1 car during the Russian Grand Prix weekend.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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  • 81 comments on “Caption Competition 159: Young fan’s first F1 car”

    1. Vegan F1 announces it’s young driver program.

      1. @nemo87 read through the rest, some good ones, but that’s my favourite

      2. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
        6th October 2019, 17:35

        Don’t think I’ll go any further 😂

    2. Ross Brawn has announced the 2021 sporting and technical rules in the spirit of a greener future in F1.

    3. Young Russian promote Green New Formula in UNGA.

    4. Real Green F1: No helmets, halos or grass run-offs – these green lawn drivers put their foot on the grass pedal, with a need for speed-weeding to make the cut.

      1. I’m lichen this very moss.

    5. Ahhh – that “Marijuana Mercedes Moment”.

    6. hey.. pls tell him to give me the steering

    7. “Box this lap… I think I’ve got some grass stick in my front wing”

      1. Montréalais (@)
        5th October 2019, 14:33

        @minnis +1 (hee hee)

    8. Leaked photos from the red bull labs casts doubt on Verstappen’s heritage… and species

    9. I also saw that car in the F1 village area behind the main and the T1 (where I was at) grandstands but didn’t try to fit in that thing, LOL.

      1. winner ;)

    10. @freemanlowell01
      5th October 2019, 9:32

      ‘It’s ironic really because I’m not supposed to run-off’

      1. Haha, nice :D

    11. “Bring back grass run-off areas” , they said… “It’ll improve the racing!”, they said.

    12. Second iteration of Honda’s RA107 once again mowed down by competition

    13. F1 makes an attempt to go back to it’s grass roots

    14. As the drivers get younger and younger Alfa Romeo signed a driver at a very ambitious age. His training begins at grassroots level

    15. As part of cost cutting, teams no longer use carbon fiber, having switched to renewables.

      Broken front wing? No worry, it’ll grow back in time for the next race.

    16. F1 reveals its latest ‘green’ plan to see off the challenge of Formula E

    17. Is that a young Lucas di Grassi?

    18. “Bring back the ******* V12s…”

    19. The FIA finally promote an effective grass roots programme.

    20. We call this car “The Ricciardo” because the grass always looks greener on the other side

      1. That one passed through my mind too.

    21. F1 2021 tries to return to the glory days of Moss.

      1. Montréalais (@)
        5th October 2019, 14:34

        @dave-m +1 very clever!

    22. The first prototype for Jaguar Racing’s new car is unveiled as the team eyes rejoining F1 in 2035 with their development driver!

    23. Daddy said watching F1 was like watching the grass grow…

    24. The Williams is officially slower than a rolling stone and starts gathering moss.

    25. Initial testing of the new “Ground Effects” rules show they may work too well…

    26. Claire momentarily considered mowing her son’s favourite lawn ornament for a spare rear wing but his unimpressed response prompted her to instead retire Kubica’s car.

    27. F1 teams try to get around the tobacco ban by signing little boy Benson and Hedges.

    28. I want…..A SHRUBBERY!!!

      One that goes fast. And not too expensive.

    29. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      5th October 2019, 12:24

      The engineers were having a field day with the 2021 regs

    30. This junior engineer went a little overboard with the Flow Viz paint.

    31. New F1 entrant Dyson Racing claims their 2021 ground effects concept will make a large vacuum.

    32. Kermit? You in here?

    33. Newey has done so well with the aero design on this car,it would take a lawnmower to bring it unstuck.

    34. The 2021 carbon neutral prototype was on display at Sochi

      1. Montréalais (@)
        5th October 2019, 14:35

        @blueruck +1 another good one

    35. Livery design revealed for Toro Rosso’s pending rebranding, Alfalfa Tauri.

    36. New entry for the 2021 season – Ground Force India

      1. Winner in my book!

    37. John Deere announces entry into F1 and promises to mow down the opposition.

    38. Daniil driving a topiary! Sochi, summer 2009.

    39. James Goulding
      5th October 2019, 14:44

      He’s astroturfing!

    40. Formula G, team Al Gore.

    41. Good one ! :)

    42. The new Formula G series will have much greater potential once the cars don’t need to have their grass bags emptied mid-race.

    43. ..Reply to Euro Brun

    44. Say something……….Not even an halo ?

    45. Leaked image of the rebranded Toro Rosso contender, the Alfalfa Tauri

    46. Simone Resta put his gardening leave to good use.

      1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
        6th October 2019, 0:46


    47. Pierre Grassly in his younger days.

    48. So many good ones here – glad I don’t have to choose ;P

      1. That wasn’t a caption by the way – it is just an observation … on the thread …. you know?

    49. Shortly before being banned outright, Williams new title sponsor tried to make grass appealing to young people.

    50. Claire Williams: No…. it’s not a stunt, this IS our 2021 aero package, we decided we needed to completely rethink our approach and allow the aero package to grow over the season.

    51. Finally, an F1 car worthy of the green hell.

    52. Being last on the grid for most of the season wasn’t wasted time at Williams. Their new “tribid” power unit incorporates an “MGU-G”, which absorbs carbon dioxide from the cars in front and, combined with sunlight, generates extra power. Williams said they believed if the Singapore GP was held in the afternoon instead of at night they’d have gotten into Q3.
      Unfortunately it was recently discovered that Williams MGU-G was infested with a New Zealand carnivorous worm, which eats the good worms, and because of the threat to worldwide agriculture the FIA has banned the technology. Sceptics claim this was just another knee-jerk reaction and that the real reason for the ban was because of fears fitting an MGU-G would double customs processing time for British based F1 teams travelling to France if Britian’s No Deal Brexit eventuates.

    53. To complement their premier grass roots “F1 in Schools” program, Liberty Media have announced “F1 in Kinder” to help encourage the next-next generation of engineers and drivers.

      Lots of good ones through here though, nice work everyone!

    54. An anonymous F1 team was seen trailing an “Agricultural wrap” at the Russian GP to see if anyone would notice their “agricultural product” was actually an F1 car. Unfortunately it seems their first trial was a failure.

    55. Williams proudly present their youngest hire in the aero department – a grow-vis expert…

    56. Youth for climate made the FIA think about greener alternatives to satisfy young people.

    57. “We said carbon fibre, not grass fibre, you twerp!”

    58. Verstappen fans hoping Zandvoort would be a weekend of babes, grass, and F1 were disappointed despite getting exactly what they ask for.

      1. Edit:
        Everybody who thought Zandvoort would be a weekend of babes, grass, and F1 was really disappointed.

    59. Red Bull hedging their bets with their second driver choice for 2020.

    60. Derek Edwards
      6th October 2019, 6:25

      With twenty two races proposed for next year there are rumours that one team is trying to lessen the load by planting cars and drivers at venues a year in advance…

      1. Young Romain Grassjean

    61. F1 going green has gone too far!!!

    62. Youngster on the green seat for f1

    63. It’s so significant that even though it’s 2019, when people think of a Formula 1 car, they still think of sth like a 1990 McLaren, not today’s ugly cars. That’s what this grass car is.

    64. Stirling Moss!

    65. “I hope this grows a steering wheel by the time i’m ready to race”

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