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Ericsson joins expanded three-car Ganassi team for 2020


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Ganassi has expanded its IndyCar team to three cars for the 2020 season by signing ex-Formula 1 driver Marcus Ericsson from rival Schmidt Peterson.

Ericsson will join five-times IndyCar champion Scott Dixon and 2019 rookie of the year Felix Rosenqvist. This will form Ganassi first three-car full-season IndyCar entry since it ran four cars in 2017.

Like Rosenqvist, Ericsson made his IndyCar debut this season. He peaked with second place in the second race at Detroit, though it was his only top-six finish of the season. However he was not expected to retain his seat at Schmidt Peterson after the team joined forces with McLaren for 2020.

“I’m extremely happy and proud to get the opportunity to join Chip Ganassi Racing,” said Ericsson. “It’s a team of winners and their history speaks for itself.

“I’m very thankful that they believe in me and I will do everything I can to make 2020 another successful year for the team. I’m also very excited to work with two of the best drivers in the series in Scott and Felix. I’m looking forward to putting what I’ve learned this year to use in my second year.”

Team owner Chip Ganassi said Ericsson “brings a lot of unique experience with him having competed in several championships around the world.

“When you have someone with that type of background, it gives him other points of reference that helps his ability to develop and add to the overall racing program.”

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10 comments on “Ericsson joins expanded three-car Ganassi team for 2020”

  1. Scott and Felix are going to mop the floor with him

  2. It will be very interesting to see how he does next year. He finished his first year in IndyCar in exactly the same driver standings as his F1 position for 2018, 17th. He’s got no excuse not to win now, on one of the best teams in IndyCar and a year of experience.

  3. Should be interesting to see how he stacks up against Rosenqvist and Dixon, and — by a byzantine A > B > C comparison — how Rosenqvist and Dixon stack up against Leclerc.

  4. He should leave Alfa Romeo for good, or more precisely, his test/reserve driver role as it’s been pretty much useless for him this year, and 100% focus on his IndyCar-duties next year. That’d perhaps be for the better in the long-term.

    1. Pretty sure he’s done with the Alfa reserve role. I can’t imagine Ganassi would tolerate that.

      1. Your hilarious.

        This is money play pure and simple. Chip wanted to keep his guys employed and Marcus has a lot of money. Chip would agree to whatever conditions as long as the money is great.

  5. Chip needed another car to house his fleet of engineers from soon-to-be-defunct IMSA -team, Marcus needed a place to put his sponsors millions = win-win

    1. @uneedafinn2win
      This makes a lot of sense. There are other far more proven drivers that you would logically expect them to take as a 3rd driver ahead of Ericsson (no disrespect), so the money element makes sense.

  6. This can be really good, he had some really impressive races, and outraced his teammate on several occasions. He need to sort the quali pace, iron out some small mistakes and have a little more luck (not being outcrashed by others) and it can end in a great season. Though he wont be as fast as Felix he probably wont be much far behind.

  7. Good luck Marcus! You got a podium, now you have a real shot at p1 but you have some serious talented teammates, being it on!

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