Kubica: “We were very lucky” not to have parts problem sooner

2019 Japanese Grand Prix

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Williams were fortunate not to encounter problems with a parts shortage earlier in the season, according to Robert Kubica.

The team withdrew Kubica’s car from the last race in Russia after a wheel but problem caused his team mate George Russell to crash out. Russell had also crashed at the previous race in Singapore, which left the team with a shortage of parts, prompting them to end Kubica’s race.

The team missed the start of testing after failing to complete its first FW42 chassis in time. Kubica said they were fortunate not to have been disadvantaged by parts shortages in subsequent races.

“I think we were very lucky,” said Kubica. “Somehow you have to be lucky as well because a first-lap accident might occur every time. You never know because we have no control over the others.

“Together with George we have been lucky for all the season to not do silly things or limit silly things. And we were able to, let’s say, hide the problem for pretty long.

“But unfortunately Singapore and Russia showed up that we were not ready for what is called a risk of motor sport and racing. Because in the end nothing strange happened, we just lost a couple of front wings, which might happen every weekend.”

Kubica admitted he was disappointed at having to cut his race short in Russia, but defended the team’s decision.

“I think I did pretty well during all year to save the car as much as you can. But I think on the other hand you have to react to the situation we are in and probably this was from team’s perspective the the right choice.

“But it’s a bit disappointing. Especially that somehow it is not the first race of the season and we have been doing Formula 1 for pretty long. Of course we were we were unfortunate with George losing two front wings in Singapore and one in Russia. But still you know it’s the kind of things that it’s racing, it can happen.”

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13 comments on “Kubica: “We were very lucky” not to have parts problem sooner”

  1. In all honesty, if you’re driving to save parts the entire season, you’re not racing.

    Utterly crushing to see a team with the pedigree of Williams reduced to this.

  2. For sure, its easier to avoid 1st lap contact when you start at the back and are slower than everyone else!

    1. This comment shows You didn’t see any footage of any start of Kubica or George.
      Usually they gainposition or two on the opening lap but because of the lack of pace, they loose ground very quickly to others

  3. I still suspect the only reason they didn’t ‘do a Stroll’ in Germany and take a gamble is the risk of going off and damaging the car was too high, otherwise it was the obvious move.

  4. All this ‘solid financial situation’ talk does smell fishy in light of this stuff.

    1. Yea it doesn’t make sense if they claim they have the money but then they don’t have enough parts to even finish a race. I’d imagine this farce with spare parts is one of the reasons why kubica announced publicly his resignation before telling williams about it so williams can not spin it to their advantage. Kubica wanted to make sure everybody knows he dumped williams and not the other way around.

  5. Miles off the pace, parts shortage, no technical direction, one driver about to leave, another waiting for a better seat, title sponsor nobody has heard of…

    Claire Williams: “Everything is fine”

  6. Williams is a disaster. Next year’s car is to be an evolution of this year’s car. I really don’t get why. They are just running down their time left in F1 now, cos sadly for race fans, they are still making a slight profit, there is literally no future for this team to be successful in f1. Latifis management was to bring 30 million next year, but now that Kubica/orlen have quit, latifis team is only offering about 12 million as there is no bidding war. Orlen called bluff, they were ready to match latifi if Kubica wanted to stay in Williams, even 30 million plus, but Kubica wants to race, not drive for last place. Orlen has made a killing being kubicas sponser this year so will follow him wherever he goes in motorsport, they have said this not me, and in last 2 days. Kubica could easily have kept his seat in Williams next year, but wants to race. Kubicas choice to leave Williams leaves Williams about 30million out of pocket and Williams are never to be great in F1 again. They are finished. Latifi and russel are risking their careers driving for Williams next year, a new great young driver can come through while they are wasting their time with this joke of an F1 team.

  7. As far as I understand Williams is building a lot inhouse with salary labour? What is stopping them to make some spare parts in 2-6 months? Maybe someone can explain. Have they reduced the workforce? Material cost should be fractional compared to labour and machinery cost needed to make the parts. I just don’t get it at the moment…

  8. Think I’ve spotted the problem:

    The team withdrew Kubica’s car from the last race in Russia after a wheel but problem caused his team mate George Russell to crash out.

    Williams are so short on parts they’re having to improvise with… excuses.

    1. In the best case scenario they are “improvising” simply because it is embarassing to not have enough parts. In worst case they are trying to hide it because they are in some kind of trouble.

  9. Jup embarasing. What happens if Williams quits F1?

    Isn’t there a minimum number of cars that promoters have in their contract?

    1. Yes there is @jureo, but I believe it is more like 16 or even 14, so in that respect they could suffer losing Williams.

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