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Kubica: New Williams front wing is designed for 2020 car

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In the round-up: The new front wing Williams tested in practice on Friday is a development item for its 2020 car.

What they say

Robert Kubica tested Williams’ new front wing on Friday.

I think the plan from what I know is more [to] evaluate the front wing for next year and not necessarily [that] it should give better performance in the current car.

But it should unlock next year the potential of next year’s car. Although I will not be there I’m happy to help.

I tried to give the precise feedback and then it’s up to the team to develop it for better for next year.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Pierre Gasly's Japanese Grand Prix helmet, 2019
Pierre Gasly’s Japanese Grand Prix helmet, 2019

Pierre Gasly revealed his special helmet design for this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix. More pictures of his and other drivers’ special designs for this weekend here:

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Comment of the day

I like the three-day weekend format, or four-day if we bring Thursday into it… as a fan, if I was attending I’d want the most days possible and that includes the support races most circuits lay on, which would struggle to fit in around a two-day on-track weekend.

But if they’re extending the calendar… for the sake of the general team employees, putting some two-day weekends in might be a decent call. An extra day off between races would probably make a reasonable difference to their lives and go some way to balancing out the 3-4 more weekends per year.

Maybe cut the weekends without F2/F3 down to two days, and make Friday into what Thursday is now, unless there’s a history of big local support races. I think that’s a trial that’s definitely worth doing.

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Happy birthday to Randy Torres!

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  • Born on this day in 1943: Sauber team founder Peter Sauber

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  1. Typhoon Hagibis killed two people and injured many others. Mark Thompson’s tweet is of bad taste

  2. WHERE’S Dieter !? On a newsfree race weekend a report on the sashimi, accommodation, and getting to/from the track would be welcome.

    1. Maybe that should be an ACTIONfree race weekend.

    2. Seems like he picked the right weekend to skip a race.

  3. I love that what the drivers got up to on their extra day off is fun news, Grosjean building his model car, FIFA competitions and bowling.

  4. So, anyone wanna comment on the Mo Farah article? Racism is always a fun topic…

    1. @kaiie I was already going to. I read it early, had a think about it.
      Lets be honest when was the last time a Brit athlete got caught doping? There’s a lot to this subject, lets just focus on the part where he suggests there’s racism involved. Paula Radcliffe has been under scrutiny for a long time, she is still wr holder. Then there’s many Brit athletes that suddenly got a massive boost on their careers, sometimes late on, Ennis, Froome, Wiggins, Pavey, Farah and many others, in light of some scandals it is not surprising that some athletes are heavily tested, specially because many only got caught many years on. Russia’s track and field got all preempted as cheaters and banned. Salazar, Farah’s coach got banned as many of his athletes so why not Farah?
      Testing a footballer that’s to be expected
      Testing Hamilton? Farah is a bit frazzled but testing Hamilton? he may have a point. I know that drivers have to be fit and that there’s drugs for the mind yet I’m pretty confident that Hamilton failing a drug test would be down to some recreational drug and not deliberate. Stop testing Hamilton, it is expensive, fom, do some cost saving!

  5. Firstly, good to see Correa with a big grin, best wishes to him.

    I’m not sure who made the CotD, but I think that is a skilful compromise, since the F2/F3 races don’t always occur every F1 weekend.

  6. I share the same sentiments as the COTD in principle.

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