“I feel like giving up on everything” Hamilton laments on social media

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Lewis Hamilton has expressed despair at the state of the world in a series of social media posts which were then quickly deleted.

“Honestly, I feel like giving up on everything,” the five-times world champion wrote. “Shut down completely.

“Why bother when the world is such a mess and people don’t seem to care. I’m going to take a moment away to gather my thoughts.

“Thank you to those of you who do give a damn about the world,” he added in one post to his 13 million Instagram followers.

Hamilton has become more outspoken about environmental issues in recent years. He has sold his private jet, switched to a ‘plant-based’ diet and opened the first branch of Neatburger, which he intends to become a chain of restaurants selling only plant-based food.

He has also used his social media accounts to draw attention to environmental matters, such as the destruction of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

While in Japan last weekend Hamilton spoke out against the local practice of hunting dolphins. “There’s something three hours away called the cove where they’re slaughtering all the dolphins,” he said, saying he wanted to “put the spotlight” on the practice.

Hamilton has enjoyed a successful 2019 season, winning nine races, and could clinch his sixth world championship title in Mexico next week.

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2019 F1 season

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128 comments on ““I feel like giving up on everything” Hamilton laments on social media”

  1. I love the racer Lewis but when he’s on his own time he seems a bit like a drama queen.

    1. Seriously! Is he bipolar? when he wins a single race he is blessed when he loses a single race he goes down like a hammer. His mood is concerning

      1. I would rather point to the vegan diet.
        It may work, but it has to be accompanied pretty close for top level athetles.

      2. The question is blessed by who or what…? Majority of people think Lewis is into God & Jesus Christ..

        His recent tattoo on his right hand tells you exactly who he gets down with. That is no accident just like most of what has become of LH. Look at who manages him, who he associates with, what he gives away in photo shots.. Once you know what to look for it is easy to spot the deception that is Lewis Hamilton. Great driver nonetheless :)

        Most of you will be fixated on the jacket.. Ok that is fine plenty to see there however search a little deeper and it will be clear to see what is behind team LH..

        Please don’t taunt me. Do your own homework ;)

        1. So he has joined the Masonic lodge, or maybe he is one of the Knights Templar.

        2. Scientology?! because he once hung out with Tom Cruise

        3. If you think a picture of a hand tattoo and a two-year-old picture from a fashion site are “homework”, your school’s accreditation should be revoked.

        4. WOW! Thanks for posting a link to that pic of his tattoo. Looks like “they” might of gotten to him. Oh well, not my business. I just hope it doesn’t negatively affect his driving.

          For those who would like to “do their homework” but don’t know where to start, search “Symbols rule the world”. It’s generic enough that I’m not promoting any site but you should easily find the rabbit hole somewhere on the first results page. Happy digging. It goes deep. A guest that Lewis once had in the Mercedes garage is featured regularly. I wonder if she’s the one who got him mixed up in that stuff.

        5. I am genuinely intrigued by what you say, but you’re being coded and vague. Do you mean he is Illuminati or joined the Free Masons?

          While I am not deeply knowledgeable of the symbols on his hand it looks to me like he grouped a lot of “cool,” mysterious, and cryptic symbols into one visual. Trying to create meaning for himself.

          Perhaps we are looking for conspiracies where there are none and Lewis is trying to find spirituality and meaning in a way that makes sense to him and his world view.

          1. @jmwalley
            There is a spanish sword (espada ropera). So maybe Lewis is figting spanish Samurai?

    2. He comes across as someone who puts on an act, not being genuine. If so I hope he realises one day to just be himself. He seems so occupied with painting a perfect picture. Take an example of Lando and Max. They are what you see is what you get and I am sure they personally benefit from this no nonsense, no Hollywood attitude.

      1. Lando and Max? You mean a couple of privileged brats who had everything given to them on a plate as soon as they dropped out of their mothers womb into the arms of the hired help. I’m sure daddys quarter of a billion pound keeps Lando grounded. And that private education means he hasn’t been been tainted by mixing with the riff raff. You see what you get? All you see is what they want you to see.

        1. And yet they are more genuine than Lewis. Background does not impact whether you are displaying sincerity. Your theme of privilege maybe correct but is a different topic

          1. Lewis is one of the most emotional drivers there has ever been

      2. A five minute pep talk with Kimi might cure Lew of his psycho-dramas once and for all.

        1. You mean he should just drink himself into oblivion and treat his fans with contempt?

        2. >>5 minute talk
          >>with Kimi

          1. Bwoaaah

    3. He needs Nicole back. Simple.

  2. Hooray for Lewis, Boo for the media managers. I’m no vegan (slaughter all the cows, goats and sheep to make space for beans) but I would grateful for more places I could by an inexpensive and healthy vegetarian meal occasionally. There is no hope for climate change, the problem is not so much how we live, it is how many of us there are are how many more there are going to be, until, like the proverbial Lemmings throwing themselves over a cliff we push the climate over a tipping point.

    1. EDIT: would BE grateful – could BUY an – there are AND how.

    2. Relax, there is no tipping point, thanks largely to our planet having liquid water. The feedback from increased temperature works to limit temperature by increased cloud, think tropical afternoon thunderstorms blocking the solar input.

      The ‘tipping point’ is largely an artifact of the climate models, if you’ve ever done any mathematical modelling you’ll know that a model will either disappear to infinity or settle to nothing very dramatic. Since the IPCC was set up on a mandate to investigate only man-made climate effects, nothing very dramatic, even if it happens to be true, doesn’t get them continued funding and regular junkets, often in private jets.

      Even the IPCC modellers admit their appreciation of the response of the planet to clouds is very poor, you’ll have to read hundreds of pages before you find it mind you. Currently the climate equilibrium sensitivity is only about 1.2degC/doubling of CO2, ie not very scary.

      You’ll never hear this on the BBC though..

      Dolphins I do have sympathy for.

      1. Thanks for your post Fraseir. Its interesting to hear an alternative theory which is educated.

        Unfortunately I fear the scaremongering re climate change will lead to something ho hum alludes to in his post. Population control. For the best inerests of “the world”, which is to say the interests of those who control the population.

        As for Lewis. Well, how is he to know exactly what the state of the world is. Its a much bigger place than even he can comprehend. Yes there is bad things, but there is also good. Focus on one thing and it becomes everything, I hope he gets some balance soon.

        1. Oddly enough, the solution to rocketing population is to give people all the mod cons and a good standard of living. They then start to become aspirational and choose to limit the size of their families because the odds are their children won’t die of malnutrition or some horrible disease.

          This trend can be seen in the development of western nations since the industrial revolution. Of course it requires power, and the real precautionary principle should be to develop gen IV nuclear power. Clean and safe. Unfortunately the green movement has its roots in CND and ban the bomb, so they are idealogically opposed to that idea. I’ll believe they believe in thermageddan when they get real over nuclear power.

          1. “Clean and safe” Nuclear power, only if it’s accident free and conditions don’t change, the stuff of pipedreams.
            PS. Fancy becoming a politician, no problem, Australia’s ruling coalition will find you a safe seat in a heartbeat.

      2. But it looks like previous temperature changes happened in some 1k-10k years duration and made around 10 Celsius temperature change or even more. Thats very fast and if we are in the wrong century we ll get f**ed. I’m sure human race can adapt quite well, but as you say models aren’t modeling everything, so many things can happen. And how about the growing methane level, aren’t melting permafrost and other sources dangerous? So level of CO2 as a tipping point is restricted dimensionally, like models by their nature, therefore there can be many “tipping points”.
        Although i like Hamilton, and this is more than i can expect of a diva or poser, i’m more and more convinced that he is at about his good and honest.

        1. Methane oxidises swiftly in the upper atmosphere to CO2 and water.

          No, not 10C, our planet has been bounded by a +/-3degC temperature variation throughout millenia, we are BTW currently living in the coldest 3% of the past 10,000 years..

          As a result of recovery from the Little Ice Age, see Thames ice fairs etc, which reached a minimum during the period 1650-1850, we have thankfully seen a substantial temperature rise since the start of the industrial revolution. Cold kills 10x as much life as heat through crop failure and starvation.

          1. Ok, i don’t want to link too much outside the site, but
            Are the climate researchers afraid of a +3C part of the oscillation just like on the graph from Holocene, or some bigger, like the 5-6 degC oscillations, visible at Pleistocene?

            Also, the graph says, it’s measured at the poles, but the poles’ temperature change is much faster and radical, so a 3Celsius change at the poles, are much less at other areas, not counting the overheating cities.
            Then i think, if a 3C upswing comes fast, that’s mabye bearable, not counting other problems, an 5-6C swing from this time would be hot.
            And I can only hope the graphed swings from Perm, Paleocene, and Eocene, so from at about 500M years before to at about 50M years before won’t happen. I hope this because, those high temps maybe were before the Earth cooled down a bit after its birth and “growing up” :)

            I consider this more severe than extinction of some species (not so humanly), as maybe new species can take their role in many means.
            Also I’m from Hungary, and yes at the Little Ice Age, there are many mentionings of the frost Danube,in almost every year used as a bridge, and so on, while I maybe never seen it being completely frost. So I’m not really concerned about the short term, i know that we are just at the end of a glacial period.

          2. Also then Pleistocene must have been incredibly cold at most of the times.

      3. You are one of deniers.
        Good luck!

      4. Frasier (@frasier)

        Clouds blocking solar rays. Funny, ‘cos the millions of solar arrays don’t have the slightest problem with producing electricity under cloudy conditions. I don’t need no mafmatical models to see that happening all around me.

        1. I have had solar panels since 2011 on the basis you are either paying for the green stuff or you’re being paid for it, follow the money.

          In the first year I tracked output and quickly learned that bright sunshine in late spring on a cold morning yielded the best output, cloudy days, yes the panels don’t shut down as they do when it’s actually raining, but they are not producing a lot of power.

          Clouds do trap heat at night through the greenhouse effect, water vapour being far and away the most potent greenhouse gas. Indeed this is where most of the warming occurs since night temperatures are part of the global average temperature calculation. The heat they trap however must be extremely similar to reflection of the incoming solar radiation. CO2 is actually a bit part player in this balance.

          Short answer, it’s complicated and an opportunity for a skilled propagandist to drive a truck through the actual data and present thermageddan as a reality. When the custodians of the ‘word’, the UN, have to manipulate emotions by using a 16 year child as their spokesperson, what does it say about the real knowledge?

      5. To co-sign, from wikipedia on Carboniferous Period:

        O2: 162 % of modern level

        CO2: 3 times pre-industrial level

        Mean Surface Temperature: 0 °C above modern level

        That is a real world empirical data point on the potency of Earth’s systemic buffering.

        And I also do numerical modeling and simulation for a living. I also co-sign: beware of funded modeling with an agenda. Stick those numbers, or more precisely, parameterize one of the available models such that they hit those O2 and CO2 numbers, and see what they predict for surface temperature (hint: they predict Venus, not what evidence shows happened on Earth already).

        1. To be clear though, that doesn’t mean I think burning through carbon reserves makes a whole lot of sense now that we have fission power (molten salt or not). Fossils are limited in supply, and only transient in mega economic value. Ramp up more fission. Research fusion harder and faster.

          And stop closing reactors that are still in their safe operational design windows. Seriously.

          There are MANY cases to cite wrt mega trends, but one of the foremost I can think of is there is no way, no way at all, that solar and wind can support the desalinization we inevitably need. So stop citing those as the solutions. They are nearly as transient as fossil fuels so long as their manufacture and disposal carry so many rare earths, heavy metals, etc, in their lifecycle per kwh costs.

          1. Ramp up nuclear waste: sounds like a great plan. Just 220,000 years to carefully manage Tc-99 until it decays.
            Humans are fools.

          2. Greasemonkey. Totally agree. It’s only when you look at real data that you get a true appreciation of the possible.

            The molten salt Gen IV reactors are inherently safe because they have a plug at the base of the reactor that will melt if the salt rises above a critical temperature. If the plug melts the active content, the salts, will drain into a sump where the reaction stops and everything just cools down. Waste storage has also come on leaps and bounds, I understand that the current favourite is a deep borehole in a seismically inactive area.

            That is also ignoring the fact that France has been generating 75% of its electricity from Gen III nuclear power for decades with no serious accidents.

            As it stands today, the greens are the real barrier to a clean power future.

            Fossil fuels still have the upper hand in independent transport systems, try and prise that from the electorate and you’ll see real pushback. They should be saved for that purpose and not burnt in static power generators.

      6. @frasier, 30-40 years ago I used to think as you now do, and there is a lot of truth in the ability of the climate system to absorb additional energy and convert it so as to regain stability, just last week we saw the awesome power of heat energy in the ocean being converted into kinetic energy in the atmosphere, just as data from wave height monitors in the Atlantic ocean show steadily increasing wave heights, but even if you accept these problems as just a temporary inconvenience, temporary would cover several generations and millions of deaths. When I say “tipping point” I don’t mean next year or the year after, I mean serious temperature increases in both the oceans (happening now) and the atmosphere (ditto). The flaw in the theory that populations will stabilise once everybody lives a 1st. world lifestyle is that it is not possible for resource poor countries to achieve such a lifestyle because their populations increase faster than their productivity does, thanks partially to western medicine and food charity. In summation, I have seen the change and can’t ignore it, neither do I accept that humans burning the forests and fossil fuels are not aggravating the natural climatic variation.

        1. Irreversible impact to human valued world assets relative to human lifetimes a legitimate argument, without needing to invoke a religious-like Earth-Itself arguments, or over interpreting scientific results. The rainforests fall into this category. It is ridiculous to throw away such things for insanely short term upside. Invoking climate change to support this position is not necessary. Same for any ecosystem destruction on direct cause&effect (burning the forest directly extincts the forest, fishing all the dolphins makes them extinct directly, etc).

          My problem is mostly from the sort of argument that asserts that humans are the problem and that the Earth would be better off without them.

          Climate changes. Humans certainly change the trajectory, but it is hubris to think we can quantize and predict the elements we contribute and that low order manipulation makes any sense. If you want to optimize for the humans, invest in categorical changes in control, modulation, and mitigation. This requires orders of magnitude more energy. You need much more net energy than the energy to support civilization and the overhead to neutralize environment impact…you need headroom to manipulate mistakes and mitigate acts of God. Carbon removal. Desalinization. Vectoring the extinction event asteroid away. Etc.

          It is hard for me to avoid the conclusion that more fission asap, fusion research orders of magnitude increased, and, yes, wind and solar in the creases where they have highest value with least downside (like panels on roofs, windmills at sea). There is no way out of nuclear though, without putting your head in the sand and wishing for fantasy unicorn energy land.

          1. @greasemonkey, Halve the population, problem solved, microbes, viruses, famine and war used to do this for us (God’s eternal plan) but we got clever and disrupted the plan.

          2. Halve the population, problem solved, microbes, viruses, famine and war used to do this for us (God’s eternal plan) but we got clever and disrupted the plan.

            There must be another ‘god’ with a red button on his desk who can do this for us, @hohum.

            Off to binge-watch Mad Max now; the F1 of the future.

        2. @hohum Actually my journey went in the opposite direction, hence I agree with pretty everything the green movement started out promoting, preserve rainforests, protect animal habitat etc etc.

          Then there’s the CO2 thing… It’s all about the computer model output, it doesn’t reflect real world temperature trends, they have been shown to have no predictive skill and no way should a global energy policy be predicated on their inaccurate output.

          The wave height thing, hmm, I’m going to hazard a guess that we never measured it before, can we measure it now? Perhaps the sailors amongst us can comment.

          For sure the Earth is a heat engine, and they work by maximising the hot end of the reaction (the part of the planet normal to the sun) and minimising the cold end, the poles. Tropical temperatures are limited to a sea surface of c.30C, thunderstorms develop at this point and regulate the temperature by convection and cloud cover. Since the Arctic has warmed 2 degrees, this means the effect energy for storm generation has in fact decreased, reflected in a flat or decreasing trend in storm energy. The recent typhoon in Japan was touted as the worst for 60 years, sounds alarming, well actually it means there was a worse one 60 years ago, which is exactly my point.

          1. @frasier, As a sailor I can tell you my statement on wave heights is correct but my memory of the exact time the wave height buoys have been delivering information,IIRC it was a 30 year survey released about 10 years ago, with your knowledge and resources you should be able to find it. @passingisoverrated has got it right @fiamd is a hopeless optimist, finally the rest of the world (give or take a few million ) do want a 1st. world lifestyle which is why people from countries with more people than resources are flocking to 1st. world countries, unregulated the result will of course be a 3rd. world lifestyle for everybody (give or take a few million).

        3. @hohum You have it quite mixed up.
          The world population will stabilize with good education and good health care. And hard working people all over the world are working hard towards this realization (see the 2019 Nobel Economics Award).
          Finally, what makes anyone think the rest of the world is aiming at living a 1st world lifestyle? So much so as to base a fundamental theory of demography on such a notion!

      7. GtisBetter (@)
        16th October 2019, 5:48

        The heat is being absorbed by cold ocean currents from the bottom and take heat down again. These currents take about a 100 years, so basically the next 150 years there is a warmer current going back up which is unable to take as much heat back. Cause this has been going on for a while the next 2-3 generations will have majore climate change.

      8. Problem with your reaction is that the uncertainty in the ipcc models can result in an even heavier impact. That’s something people who criticize seem to forget.
        So maybe the impact is way worse than you can inagine. Take the risk?

  3. I totally agree – almost nobody (who really has the power to change the World) cares.
    Only some dare to “support” changes, which regrettably still don’t happen or are happening way slower than they should, or don’t happen at all.
    My favorite example:
    – Let’s switch to “green” electric vehicles!
    – Yes, let’s do it! How will we power them?
    – We build more coal power plants! And call it Clean coal!
    – What will we do with expired li-ion batteries, which nobody in the world recycles?
    – We try to re-use them as powerbanks (no matter that they are expired and won’t last even 5 yeara), and then just throw them silently away!
    – Hurray! Planet is Saved!

    I am sure even on this site many will jump to object the “dialog” above, saying it is not happening, and that everything is fine, but I dare you – name me at least one country (except 5 well-known tiny European countries, which really try to be green), which really does something differently.

    Of course the worst are complete deniers – those politicians who openly reject the science, facts and common sense, and are so proud of that, that it is just disgusting.
    Such people should be banned from politics and society (I would have suggested even worse thing, but I will get a ban for it)

    Regrettable that Lewis got such thoughts right now, hope he pulls himself together.

    Personally I try not to think about the catastrophic state of the World too much, and do what I can personally do, even if it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

    1. Viva la revolucion !

  4. He’s human, and I believe it’s natural for most of us to feel like this. I might not agree with him some of the time, but I do like that he’s quite open in ‘the moment’, and what’s better than that? It’s just communication, Vettel does it also. And frankly, I agree with Lewis, there is plenty to be dismayed about in the world, and I think I know what he’s referring to (though can’t be sure).

    1. He’s sooo “in the moment” he deleted his tweet the second he got heat for it?

      That’s why people like trump, at least he stands behind what he says. OWN YOUR WORDS!

      1. “People” like Trump? No. More than 50% of AMERICANS like Trump. There is a difference.

  5. How’s that private jet going Lewis?

    1. He sold his jet earlier this year.

    2. Read the article 🤦🏻‍♀️

    3. Read the article

    4. Slow clap for Ross

  6. Captain Pessimist here – and before people say I’m hating, I like Lewis, but given that he’s in F1 which is about as far from environmentally friendly as it can get and he doesn’t NEED to be racing anymore, I wonder if this is just an attempt to sell more hamburgers. I’m assuming at this point in his life he’s financially secure so he can always leave racing and become an advocate for the welfare of the planet which would make his message seem more sincere.

    1. On the contrary, he’d do better spreading the message if he continue as he is now. People like you and me hearing about this from him because the media make it news and we interested to read the article exactly because he is famous for being F1 driver. If he quit F1, he’ll get less exposure. “Sincere” nobody who shouting top of their lung all day in a year on a crowded street will still be ignored and heard less compared to one Instagram post by a 6 time F1 WDC .

      I respect people who willing to use their advantages (money and fame) to spread good things. Is he truly sincere? Who are you to judge if you don’t know him personally and his personal life? I’m not going vegan anytime soon, but livestock farming conditions, forest fire, global warming, dolphin/whale hunting is a true problem.

      1. @sonicslv I beg to differ. As a simple example, why isn’t Lewis demanding that F1 to stop using petrol and to move to Co2 fuel…oh wait…he’s being paid handsomely by a petrol company. He can affect change within F1 far easier than he can globally and yet I don’t see him making those demands when the opportunity presents itself.
        I also don’t see him bringing awareness/exposure to anything as only those who live under rocks don’t know about the environmental issues facing us (deniers know but don’t care).
        His decrying the destruction of the environment is like someone demanding the end to whaling while working on a whaling vessel. Get off the whaling vessel first.

        1. @velocityboy You making a fallacy just because he not doing something you like it means he must be bad and everything he did must be bad. I’d just say, people is not black and white. Good people can do bad things and vice versa. Feel free to not liking him, but don’t deny what he did is already much better than 99% of world population regarding this matter. Also funny thing is, petrol is not doing the major damage for climate change. Methane gas, mainly from cows is. So we can argue he actually not in the “whaling boat” by being vegan.

          1. @sonicslv first off, I clearly stated that I like Lewis so I’m not a hater. Secondly, did you read his full statement where he said the only way to save the earth is for everyone to go vegan? Sounds like someone is trying to sell hamburgers to me.

      2. I would be more inclined to believe that his actions and words stem from altruism… if his major sponsor was not Petronas.

        1. Personally I’d say if you need something (i.e money) and someone else willing to help you without any caveat, he doing good things already. I don’t care about the motive, the fact still remains that what they did is a good thing.

  7. He is such a whiny, left-wing, little biatch. I encourage him to give up and leave the sport immediately.

    1. And you are a hating right-wing racist, right?

      1. You Hammy sycophants are all the same. Libertarian actually but thanks for executing your playbook to the max and automatically jumping to race, something I didn’t even reference.

      2. You proved his point for him DAllein… typical and un thought out response from your side…. (which I used to consider my side until our current president got elected, and you guys lost your minds!)

        Racist! RAAAAACIST! You guys sound like parrots!

    2. Well thought out and articulated comment. Bravo sir. Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back

    3. He is such a whiny, left-wing, little biatch.

      Thanks for your well-considered in-depth analysis :P

      1. Oh anytime. Don’t let me keep you, I’m sure you’ve got to get back to your Hammy shrine.

        1. Again… brilliant Sir. 👏 Such profound and considered comments. Please keep them coming

  8. Shall we consider his *entire* post before we get all judgemental on him…. you know, the full context and everything

    1. Come now. This is Lewis Hamilton we are talking about. Common sense and consideration go out the window when an aritcle on Lewis is published.

  9. What I found most interesting was Lewis’ comments actually attracted the attention of one of the local Talk Back hosts. I think it must be the longest F1 related comment on that radio station in nearly two decades.
    The underground oil and coal reserves currently being mined were originally plants and animals living on the surface of Earth. They’ve found fossils of forests in Antarctica. If there were forests in the Antarctica before the Mass Extinction Event that buried them deep underground and turned them into coal and oil, then why shouldn’t extracting those oil and coal deposits result in forests returning to places like Antarctica?

  10. I’m impressed. Celebrities in entertainment/sport (if there’s a difference) don’t usually show despondency like that. Even the ones who do engage in social activism usually do it in an insufferably peppy manner. This seems much more honest.

  11. How is this news? Typical Facebook attention seeking post.

    1. Oh this place and Planet F1 adore Hamilton. He farts and they swoon.

      1. Yet here you both are, seeking attention for your posts.
        But don’t let anyone deter you, you keep commenting and racking up those replies. The more replies on a Hamilton article, the more it suits Racefans to put up further Hamilton articles. The more opportunities we get to swoon. Isn’t he a dish! :)

  12. Question is f1 going to be awkward in china next year and if so Hamilton seems like the kind of guy to protest them

    1. When has Hamilton ever actually protested against a race meeting?

  13. We care… about paying our rent! Hoping to have a little extra to go out to the desert next month… hoping I don’t get sick… hoping my mom doesn’t get sick, car breaks down, cat gets sick.. etc etc.

    People like Lewis have never had to worry about paying their rent, or having to put a pet down because he can’t afford kidney dialysis for it, big surprise they find some far off BS to worry about instead! Just because we laugh at your crisis of the day that doesn’t really affect us, doesn’t mean you get to look down on us non multi millionaires! I don’t care about climate change, when it’s much more likely that I have to get a roommate to afford basic rent here in Los Angeles..

    Love you Lewis… BUT SPARE ME! Come spend a weekend in my studio apt, and see how much the distant issues become just that… distant!

    1. You can spare yourself by unsubscribing if you don’t like what he says. It is your responsibility to choose who you listen. Not his responsibility to tell you only things you want to hear.

      1. In my whole life i will not consume the same amount of fossile fuel as he does in one F1 season for racing and travelling. So in this case he is a massive hipocrite, and so are people like you who are defending these strange revelations which come from people bored out of their minds because they have it all.

    2. Xcm, that cost of living is only going to become a bigger problem for you as you will need more electricity for air-conditioning and L A becomes dependent on desalinated water. Just blame someone else.

      1. This 👊🏻
        Classic example of the short termest, “my problems stop at my front door”. attitude

      2. Overpopulation is the problem. As long as nothing is done about that, we can kiss our mother Earth goodbye.

  14. Time to step out of the closet, Mr Hamilton. You’ll feel a lot better.

    1. So you felt better once you did?

  15. :D Most vegans are drama queens.

    I did not know he sold his private jet. I approve that very much. Being vegan is good for the environment, selling private jet is probably millions of time larger benefit than one man being a vegan.

    Even if he influenced thousands to become vegans still selling the private jet makes more sense.

    And being a drama queen? He lost a win on Sunday throws himself at the pits of despair. Classic Lewis Hamilton. Rosberg recently remarked that Bottas must plant some doubt in to Lewis if he wants to have any kind of chance.

    When Lewis is down in the pits of despair he makes mistake and is beatable.

    1. He’s still flying by private jet, of course. He’s just renting them instead of using his own. This doesn’t meaningfully reduce his carbon output.

      Even if we excuse him for the travel for his work, he also seems to travel (by plane) a lot for fun. Frankly, I’m a bit tired of these jet-setting celebs who chastise people who have a fraction of their carbon footprint.

      1. Hear, hear. Luvvie Emma being amongst the most ill-informed and hypocritical.

  16. Stop listening to Greta Thunberg Lewis ;)

  17. I thought the Japanese switched from hunting dolphins (and whales) to instead hunting cows and chickens a while ago.

    1. South Park :-)

  18. Have a pork pie and a pint of Guinness Lewis mate … cheer yourself up a bit ;)

  19. You have to understand that Lewis has no personality. He always does the newest hip thing. It’s as if he’s been designed in some marketing office.

  20. He comes across as someone who puts on an act, not being genuine. If so I hope he realises one day to just be himself. He seems so occupied with painting a perfect picture. Take an example of Lando and Max. They are what you see is what you get and I am sure they personally benefit from this no nonsense, no Hollywood attitude.

  21. I’ll never understand why someone saying ‘lets be kind to animals’ or ‘lets reduce our pollution’ generates so much hate and negativity.

    1. Possibly human nature.
      The Good Book narrates how one Jesus was crucified for saying . . . “love thy neighbor”

  22. No, I realize the real reason for the variation in your “soul” state.
    Hamilton said flatly that if at the current F1 Circuit where a driver still makes all the difference is Suzuka.
    Well, the results are the known ones, and it was only third !!!!!
    The explanation is easy and I can understand …….

    1. Just to put some perspective on your strange comment… Lewis has won at Suzuka more than any other driver on the grid. 1 win shy of Schumachers record. He also has a 6th WDC in the offing and is officially the best qualifier ever seen in F1. I’m pretty certain F1 isn’t responsible for his down beat mood. Guess you know best though.

      1. Thank you for your concern and attempt, if unsuccessfully, to try to change my point of view ….. I apologize, but really misunderstood what I wrote, I suggest perhaps a change of lens

        1. I suggest a good English teacher to accompany said lens.

          1. Thanks again for the suggestion, but the focus on the English teacher doesn’t matter, insisting on wearing the wrong lenses.
            Not worth another effort, don’t worry, be happy

  23. Just want to point out that this kind of articles are more polarizing than Canada 2019. The fact is that they are completely unrelated to racing, and I think they should be avoided.

    What I keep on seeing is the comments section reduced to a dumpster by people who still think that laughing at vegans is funny. Why don’t we place them in the back of buses while we’re at it? Be tolerant people.

    And if we can avoid at all this kind of controversial, non-racing arguments that would be awesome. This is not Facebook and I’m not paying to read medieval people flapping their gums.

    1. The current power units are the most efficient on the planet, the regulations were framed deliberately so to drive relevant innovation and progress. Your comment misses the point of discussing the only driver for this progress, the climate change debate.

      Veganism is but a subset and a matter of personal choice. There are large tracts of the planet where sheep farming is the only farming possible, these would be wasted were everyone to go vegan. Awful thought, think of the methane based emissions ; – )

      1. My point is that this is not the place where one should discuss his eating habits @frasier
        This kind of article are thrown at us knowing the flame they can ignite. Look at the amount of comments. Comments are ad views. I just think that this independent site is great most of the time and it’s very different from Facebook. When it falls like this it’s depressing. If they need more money they can increase the monthly fee without going down to this level.

    2. @m-bagattini @keithcollantine I agree completely. Reading through the comments leaves me alternately sad, enraged, bemused and also relieved (some good responses). But overall they’re a dumping ground for negative people with issues totally unrelated to racing.

      1. Thanks for sharing, glad I’m not the only one @david-br

    3. I agree. I’m a strictly carnivore and have been for some years. I know it’s the right way to fuel your body but I’d definitely not want to see articles here about X or Y athlete that became one, for any reason.
      It’s just too controversial, you show me one study from harvard saying I’m killing myself, I’ll show another one from yale saying that I’m saving myself. It must be very tiring for someone to live life according to whatever the latest documentary said (oh..lewis..). It becomes a Reddit thread of accusations. Anyway, I’d rather focus on his driving skills, political games within F1 and so on than what he’s eating for breakfast.

    4. He is one of the most well known F1 drivers out there, I say the article being here is fine, whether one likes or dislikes or agree or disagree with Lewis here, its relevant to the website.

      Hamilton is hardly the most suffering person in the world, he is very rich and successful and has many things going for him. But he is also human, and he also gets stressed and breaks down like the rest of us and feels like posting some laments on social media from time to time.

      I’m not saying people should feel sorry for Hamilton (a gazillion people have it worse), but I disagree that articles that reflect moments if drivers’ mental state is irrelevant.

      At the very least, I find this more interesting than the article (and review) about his vegan burger chain…..

      1. And yet I haven’t seen anything related to his last collection with Tommy Hilfiger. Let’s be honest here, this is here just to create this chaos.
        I say stuff like this should stay in the social media.

    5. @m-bagattini I could not agree more, thank you.

      Would @keithcollantine shed some light on why he thinks this has any relevance to F1, besides the obvious connection that Lewis Hamilton also happens to be an F1 driver?

      It would appear sometimes that @keithcollantine does not like being accused of posting ‘click bait’, yet I cannot interpret this blog post as anything but.

      1. @psynrg I think he’s doing a smart work by staying on the edge. He’s well aware of the audience and of the clickbaity nature of some sites and stays far from that. However, he’s also aware of the benefits of some traffic: there are exceptional articles here, so good that you can only read them and acknowledge, without saying your opinion; I visit those articles just once. There are bad articles like this, so polarizing that the article doesn’t really matter and the point is to discuss with who’s having a different view: it’s probably my fifth or sixt time here and if I wasn’t a subscriber that would have meant six times the number of ads shown.

        I don’t blame him, he has a company, he needs to make ends meet.

  24. I think his latest hair style is taking a toll. :-) if anyone knows what’s going on in the world it’s someone who travels constantly. Not someone who sits at home watching dinosaur media lie to them 24/7. Honestly, what good is social media? Right now it’s a machine that rejoices in dividing society with it’s sickening biases and I can’t wait for them to die the death they rightly deserve.

    1. @danmar absolutely spot-on. True also for MSM. Now they can’t give away the printed news their tactic is to make us hate each other for clicks. You must pick a ‘team’, then die on a ditch trying to persuade someone you’ve never met and likely never will meet that they are wrong and you are right. Sad.

    2. the comments sections of websites are pretty complicit in this too 😡


  25. It must be tough being so sucessful, talented, rich, handsome and popular.

    1. It must be equally as tough visiting with young terminally ill patients during the last few weeks of their lives; field trips to flavelas and slums across the world on behalf of Save the Children and Unicef. Being as upbeat as he can when facing the ill and their young carers through GOSH, Starlight and Honeypot. The sheer size of the task of Educating Africa. The concern for the kids living on the streets he helps through the Children Zone in Harlem and other inner cities throughout the world.
      Yea, pretty tough looking into those kids eyes over the years and knowing that no matter how much you put into it, it’ll hardly make a difference. So yea, he can have a bye on this one from me for feeling down; no matter how successful, talented, rich, handsome and popular he is.

      1. @riptide
        If you aren’t actually Lewis then you have to be his PR dude right?

  26. +1 @riptide Nicely put.

  27. Can’t say I blame him, sometimes I see the state of the world and I get depresses too.

    Though maybe I will be a little bit okay if I was a rich F1 driver I guess.

  28. Let’s be careful about trivializing depression.
    By definition, depression is a major mental illness. Like most illnesses the victim is often not be blamed. In depression the sufferer will not even be aware of his altered mental state.
    And is has nothing to do with success or financial status. Anyone of us can be a victim. But we can at this moment do something to protect ourselves. And the beginning point is not to trivialize it.

    1. This was in response to Yaru

  29. Unnecessary drama for someone just taking a few days out of his social network account.

  30. Lol, one of the most active threads.

  31. I might be missing something but burning fuel around a racetrack for fun does not seems like very environmental friendly.
    If he would really care he would stop immediately.

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