Max Verstappen fan, Red Bull, Spa-Francorchamps, 2019

Caption Competition 160: No entry

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A Max Verstappen fan found his cunning disguise wasn’t good enough to fool the paddock entrance.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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51 comments on “Caption Competition 160: No entry”

  1. “Why do the tickets say “Mane Grandstand” then??

    1. Haha nice one @ninjenius

    2. @ninjenius – that’s it, Keith can go ahead and close the entries for this competition. 😊

    3. Yup, 1 and done

  2. “No Pierre, when we said you had to put in more lion-like performances like Max to earn a return to Red Bull, this is not what we meant”.

  3. I’m hungry, and why do these F1 drivers still look so scrawny?

  4. When Alonso said he’d do anything to get back on the grid, this wasn’t quite what he had in mind.

  5. Asjemenou
    (For all the dutchies in here)

    1. Montréalais (@)
      19th October 2019, 18:12

      @verstappen Now THAT is clever! +1

      I admit, I had to google it, though. We haven’t had Loeki de Leeuw here in Canada.

  6. Fernando seems to be taking his retirement badly…

  7. “Come on, I’m tyred and just looking a flat-spot to lion.”

    1. James Goulding
      22nd October 2019, 14:32

      He looks exhausted

  8. “Come on, I’m tyred and just looking for a flat-spot to lion.”

  9. Here to show Lewis somebody cares.

  10. Max- “I said I wanted a lie-in, not a lion”.

  11. Here to bring back the roar of the F1 engines from the past!

  12. After Scarnando pushed Mufamilton off the cliff of his tyres, young pup Simax stood ready to take over the crown.

    (OK, I admit, merging drivers’ names and the Lion King was a bit of a squeeze.)

  13. “I heard F1 had some slow-moving Jaguars”

  14. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    19th October 2019, 10:42

    What do you mean I’m not the only apex predator here?

  15. From “The Chronicles of Carnia”: The Lion, the Pitstop and the Party Mode

    1. Ok, this is way better than The Lion King.

  16. Il Leone returns triumphantly to the paddock.

  17. After a hard night’s partying with Kimi, Max wasn’t quite sure where he was supposed to go.

  18. Seb didn’t notice that someone had switched his overalls and helmet until it was much too late.

  19. Spotted, Max sneaking out to go watch the new Lion King movie

  20. Lion one’s way into the paddock seldom works.

  21. I’m in the band.

  22. Engines roaring is a thing of the past.

    1. Could have been:
      Verstappen has never experienced a proper engine roar.

  23. So Ferrari have a Tiger in the tank!

  24. “Damn I wish I had a proper job instead of having to do this humiliating crap”

  25. I didn’t think anyone would mind someone bringing a pet along … maybe I should have brought a leash as well.

  26. What do you mean I need a ticket? It’s me … Alex … King of New York City … Oh, there’s that mean old lady, I think I’ll stay here for a while.

  27. Max, have a snickers, you’re not yourself!

  28. Liberty Media still getting to grips with what F1 fans really want in their latest stunt to please those missing the roaring V8’s


    1. (OK I guess a pretty horrible entry but as usual I’m not the kind of person who thinks of decent ones)

      1. wait no, the entry attempy by the person actually failed – OK great now my entry works even worse than it did to begin with

        1. The f1 circus is back in town

  30. Lion ashamed of himself after reading Hamilton’s latest Instagram messages.

  31. (an other one)
    Lion thinking about going vegan after reading Hamilton’s latest Instagram messages.

  32. I’m here to Chase Carey.

  33. The first-seen proposed 2021 driver’s race wear is proof that Liberty is turning F1 into a circus. All show. The Muppet Show.

  34. They told me I’d be spying on other teams, but no mention of this.

  35. Gasly was determined to show that he could get within touching distance of Max

  36. Good attempt Charles.

  37. “Someone’s been playing the VR game Duck Season”

  38. Bwoah, that vegan diet does not become me well… Or maybe it was the ink in the tattoos?

  39. The zoo entertainment organiser resolved to check venue policy on large animals before booking next year’s adventure.

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