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FIA could change how it measures jump starts

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In the round-up: The FIA may change how it monitors jump starts following confusion over Sebastian Vettel’s near-false start in Japan.

What they say

While Kimi Raikkonen was penalised for jumping the start in Russia, Vettel wasn’t when he moved before the lights changed in Japan. FIA race director Michael Masi admitted there could be some room for improvement, potentially involving the allowable tolerances in the timing of a driver’s start:

The current system is the system that we’ve had in place for a number of years. I think the advent of technology has got better over the years with in-car cameras, the ability to see things better and all that.

Is it something that we can look at for the future? Absolutely. But [right] now it is the determining factor that we have and the one that we use.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

It’s been a down-and-up kind of season for Pierre Gasly – what’s next for him?

Gasly is an interesting case study. The difference between his almost disastrous appearances in a Red Bull stands in stark contrast to his comfortably good performances in the Toro Rosso.

There is a small chance it will be an interesting conundrum for Dr. Marko to decide between Albon and Gasly (the former of whom is doing decently well), but I think the bigger concern will be for Gasly, in terms of his F1 future.

It seems unlikely they’ll give him a shot at the big team, so where does he go? To another midfield team? Or does he just suck it up and hold station at Toro Rosso until the RB pipeline fills up with young talent, at which point either Kvyat or he is dropped?

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