Antonio Giovinazzi, Alfa Romeo, Sochi Autodrom, 2019

Giovinazzi: If I keep my results up no one will take my seat

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In the round-up: Antonio Giovinazzi says he can ensure his place on the grid next year if he can keep up his current run of form.

What they say

The Alfa Romeo driver was asked whether he’d had any talks about driving for the team again in the 2020 F1 season:

Not yet to be honest but I think I already mentioned many times if I can continue with these results and the speed I’ve shown in the last few races I think nobody can take my seat. So I need to just stay pushing and still focus on my target that is to stay here for next year and then we’ll see.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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This weekend’s Caption Competition was won by Robert McKay:

Max Verstappen fan, Red Bull, Spa-Francorchamps, 2019

Il Leone returns triumphantly to the paddock.
Robert McKay

Thanks to everyone who joined in and special mentions to Ninjenius, Pat Ruadh and Cyberaxiom who also produced some great captions.

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34 comments on “Giovinazzi: If I keep my results up no one will take my seat”

  1. Don’t get the cotd. Is it because it is in Italian?

    1. @peartree When Nigel Mansell was at Ferrari the Tifosi named him ‘Il Leone’ (The Lion).

      1. Oh, right @stefmeister, thanks, that helps. Have to admit that didn’t click with me either, maybe because I only got to F1 at the end of 1993, really in 1994,so missed most of his F1 career.

        1. Wait that’s not right, make it a year earlier, but point stays the same.

      2. @stefmeister thanks for the info, I’m not that old. still off topic.

      3. But even knowing that I don’t get it, @stefmeister.

  2. Apparently Nigel Mansell is a furry now.

    1. Wasn’t he always? :D

  3. @ferrox-glideh
    I tried my best to compose a furry caption, I just couldn’t make anything work.

    1. Furrari..?

  4. I guess it’s only funny to British people

  5. If I keep my results up no one will take my seat

    erm, WHAT?

  6. As much as I hope Hulk would get the yet-to-be-confirmed Alfa-drive (The Williams-chance is pretty much off based on his words on the eve of the Japanese GP saying he isn’t even in talks with them about a drive), Gio looks more likely to get it given his Ferrari-connections, and yes, if he keeps up the overall pace of the last number of races, his chances increase further.

    Regarding the Guardian-article: I’m not sure 20 F1-cars running on a track is more ‘environmentally devastating’ than flying a Jumbo-jet, for example. There are far more road-cars than F1 cars in the world. The noise part as well: I don’t find it that bad. I sat through all the sessions at Sochi Autodromo without wearing ear-plugs, and nothing happened, even though the V6-turbos are a bit louder now than they were at the end of 2016 (when I had previously attended an F1 GP-weekend.)

    1. Problem is these 20 cars are continously flown across the globe, back to britain and across the globe again. not to mention duplicate sets of Motorhomes and pits and whatnot flying to different locations to enable the current calendar. it is complete madness if you actually think about it

      1. @mrboerns Yes, and the race calendar ‘could be’ formed a bit differently to make it more ideal logistics-wise.

    2. I’m not sure 20 F1-cars running on a track is more ‘environmentally devastating’ than flying a Jumbo-jet, for example.

      Interesting question, @jerejj.
      All 20 F1 cars together, burning less than 110kg petrol each, will create no more than 6.5Tonne of CO2.
      A 747 just taking off will produce some 15Tonnes of CO2.
      Maybe in Europe the cars should just drive from one venue to the next ;)

      1. And as many car parts are now made of carbon fibre, I bet that some racers who crash often will even be carbon neutral.

        1. this isn’t how any of this works

          1. Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be taken it that seriously, @mrboerns.

            But if you can’t see the lighter side of it, then the science behind Direct Air Capture (capture CO2) or even better Algae naturally transforming CO2 into Polyacrylonitrile Fibres which are used to produce Carbon Fibres might enlighten (pun intended) you ;)

    3. RocketTankski
      22nd October 2019, 7:44

      All spectator sports are going to produce pollution from all the people travelling to see it. Even cycling. So I say we need to ban cycling and plant a few trees to keep F1 on the calendar :-)

  7. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
    21st October 2019, 9:12

    I don’t think Giovinazzi has done enough despite his results. I think the car is a clear improvement over last year. If it isn’t then i think it can be said Kimi is as good this year as Leclerc was last year. I don’t think that is true at all. Ericsson by this stage last season had 6 points compared to 4 for Giovinazzi now. Yes Giovinazzi did loose some from Germany, but Ericsson was unlucky in one or two races too the year before too. But the car in my opinion is far better this year and Giovinazzi just is not looking impressive at all. With the money on Ericsson’s side, i think they would be better off with him next year.

    But given Hulkenberg is without a drive and that i consider him far better than Ericsson, maybe he should be. But if Hulkenberg has so little in the way of sponsors, Ericsson may be a better choice. I certainly see him as better than Giovinazzi anyway. But there are likely better options out there.

    1. Ambrogio Isgro
      21st October 2019, 10:37

      Even if Ericsson (demolished by Leclerc in his rookie year) is better than Giovinazzi (after half season already on Raikkonen level in qualifying and a match in race pace), he do not deserve to drive a f1 car anymore. Come on.
      If they have to change than better give a chance to Wehrlein, if is not Hulk.

      1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
        21st October 2019, 13:44

        Wehrlein was barely any better than ericsson. I disagree about Giovinazzi being close to Kimi. Kimi had been underperforming and making many mistakes recently. Early on, kimi was far better and just look at the points difference. Money wise, I think ericsson would be the best choice. But hulkenberg is easily better than Wehrlein. But it does depend on what they ar after.
        I think kimi has overall done very well this year, but is not looking great at the moment. But he is under contract. I am unsure who will be along side him next year.

        1. @thegianthogweed, I believe it has been pointed out that Wehrlein’s average gap in qualifying over Ericsson was within the margin that could be accounted for by Wehrlein being able to run at a lower kerb weight than Ericsson that year (I believe that the reports put him at an 8kg advantage over Ericsson).

  8. The only one who kept his results up in Sauber the last years is driving in a Ferrari now so keep aiming high Antonio.

  9. I don’t think Giovinazzi should be retained. He’s been slower than Raikkonen at most of the races and I’ve watched him bin the car for no reason a bit too many times. Could he improve? Possibly, but if Ferrari are looking for an Italian to partner Leclerc at Ferrari he’s not it. Would he outscore Hulkenberg in the same car? Absolutley not. If he’s retained it’s because of his Ferrari connections, not because of his talent.

    1. He’s never gonna be good enough for Ferrari, realistically Alfa should get Hulk in to partnet Raikkonen for 2020, then Raikkonen retires, and Hulk partners whichever of the FDA drivers goes up from F2 to F1, probably Schumacher, Shwartzman or Armstrong. Then they have a good experienced guy as a baseline alongside a rookie. Gio can get a seat at Williams, I’d be interested to see how he does against Russell.

    2. I would bet in Shwartzman for a 2021 seat in Sauber. If he beats Schumacher next year I very much doubt we will see Mick in F1. Maybe he can stay for a third year and improve enough to win, but it will be hard for him to get a seat.

      Armstrong had a bad year, losing for Daruvala and Shwartzman did him no good. The only chance I see that he can have, is if Shwartzman goes to Art, that way the seat in Prema will be available for him or Daruvala.

  10. The Alfa Romeo driver was asked whether he’d had any talks about driving for the team again in the 2020 F1 season [replied] “Not yet to be honest …”

    Meanwhile, wandering around the paddock is Nico Hulkenberg who has discovered that he’s priced himself a bit too high, and that maybe he’s not as valuable as he once thought.

  11. Giovinazzi is seeming more and more like just another Italian journeyman driver. I really don’t get it. Italy hasn’t had a world champion driver since 1953, and haven’t had a driver who seemed capable of fighting for the championship, since the mid-eighties with Michele Alboreto. And even then, it seemed like more of a fluke; as 1985 aside, Alboreto never looked like champion quality. He just had one mega year. For whatever reason, despite it’s motorsport heritage, Italy just doesn’t produce great drivers nowadays. Wish I knew why.

    1. Best place for Giovi is the simulator room. Past years He did great things helping FE to rise fron fri FP to sat QS, along with Kvijat.

  12. Very nice Hakkinen article. The way he beat Schumacher on the day it mattered was majestic. Did it twice to boot. Loved his style too. No bragging or nasty stuff and just a gentleman which is what F1 should be all about. Probably my favorite champion.

  13. Environmentally devastating? The amount of activity in a month at Miami, FLL and Palm Beach Airports is infinitely more damaging than F1 could be over a decade.

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