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Penalty for Hulkenberg clash costs Kvyat points finish

2019 Mexican Grand Prix

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Daniil Kvyat has lost his points finish in the Mexican Grand Prix after being penalised for his collision with Nico Hulkenberg

The stewards held the Toro Rosso driver responsible for the collision which knocked Hulkenberg into the barrier at turn 16. Kvyat continued to finish ninth on the road ahead of Pierre Gasly, while Hulkenberg crossed the line in 11th place with his rear wing missing.

The stewards blamed Kvyat for the collision and gave him a 10-second time penalty which dropped him from ninth to 11th, promoting Gasly and Hulkenberg. They ruled Kvyat “hit the back of car 27 [Hulkenberg], causing the car to spin and hit the outside wall.”

Kvyat blamed Hulkenberg for the collision, saying on the radio his rival “shut the door in the last corner”. He disagreed with his penalty after the race.

“I’m quite upset with the penalty I received because as a racing driver, I disagree with it because we are told we are allowed to race,” he said. “Nico was defending and I was attacking and these things happen, especially on the last corner of the last lap.”

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13 comments on “Penalty for Hulkenberg clash costs Kvyat points finish”

  1. I’m on the fence on this. on one hand, I think it was worth it to try. On the other, it ended like it did. Stuff happens. They were in a difficult position for the race anyways, having to start on the softs, but IMO that second pit stop was not so necessary, as it turned out. I think he would have finished higher without it.

    1. It was better for the team for the race to end as it did than Kvyat in 10th. Kvyat only would have got 1 point before whereas with Gasly in p9 the team gets two points. Kvyat might not be better off in the drivers standings but as a teams point of view, they will thank Kvyat.

      1. This makes Toro Ross9lo draw level with Racing Point

  2. This must have been the first time in a long time that a car without a rear wing finishes the race in the top 10.

    1. Nico Rosberg Austria few years back on last lap tangled with his teammate. Though he had damaged front wing.

  3. The Torpedo keeps up his reputation…

    1. But he always leaving a space. So Hulkenberg got a good lesson today.

  4. Well, it all kind of shows Hulkeneberg doesnt care about his own points anymore: he lost his seat in f1 and is just showing his disappointment and disrespect to other drivers by shutting a corner like that.

    1. That’s why they gave Kvyat the penalty?

    2. I think you need to have another look at that @basil. Kyvat’s move was not on, he deserved the penalty he got.

  5. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
    28th October 2019, 8:16

    Very unbalenced penalty compared to last race with Leclerc. Leclerc Crashes into Verstappen making verstappen have to box, then later retire. No investigation, then turned into just a 5 secnd penalty for the incident itself.

    Kvyat should have had a penalty, but in no way was it worse than what Leclerc did. 5 seconds would have been more realistic. Leclerc last race with the mix of ignoring team orders to box and the crash itself, i think he should have been given a drive through penalty.

    Kvyat sometimes does seem to get larger penalties than he deserves. I can’t remember what he got in china now, but i think that was possibly the biggest penalty of the opening lap recieved by any driver this season. It was his fault but any driver in his situation could well have done the same. It was pretty unfortunate. Palmer mentioned in his reviews of each race that he thought the penalty was incredibly harsh. Kvyat has been significently better this season than the last few, but the few mistakes he makes seem to get bigger penalties than i think he should. And i really do feel the stewards are basing this too much on his past.

    1. He got 10 seconds so that he would finish behind Hulkenberg…

    2. Dont you know the employer of Leclerc? Thats all that matters when penalising drivers from rest of grid vs the ones from organisation.

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