Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, 2019

Bottas calls for barrier change after crash

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In the round-up: Valtteri Bottas says the barrier he hit at the end of qualifying needs to be changed.

What they say

Bottas hit the wall at the exit of turn 16, then had a heavier impact with the start of a barrier further around the corner. He was asked whether the TecPro barrier should be adjusted:

Definitely I think we should try and avoid those kind of those kind of TecPro things – I’m sure it’s a good thing but how it starts, maybe it should start way a lot earlier or much later.

I don’t know, but it’s not ideal. You know, [I’d} be all fine and in no pain at all if we had could continued the wall like it was. For sure we’ll bring it up.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Pirelli don’t like F1’s new AWS-sponsored ‘tyre wear’ graphics – and neither does Neil:

I strongly disliked that graphic the second I saw it – over-simplified, most likely misleading and not something I want to see on my screen during a race. Hope it goes the way of mini-sectors, and I also hope the slightly less annoying, but still misleading ‘pit window open’ graphic joins it (‘pit window open’ implies, to a casual viewer, that there’s a mandated period of time in which drivers can stop).

Actually, i hope they dump most of the AWS stuff. The ‘projected time until driver catches opponent’ isn’t so bad, so I really don’t care if it stays or not… but I don’t think it’s accurate (especially the ‘overtake difficulty’ bar) and it can’t predict future lap times/traffic/tyre drop-off, so what’s the point it in being there? And I don’t strongly hate the pit stop gap projection, but I’d rather just watch the race myself, and retain some suspense, rather than have a computer whack a great big spoiler across the bottom of the screen.

They’ve done some great graphic stuff (integrating the info over the halo in onboard shots, for example – love that) but the AWS stuff just isn’t for me.
Neil (@Neilosjames)

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  • Born on this day in 1936: Dave Charlton, who ended John Love’s run of titles in South Africa’s F1/FA series in an ex-Jo Bonnier Lotus 49C, and made 14 F1 race appearances

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  • 16 comments on “Bottas calls for barrier change after crash”

    1. Also why was the barrier sticking out of the wall like that, for sure there would have been less damage if there wasn’t a sudden barrier sticking out of the wall

      1. What is also of concern is that after the impact with the second part of the barrier his car turned back onto the track which, if it happened in a race situation, could be extremely dangerous!

        1. if it happened in a race situation, could be extremely dangerous!

          Or imagine a following car doesn’t lift during quali when they’re driving on the limit.

          1. Not as relevant in quali as in a race as in quali drivers hang back to get a decent tow without compromising downforce in corners. In a race situation following cars will get as close to the car in front as they could through the final sequence of corners to maximise the potential tow down the long start straight. As a consequence they, and those closely following, would have zero time to alter their line to avoid an accident.

    2. One thing is certain in F1: Any incident, involving any driver or any car, at any circuit in any year, will prompt a bunch of people to scream WELL WHAT ABOUT LEWIS regardless of the facts surrounding it.

      Just LOL! Nate, that is awesome!! So true!

      1. @dallein
        It made me smile as well :)

      2. I can see variations of that tweet being used quite often from now on. Spot on!

    3. Regarding Matt Chatterley’s tweet: There’s nothing wrong with that, though. The final grid being different from the provisional one is something that occasionally happens for a reason.

      I share the same views with the COTD: I don’t necessarily have a problem with those graphics, but at the same time, they aren’t necessary, so could as well go.

    4. Re the comment of the day, all that AWS added value should be on A Free companion app where the sport fan can engage further with sport.

      I just wish they’d permanently show what tyre each driver is on and either what lap it was put on or how many laps they’ve done. The tyre could be indicated by the drivers name, number or position being shown in the tyre colour so no need to take up any extra space.

      1. Think graphics could be improved. They have added imperial units next to metric everywhere now which make it more confusing than anything really. They should have a color code for speed, turning yellow at 200 kmh/124 mph and red at 300/186 mph, eventually following a smooth transition in between. Show the unit according to what the country they are racing in use, easy reading for new fans (locals) and the hard core fans will quickly adjust to the color scheme and be fine with it probably.

        I am missing some extra information during qualifying. We only have like 3 times at the bottom of the screen. Would like to have like sector colors next to each drivers to have an idea who is doing well. Optional to have +/- delta at end of sector popping up before the sector square is added. Would be a lot of numbers blinking but might be the most interesting part for Q2…

        Agree with Pirelli and CoTD, tire wear is not something I want to see.

        1. agree with everything except the mph/kph comment. Seriously in 2019?

        2. And what about girls in bikini’s holding up signs with the lap count like in boxing ;)

    5. Mark in Florida
      27th October 2019, 11:47

      Good Helmut I’m glad they are more like Indy car. Maybe the cars will be more exciting to watch and passing will be possible without DRS. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Maybe you need to get checked out.

      1. Exactly make them more like Indycars so there is passing and stuff. Maybe even the poorer teams will be competitive with fewer dollars needed to get out of the midfield?

        When there is a paradigm shift, everyone starts fresh. Maybe the big teams are afraid all their research money over the last few years will no longer be relevent?

        1. Yea but a lot of fans also don’t want a spec series. I susoect if they go through with it they will be a lot of blowback.

      2. Mark in Florida, if your sole focus is solely on marketing the drivers and minimising the teams, then you might think so.

        The thing is, IndyCar is still, in many ways, a shadow of what it used to be given that most of the heritage and diversity of the teams has disappeared – it’s now just another Dallara racing series.

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