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Rate the race: 2019 Mexican Grand Prix

2019 Mexican Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Mexican Grand Prix.

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What were the best and worst moments of the race? What was the main thing you’ll remember about it? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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32 comments on “Rate the race: 2019 Mexican Grand Prix”

  1. Overall a decent race along with the Mexican GPs of the last two seasons.

    1. yes, for some reason it just doesn’t work. s2 is not great for close racing but still slipstreaming is weak and the slow speed is too tight and narrow for racing. And like every weekend, the 1 stop undercut is the correct strategy, no surprise only surprise to see some mess it up.

  2. Good race, disappointing ending.

  3. I thought it will be boring, but I couldn’t breathe for 71 laps!

  4. Looked like the last 10-15 laps were going to be an exciting 4 way fight for the win, but then everyone just held station and nothing interesting happened ultimately.

  5. Superb tense race. Outstanding drive from Lewis. Stole the win. Tyre complaints just misdirection? Nice.

    1. It would be a misdirection if he didnt complained.

    2. @psynrg precisely. Had he not made a song and dance about how they wouldnt last, Vettel would have taken more out of his tyres right after pitting to get within DRS, use Ferrari jet mode and take victory.

      Hamilton is operating on another level. He always knew he was going to make the tyres last and doesnt care how many salty viewers will criticise him for his radio comments.

  6. Six. Weekend of broken promises, kicked off by the unwanted return of Petulant Max.

    Great moments, but just barely better than average as a whole.

  7. 6/10. Some interesting midfield scraps and strategy intrigue throughout the field but the end was really anti-climax. Zero overtaking attempts in the top four, let alone position changes.

    1. Just DRS and no overtakings for the win. Nothing positive has changed in the past 20 years.

    2. How does the driver in the lead make an overtaking attempt?

  8. I thought it was odd how Sky kept pushing the opinion that there needs to be a rule forcing them to run all 3 compounds to force 2 mandatory stops considering how it was the uncertainty about doing 1 or 2 stops that made that race as interesting as it was.

    No doubt they will keep pushing for it & just like all the other recent gimmicks and silly rule changes F1/FIA will bow down to there overlords who pay the bills and force the rule through.

    1. To be honest i’d still rather they do away with the mandatory stop forcing them to run the compounds so we have the option of doing a no-stop.

      It’s the mix of strategies & uncertainty about which is best that makes things interesting rather than the actual number of stops.

  9. The start was great to watch, some interesting strategizing in the mid race, all building up to a finish that ended as a bit of a damp squib.

    It looked like it had all the makings of a classic race, but all collapsed in the last 15 laps.

    I still feel it gets a solid 8.

  10. Definition of an average race. Not too boring but really nothing that will make me remember this one. 5/10.

  11. Blaize Falconberger (@)
    27th October 2019, 21:16

    8 from me… an exciting race that had me guessing until the end. Lots of unexpected action and great performances throughout the field. Hamilton was supreme, but he’s the best, so that’s to be expected…

    1. Is that Ruby Wax??

  12. For a large part of this race it was really pure racing interest even between the top five. But, in the last laps we again had to contend with only f1,5 providing that fight, as it became quite likely HAM had done enough earlier in the stint to have reserves to keep Vettel at bay, and Bottas had too little to get past Vettel’s better tyres; but it was quite a closely fought race anyway, with the top four within 10s, so I gave it 8/10. Got all my predictions wrong, so I think that’s not too bad.

  13. Hmm the top 5 was not so interesting to see. The only one who can do some fireworks on this circuit is Ves. Due to his puncture certainly a lot of fun was stolen from the racefans.

  14. 6
    Ultimately forgettable. Would have given a five if it weren’t for the podium elevator. 9 if that would have broke.

    Wait! Interview with Max and Daniel was gold.
    Still a 6

  15. Gave it a 6.
    And F1.5 cars so much off the pace it’s painful to watch on such a short circuit. Some strategy at play but ultimately didn’t entertain me much.

  16. Gave it an 8. Great start as expected. Thought the stewards should have looked at all of the trips through the grass. Wished VET got closer to HAM and BOT got closer to VET. We won’t have great racing until the tyre manufacturer can produce a tyre that can last through the end of the race. The tyres wear to a point where every race ends like Monaco.

  17. I don’t understand those who gave just 1/10! Why even bother to come here if you hate F1? The race wasn’t 10/10, but so many good battles, fine intrigue will the tyres last or not, different pit strategy. How can you rate so low?

  18. 7, because without Albon’s and Leclerc’s bad luck took away quite a lot opportunity to see more fight, and a really action packed endgame. If they have average luck at pitstops, and Verstappen (although he was not so sympathetic this weekend, maybe he’s taking prev weekends bad luck harder and harder) without a puncture it’s maybe a 9+

    Are soft compounds so bad that noone tried them for a 20 laps stint at the end? It’s also disappointing. Or it’s just hard to have a new soft at the end of the race weekend? It’s a bit hard to believe that if all compounds became a bit harder (aren’t they?) for this season then a soft can’t perform well at low fuel level for at about 20 laps.

    1. Imo Ferrari and Mercedes, and maybe Red Bull too are advanced enough to get into Q3 only using hard compounds in Q2 and Q1. And even if sometimes they fail to do it they have so much performance reserve that they can beat the midfield at the race without getting into Q3. So why don’t they gamble a bit at qualyfying, and have an additional new soft or medium for the race. I think the main reason is maybe that strategies are so sophisticated now, just like at football, that it’s hard to beat safety strategies, and multiple stops strategies are quite dead now.
      It’s interesting to see how much performance reserve Mercedes having too, Hamilton is often doing an insane current fastest lap of the race at the start of his long stints, sometimes on hard compound or later on worn tyres if needed :)

  19. Looking at the score didnt miss much. Ultimately mornings MotoGP seems like it was better affair.

    1. It probably was. Listening to the announcers continue to try to push the belief that the top four could be racing for position during the last 20 laps was pitiful. I actually fast forwarded to the end.

      I would say I can’t wait for ’21, but Liberty/FIA will let the teams give the regulations a vasectomy.

  20. I gave it a 9.

    Perhaps this is because I’m on holiday in Turkey and the only available coverage had no commentary in any language, and no radio feeds.. I had to concentrate and work stuff out for myself!

  21. 7/10 for me.

    The blue touch paper was lit but the firework never went off. There were some interesting strategy calls and battles in the midfield but the race at the front was a real anti-climax. I thought there was going to be a real battle for the first four places come the last 5 or 6 laps, but nothing happened.

    Overall not boring but could have been so much better if only the top cars had been able to get close enough to race. It was a good drive by Hamilton to preserve his tyres for the victory and a bit of a disappointing performance by the Ferraris considering they both started on the front row.

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