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McLaren support scrapping ‘Q3 tyre rule’

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In the round-up: McLaren is in favour of dropping a rule which requires half of the F1 field to start the race on old tyres.

What they say

Last year teams rejected a proposal to get rid of the rule which requires all drivers who reach Q3 to start the race on the set of tyres they used for their fastest lap in Q2. In a RaceFans poll almost three-quarters of readers support dropping the requirement.

However McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl doubts the ‘Q3 tyre rule’ will be dropped before the 2020 F1 season:

We are positive for this change, we would support that change.

But as we know for next year we need all teams to agree on. So it will be a challenge to get this through.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Robert isn’t convinced Verstappen fully respects F1’s safety-related rules:

Verstappen has grown a lot on me over the last year, he seems to have finally started to mature into a decent person. But this shows that he still have a long way to go. And, that he still doesn’t actually care about other people, he has just gotten better at hiding his arrogance. I’m sure that one day he will be wise enough to realize what is wrong with his current approach, but I think this was a lost opportunity to maybe get him there quicker. The kid needs to be put on the sidelines for at least one race at some point, otherwise he will not feel the pain of the penalty. He has proven that.

I’m not saying this particular incident deserved much more than a 3-place drop, I’m somewhat ok with that for this instance. But knowingly ignoring a safety rule (and not for the first time) is, or at least should be, one of the most severe crimes in the rule book. For me it would have been totally fair to go as far as to disqualify him from qualifying, meaning he would not have been allowed to start the race.
Robert S

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14 comments on “McLaren support scrapping ‘Q3 tyre rule’”

  1. kenneth chapman
    28th October 2019, 2:32

    Someone on this site should do a retrospective on the number of race by race incidents concerning Verstappen since he came to F1. It would show just why
    this driver should be heavily sanctioned for his arrogance and disrespect for all the other drivers. Directly and indirectly he has ruined so many other’s races. Horner et al should be reigned in as well as they encourage him.

    1. You have yourself a task for next weekend.

    2. What impressed me is that in most of those incidents VER ended up in the losing side.

    3. GtisBetter (@)
      28th October 2019, 15:59

      The outcome will be that he is actually no different from most other drivers. You just remember his accidents and forget about the others. Go ahead and do the retrospective on all drivers for the last 10 years and you’ll see.

  2. Happy Birthday Bernie!

    1. `oo´ THX for reminding me !

  3. Re COTD: A qualifying-DSQ doesn’t lead to a driver being disallowed to start a race, though. A QLF-DSQ would’ve just led to a back-of-the-grid start for him like for Ric in Singapore.

  4. Just dawned on me that Hamilton just needs to shoot for the FLAP point to become WDC.

    That should be enough to restart the whole discussion about the merit of that rule ;)

    1. doesn’t quite work like that I’m afraid, to score the FLAP point you need to be in the points, that’s 2 points minimum
      With one 10P + FLAP for Hamilton (and no more points) and 3 victories + 2 FLAP points for Bottas, Bottas would come ahead by just 1 point (366 vs 365)

      1. More on this: one 9P + FLAP (366 points) would win the WDC (Bottas still can make the tie but loses in back count)

        One 8P without FLAP (again 366 points) would not clinch the WDC (Bottas can get 367 with 3 victories AND 3 FLAP points)

        One 7P (367 points which Bottas cannot outscore) OR two 10P + 1 FLAP (366 points which again Bottas cannot outscore with 2 FLAPS maximum) would clinch the WDC (and of course two 10 P + 2 FLAPS would leave Bottas at least 2 points behind, 367 vs 365 with 3 victories + 1 FLAP)

        What if you could score the FLAP point finishing in any position? 2 FLAP points from any non-scoring position would be enough: 365 points which Bottas can match (but not outscore) with 3 victories and the only FLAP point left.

  5. Hamilton fan so happy with the result but yesterday’s race makes me wonder; when WOULD the tyres have gone off the cliff? Have the results of such a test (assuming they do test this) ever been publicly revealed? Feels like the harts would have covered the full race distance.

    1. Hards not harts (stupid autocorrect).

  6. Totally agree with the COTD.

    He deserved a much harsher penalty, he’s done the same thing before and had no reason to know there wasn’t anyone or anything on the track in his way, that said if it was a person or something on or blocking the track then the reds would and should be out.

  7. F1 TV is getting on my nerves. Not having the qualifying replay is one thing, but there is no info about it, and their contact page is empty. Worst is their insistence (yes insistence as I’ve complained about several times, and they say they won’t change) to always show pictures of the cars from races. Sometimes even with graphics. So if you come to watch qualifying after the weekend is over, you will be forced to see pictures of the starting grid or 1st corner action which spoils it completely. Add to that replay crashes, poor bandwidth and F1 TV is going downhill.

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