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Ricciardo: Removal of Renault brake bias adjuster “not a loss at all”

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In the round-up: Daniel Ricciardo says he does not miss having Renault’s automatic brake balance adjuster, which was ruled illegal after the Japanese Grand Prix.

What they say

Ricciardo said having a manual brake balance adjustment is what he was used to last year at Red Bull:

This is what I had also last year. You see guys do it: Mercedes onboard, they’re making 20 switches a lap. You do it for each corner as you wish.

But honestly, some races, I want to say probably more than 50 percent [of them], I don’t touch brake balance. I just modulate it with my foot and I feel if that corner is likely to lock the front, then I just initially pressure a bit less.

So I don’t see it as a big loss. I don’t see it really as a loss at all. It just means that I’ve got to maybe think a little bit more and figure out if I need a brake balance adjustment for a particular corner.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Ferrari have ‘gifted’ too many wins to Mercedes this year, says OOliver:

I still find it amazing Hamilton has been able to win 10 races and Mercedes, 13 races so far this season.

While I can’t fault Ferrari much for this race outcome, I certainly can fault their performance this season. They have gifted Mercedes to many race victories. This was a Mercedes was on the verge of suffering a humiliating defeat, yet they have gone on again to win both championships.

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28 comments on “Ricciardo: Removal of Renault brake bias adjuster “not a loss at all””

  1. RE: Jos Verstappens comment. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?

    As a driver, you slow down. That’s what you do, Jos, you follow the rules and common sense.

    1. @sham We’ll he’s got some point there. Typically, a driver receives yellow-lights on the steering wheel around the display to inform of a yellow-flag situation, as well as the relevant trackside light-panel displays yellow, this time, though, neither of these took place as Bottas broke the transmitter sensor(s) at that part of the circuit.

      1. There. Was. A. Yellow. Flag. Waving.

        Even Jos should know what, as a driver, you do when that happens.

      2. All true @jerejj, and still the Ferrari drivers managed to slow down (while Vettel otherwise would have improved his time).

        I will admit I haven’t read what Jos Verstappen said, he so rarely says things critical of his sons behavior, even if it is warranted, and he generally does not inform me of what I did not yet know before.

        1. so a nice example of a biased opinion then. No need for facts or information. It’s about Verstappen so your opinion and conclusion is already there ;)

        2. I do think we all have to factor in that for both Ferrari drivers it was more time since the accident, so more clear there was a flag out.

          On the other hand, we always have to think about the drivers we are talking about – I must say that is one of the things I do like about Rosberg as a youtuber, he now tells us this outright (yes, It more or less shows he would have been well enough in control that time in Monaco) – It is perfectly possibly that all those things did play a role in Max deciding that it was worth it to push on since there would be things to help him argue, that it was not unreasonable for him to do so, while Vettel and Leclerc came into the situation where they felt it would be clearly a no go.

          That goes to show why it is important to penalize these kinds of accidents strictly and not get drawn into the “did he gain an advantage” or “how likely was he to know” etc. These drivers show us time and time again, they are good enough, and fast enough, to be able to weigh such factors. See Alonso perfectly “using up” his 3 times off befor you get a penalty etc.

    2. Jos does not know yeller. He sees green. He sees gold. Or he sees red. :-)

  2. Maybe not exactly 20 switches a lap but more than other drivers from other teams, and that’s been the case for a while now, every season the same story.

    Re COTD: Yes, they indeed have thrown away a number of chances for a race win.

  3. Looks like Renault might pull the plug on F1. The new CEO Clotilde Delbos has put it under review.

    1. @rsp123 Too early to jump to definite conclusions on that.

    2. Wouldn’t blame them, the program has gone absolutely nowhere under Abiteboul.

    3. Hopefully they stay at least as an engine manufacturer, but if they want to stay as a constructor, they need to get rid of Abiteboul asap. Dude doesn’t have a clue.

      1. @hugh11 for whom?

        1. Anyone with more than 7 brain cells. Either promote from within, or look to the F2 paddock.

          1. I think @m-bagattini meant engine supplier to whom? McLaren are off to Mercedes…..

    4. I think Clotilde Delbos is a still an interim CEO, so I think the review is just that, no triggers will be pulled. But I have heard she is no fan of F1.

  4. Not sure if it has been reported/shared here, but this article gives an idea of how the Renault system worked.

    1. @coldfly The German-edition of Motorsport.com. Automated brake balance-adjustment is fairly easily figurable and understandable anyway. I wish iRacing, Assetto Corsa, etc., had an option for automated brake balance-adjustment so that I’d have one less thing to do myself while driving, i.e., the games would automatically select the BB-figure for me, LOL.

    2. it’s a pity. Probably the only Renault system that really worked as intended

  5. Re COTD. I was reading a bbc article reviewing the race and Andrew Benson wrote:

    Over the year, Ferrari have not been quick enough often enough to have challenged for the title even if they had delivered a perfect season

    Admittedly, I haven’t actually crunched the stats but I reckon that, if they’d delivered on 90% of their potential, the fight for both championships would still be wide open right now

    1. Weird to say and have as COTD that it was surprising for the most successful team in F1 history winning the WCC and driver’s double 5 times in a row to do so again, especially when their only opponent Ferrari were off the pace in most of the early races.

  6. Benson is also a massive Hamilton fanboy so he would say that :-D

  7. PS – Happy Birthday Lance.
    (interesting on this day reference)

  8. So I don’t see it as a big loss. I don’t see it really as a loss at all.

    Said Ricciardo shooting by Racing Point on off the track in Mexico….

  9. Disagree with the COTD.

    Unsurprised Mercedes have won as much as they have. Their car – especially in the first half of the season was the class of the field and Ferrari certainly were nothing like their testing times indicated. In fact towards the summer break it looked like they were going to get shaded by Red Bull too.

    Since the summer break the Ferrari’s found the immense one lap pace it threatened in testing, but seems to be still lacking a little race pace compared to the Mercedes. If Ferrari had started with this car maybe things would have been different, but implying Mercedes have ‘avoided a humiliating defeat’ seems a bit of a stretch. Operationally, mechanically and strategically they’re superior and still got enough in hand to overcome that one lap pace deficit. From the very first race it was pretty easy to say Mercedes were going to walk to both titles again – and they have.

  10. RE: COTD. Ifs and buts, but it would be nice to see what might have happened had Ferrari not lost so many races this year. With the mighty Mercedes machine having not that many weak parts (how many wrong strategy calls or off weekends have they had? Yes, there have been a few, but not that many), I feel like the title fight would be much closer, but beating Mercedes over a season is simply hard. Much like when Rosberg managed to win the title it required “luck” and absolute devotion and perseverance. That is what is required of other teams as well.

  11. “I just modulate it with my foot”
    how? i mean yes if the balance is wrong you brake less to compensate for this but he must understand that a wrong brake balance means longer braking distance.
    For me it is the 1st race that i saw him blocking so many times his wheels.

    1. It is totally unrelated!!!


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