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Binotto explains why Ferrari voted to pass 2021 F1 rules

2021 F1 season

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Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto explained the team’s decision to vote in favour of the new rules for the 2021 F1 season.

Formula 1’s most famous and successful team previously warned it would not support the new rules if it did not approve of them. It is the only team with the power to veto changes to the sport’s regulations.

However the regulations were passed with the unanimous support of the World Motor Sports Council, which Ferrari is a part of. “We voted in favour so we are happy with the new set of regulations,” said Binotto in response to a question from RaceFans. “If not happy, at least we are convinced that’s the right way to go.”

Asked whether Ferrari considered vetoing the rules Binotto said “for us [it was] more important to collaborate with F1 and to make sure that by the end of October we got the best package to be voted, and I think that’s where we put our focus and our efforts.”

However Binotto said he considers the rules a “starting point” and believes there is more progress to be made in making Formula 1 more sustainable.

“We believe it’s the right moment to look for this continuity. Our sport has to be sustainable, we are all aware of that. We need to work hard as well in the future on a more sustainable, green as well, sport.

“So there is still much to work on. If there is anything I would avoid, [it is] to say it has been locked on. I think that’s a starting point, we are all together now we need to collaborate.”

Binotto says F1 still has “much to develop, improve and, certainly, looking at a more sustainable sport for the future.”

“The power unit and the fuel, whatever can be done, I think that’s a responsibility we’ve all got together,” he added. “So far we collaborated well with FIA and F1 but [there’s] still much to do.”

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2021 F1 season

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9 comments on “Binotto explains why Ferrari voted to pass 2021 F1 rules”

  1. Or maybe they just didn’t feel it is worth fighting for…
    They will try it and then leave F1 altogether, together with others, leaving it with some sole Cosworth engine, same stock cars and name like Super Duper WWE Formula 1 BANG! racing around Shopping Mall-parkings across the world.

    Personally I am totally disappointed. Am I ready to give new F1 a shot? I will probably be, but at this time I don’t think the decision and direction are right.

    1. @dallein you are thankfully very much in the minority.

    2. @dallein What do you think is wrong about the direction then?

    3. @dallein – not really. i believe you are spot on. after the event in LA & now these new rules, f1 as we knew it, is over… it’s going to become like every other american sport (that i don’t watch either), including wrestling. they had cars doing donuts, an orchestra playing the theme music, while skydivers fell from the air, landing near the cars. all that was missing was a cage surrounding the perimeter & a few flash-pots. plus, there are more people on hollywood blvd during normal business hours than during the event. they actually drove, bad pun, people away… liberty are a joke

    4. Over the years, there have been ups-and-downs in the racing, even when the rules have been more static. Rules are going to be modified. Thankfully, the rule changes are somewhat conservative relative to earlier proposals.

  2. I also think the direction is wrong. But i was already thinking that with hyper-complex costly PU that made basically Mercedes wining championships in last years and prevented any new engine builders from entering.
    The rules just shift even more F1 to politics that would continue to increase even more in importance, with concurrent rise of even more rule interpretation and back maneuvering. Binotto words are even more BS than i expected.

    1. Well to be able to have high peformance hybrid engine, it is going to be complex.

      1. Indeed @yaru, and while Honda certainly needed time to get up to speed, they did enter.

        In the last few seasons, Ferrari could have won,but they weren’t as good as a team, even when their car was better, and thus Mercedes still won.

        So AlexS, I am sorry you feel so let down, but perhaps you can try to look at it differently, because it might just be your perception rather than F1.

  3. I hope that F1 isnt going to turn into IndyCar

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