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Rate the race: 2019 United States Grand Prix

2019 United States Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the United States Grand Prix.

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What were the best and worst moments of the race? What was the main thing you’ll remember about it? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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35 comments on “Rate the race: 2019 United States Grand Prix”

  1. A decent race. A bit quiet at some points, but overall still not bad.

    1. I really dug how Hamilton did all he could to stretch the tyres and at the same time dig into Bottas a bit and how he made Bottas fight for the win. Great to see fights for all of the podium spots IMO.

      Not sure why Albon got voted driver of the day at the F1 site, IMO all of the guys on the podium did a better job and Ricciardo, Norris very solid as well. Albon – not bad recovering to 6th, but to me that still just shows the difference between the top 3 teams and the rest.

      1. Yep @bascb, for me Albon did the fallback himself, so then got up to where he needed to be in that car – much like Verstappen in Mexico (apart from needing three stops rather than 1 very long hard stint), so I suppose on that note he just about deserved the driver of the day on nearly as much; at least Bottas and Hamilton weren’t undeserving of the 2nd, 3rd in that poll, but as you say, Norris and Ricciardo definitely are more deserving than Albon. Oh well. Good to see Mercedes apparently giving both drivers a good chance to fight for to win.

      2. I’ve noticed the trend of recovery drives being voted the best on the pole. I guess the winner is whoever passes the most cars irrespective of the car’s relative performance.

      3. Indeed, Ricciardo for me was driver of the day.

        1. Agreed, did some nice work with a sub par car. Norris did great too.

      4. @bascb Driver of the day almost always goes to whichever top team driver is at the back of the field near the start of the race (for whatever reason), and therefore ‘makes up the most places’ during the race. It has very little to do with how the driver actually performed.

  2. Well, that was quite a satisfying race; I think the director could have shown a bit more of the racing in the midfeld, but enough tension at the front to make it reasonable to linger there often. (Well, unless you are Ferrari, probably).

    Bottas well done, did what he could, Hamilton good race, Verstappen as well, not sure either of those two could have gotten a spot higher, but in different parts of the race it seemed quite possible, which made it interesting. I certainly hadn’t predicted yet another Mercedes 1-2 though, but I suppose we have to thank Ferrari for that, as so often this year. The head of the midfield was also quite fluid and interesting to follow. I gave it 8/10, because while there was tension, there wasn’t quite the climax, some due to the MAG brake failure which neutered Verstappen’s hunt.

    Albon good recovery, Norris a very solid race, this time w/o bad luck ahead of Sainz. RIC also well done, and Perez seemingly a pretty good comeback, though it petered (and crashed) out a bit near the end.

    1. Thank Ferrari?!? Stop being ridiculous, their best (according to you, of course) driver finished +52sec behind the leader. That’s 2 pit-stops time! They were nowhere this race.

      1. Irony not your strong point?

        1. @gnosticbrian It’s more like a sarcasm than irony IMO.

          1. Sonics, I’m a trusting soul and would give bosyber the benefit of the doubt – just as I’m sure there is no connection between the FIA’s technical directive on power units and the disappearence of much of Ferrari’s hitherto impressive straighline speed advantage. Would you call that irony, sarcasm, cynicism or just plain old gullability?

  3. 9, nice strategic battle between the top three and the majority of the grid. Only Ferrari weren’t in any kind of battles, as they were nowhere in terms of race pace.

  4. The track as awful as ever (to me it looks like a giant abandoned construction place in the middle of a wasteland…), but the race itself turned out to be ok due to different strategies.

    7 from me

    1. That’s funny – it is one of my favourite tracks. There’s not many tracks where you can overtake and COTA always offers opportunities. In many years, you will see an overtake for the lead, even with the same car – as Bottas did with Hamilton today, and twice with Hamilton on Rosberg.

    2. That comes from someone who not only hasn’t been here before but has an adamant dislike of the America’s- you recently said you didn’t want the US or Mexican GP’s on the calendar. Tell you what- come to COTA sometime. It’s much better than it looks.

      1. mfreire @dallein
        I think it looks just fine, it’s not as though Silverstone is a great looker! Both excellent tracks, though.

    3. lol it’s right outside of Austin, you can see the city from the track. Fans love it, drivers love it, maybe Sochi is more your style.

  5. Ricciardo with another amazing race, Hamilton proving merc lets their drivers race. This is why hamilton is a deserving champion he doesn’t need preferential treatment over his teammates to win, and his teammates have all been really good drivers. Unlike other champions that won their championships racing slow and past their prime drivers

    1. @carlosmedrano intra team battles are always contentious, as I wouldn’t be sure 2 cars on the same team are actually racing if they are on different strats, you simply can’t doubt the intention of different teams strategies. Whenever Ham is behind he has always gone for the generally optimal 1 stopper whereas Bottas is generally on 2, in suzuka Merc forced Ham to pit otherwise team chemistry would greatly suffer.

      1. Generally, Mercedes is much better than Ferrari with intra-team battles. Suzuka was a bit of a blot on the Mercedes “let them race” copy book this year (as was Russia last year).

  6. 9/10. Whenever a close fight for the win happens I’m very satisfied. Happy for Bottas. But he had to show his best skills to win this race.

  7. 7/10.

    Great first few laps, excellent, nail biting close, but a massive period in the middle where little of consequence happened.

    1. That’s f1! If you think about the level the guys at the front are operating at… pressing hard, making very few mistakes…. you can see why they are the best in the world.

      It’s a bit like a chess match between two top-shelf GM’s…. there’s a lot of draws…. but the tension in getting there, and the opportunities for a lesser person to lose it… are the fun.

  8. f1 is so anemic these days, even simple stuff as race start time defies common sense, the sun made it impossible to see the cars coming out of t1 right at the start.
    Imo the track has no chemistry. s1 is interesting yet unoriginal esses, the beginning of s3 is great and great for racing.
    There’s no amoing of great crowd shots that can save this. The cars look to be cruising around while the cameras shake feverously and crop most of the car out of picture so you stop enjoying the cars strolling around.
    Finally, why is sky on world feed? Crofty is non stop giggling whenever things are going his way and Brundle grumply implies something wrong about anyone challenging the desired result.
    Come clean sky, it is more annoying to insult your customers by denying and humiliating anyone that highlights how bias you are. You want Lewis and the British team of Mercedes to win no matter what. when possible you use your position as media and world feed broadcaster to influence f1 as much as you can. It is only natural to be patriotic and imo acceptable it isn’t acceptable to be delusional, and then mock your costumers who have no choice in the UK.

    1. We’ve had quite a few entertaining races this year. F1 isn’t in such a bad place as you make out, it certainly could be a lot worse. I do wish we saw drivers handling livelier cars though with a shorter wheelbase, that would be my wish aside from racing. The fact no one spins off these days shows that the cars are not on the ragged edge which I’d personally like to see. Today’s race though, it was a slow burner but that’s how F1 is these days.

      I’m also not a fan of Sky though!

  9. Blaize Falconberger (@)
    3rd November 2019, 21:38

    A really entertaining race for me today – kept me guessing until the chequered flag and an awesome result for team Mercedes… F1 still blows my mind – the technology and precision of both the engines and the prowess of the people who drive them throughout the field. It’s not something I could do. Looking forward to the rest of the season now and the battkes down the field.

  10. A 9, great race with plenty of action till the end. The battle for the win was in doubt till just about the end and the midfield was nearly as good with McLarens not quite caching Ricciardos Renault, all drove an excellent race.

  11. I couldnt watch the race: as soon as the cheerleaders appeared, I turn the TV off. What a shame F1 still allow this kind of spetacle.

    1. Yep, and they still allow best thing on the grid, when Naomi Campbell and her gal pals show up.
      @You should check out footballs fabulous females, the Oakland Raiders Raiderettes.

  12. So didnt miss much off the race afterall.

  13. I considered a 6 but gave this 7/10.

    Quite an interesting battle between the front 3 which made the race fairly rewarding in the end. It had been a little dull in the middle. Good drives by the top 3 and Ricciardo and Norris.

    I too felt it was a shame the director didn’t cover the midfield battles a bit more.

    What happened to Ferrari today I don’t know. Vettel was not really keeping pace with the leaders when he retired and Leclerc was miles behind. They seemed really slow.

    1. One thing I forgot. Good to see that Merc let their drivers race each other. I did think for one awful moment that they were going to ask Bottas to stay behind Hamilton in case there was an incident, but no.

  14. @keithcollantine Is there something wrong with the poll? The scale seems to be from 2 to 10, not from 1 to 10 as usual.

    As for the rating, gave it an average 6. Decent battle at the front but overall felt like nothing to really get excited about.

    1. Guess it was deemed by keith this was too good a race to give it minimum score, np as I hardly ever rate that low anyway!

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