Carlos Sainz Jnr, McLaren, Circuit of the Americas, 2019

Caption Competition 161: Sainz and his McLaren

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Carlos Sainz Jnr has spotted something underneath the front of his McLaren – but what it is?

That’s for you to decide in this weekend’s Caption Competition.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

Caption Competition

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84 comments on “Caption Competition 161: Sainz and his McLaren”

  1. “C’mon out Lando, it’s just a nightmare. Here, have some milk.”

    1. Good to hear that Sainz has taken young Lando under his wings.

      1. “come on Lando: We know Fernando isn’t faster than you!”

    2. Montréalais (@)
      9th November 2019, 14:31

      @phylyp +1 I love it!

  2. Sainz looking for that extra tenth over his teammate.

  3. Sjoerd Druiven
    9th November 2019, 8:38

    Carlos Sainz still confused by the term under cut.

    1. This is a good one

  4. As Lando got stuck under the car, Carlos realised their wrestling contest had got out of hand.

    1. Hahaha
      Its something that they would do

  5. Before each race, most drivers sit quietly and visualise their race start. As for Carlos, he kneels down and prays that he won’t mess up Smooth Operator on live TV.

  6. Hey Zak, I think I found Alonso’s 6 tenths!

    1. This is harsh but funny :)

  7. Hey Lando, where are you?

  8. Its lap 7 and Carlos is still stuck in the pits after losing his car keys.

    1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      9th November 2019, 10:45


  9. Authentically praying for a solid Abu Dhabi result.

  10. Olly Olly Oxen Free!

  11. When Lando beat him at the race on sunday Sainz jr. was searching his smooth operator underneath the car no. 4

  12. As teams look to trim costs ahead of the 2021 budget cap, McLaren seek to amalgamate the role of driver and front jack-man.

  13. The new F1 2021 rules have only just been agreed on, but already Carlos Sainz is getting ahead on ground effect.

  14. “In a last desperate effort to explain to the team what feels wrong in the corners, Carlos acts out the role of his own front wing”

  15. Sainz and Norris play game of hide and seek

    1. Yeah +1
      Great teamates. Love to meet them

  16. “Fine Lando, you won the game of hide and seek. Now get out from under there, the session is about to start.”

  17. No Daniel. We said we need to work on some flaws

  18. Carlos and Lando regretted playing football so close to the parked cars.

  19. You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose!

  20. “Seriously, guys! Has anyone seen my car keys?!”

  21. Modern cars are heavy?!
    Let’s see if I can lift it with one hand!

  22. Lando: Carlos, what are you doing?

    Carlos: The team said we have to find more performance on the floor!

  23. I am sure that I will lift it like “Smooth Elevator”.

  24. Rear visibility has never been that bad.

  25. It’s definitely the brake pads, mate, your going to need a new set.

  26. “It’s good start, but we’re still going to need another 15cm lift for rally racing.”

  27. Look, Seidl, I’ll let you out when the car gets quicker!

    1. Budget cap and limited sponsors forced McLaren to use manual front wing deflection tests for 2020 due to limited resources.

    2. Sorry my suggestion was added as a reply to your comment. It was supposed to be a new entry.

  28. true, this cape has got a hood !

  29. Thankfully Sainz didn’t have his coveralls pulled up when he discovered the source of the mysterious rattling sound coiled only cm from his nose.

    1. Austin is a really cool place, except for the snakes.

  30. ‘mwah, you helped me be a top 3 driver in f1 this year’

  31. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    9th November 2019, 13:39

    Sainz looking for the monster under the car that Lando kept talking about

  32. It’s fine Carlos. Burying our heads in the sand is no longer our trademark move after the year we’ve had.

  33. Like everything else, those extra tenths off your lap time are always in the last place you look.

  34. Sainz looking for contract extension after a good year at mclaren.

  35. I know my belt must be around here somewhere.

  36. I know I left those damn car keys somewhere ?

  37. Sainz mediating and preparing for his next contract negotiation.

  38. Every single time I drop the 10mm socket…………….

  39. “I’m serious! The steering wheel said ‘Danger to Manifold!'”

  40. Magnus Rubensson (@)
    9th November 2019, 19:06

    Alonso’s 4-stage plan to get back into a McLaren:
    (1) put superglue on top of Sainz’ hoodie,
    (2) ask him to check under the car,
    (3) nick Sainz’ helmet,
    (4) discreetly reverse out of the pit garage and put in a quick qualy lap before anyone notices.

  41. Sainz trying to add downforce to his car.

  42. You can come out now Alonso

  43. You know what – if I kiss the ground, maybe another one bites the dust!

  44. This is why you don’t go drinking with Kimi

  45. So this place may be different under the 2021’s regulation changes?

  46. Not fully understanding the concept, Carlos Sainz attempts to apply extra downforce to his McLaren.

  47. Nico Hulkenberg resorts to underhand tactics in an attempt to secure a car to drive for 2020.

  48. Trying to find that illusive downforce

  49. Sainz jr lost a 50 cts coin underneath vis car

  50. Carlos still trying to determine the gender of his MCL34.

  51. Lando didn’t think Carlos would fall for it when he told him the red line was made of candied strawberries.


    The engineers ignored Sainz’s protestations that his new dangly earring was caught on the nosecone, and just went ahead and fitted it anyway.


    The rest of the garage had given up as there was no discernible performance or safety impact, but Sainz remained determined to track down the irritating squeak he could hear when you bounced the front up and down.


    Looking ahead to retirement, Carlo’s rather fancied himself “the car whisperer”.

  52. Looking for some downforce

  53. When Carlos saw a trail of ants heading underneath his car he knew it meant only one thing: they’d found the car’s sweet spot.

  54. “I just don’t understand that Venturi guy or his tunnel. How is anyone supposed to appreciate an art deco recess when you hide it underneath a car?”.

  55. “…Oh, please keep me out of turn 1 incidents, but allow any in front of me to happen. But don’t let them get hurt. Just the car. And can I please find a VR46 shirt under the Christmas tree. Adult size. Amen”

  56. Come on lando come on out

  57. Is that a Mercedes engine I can see in the back there

  58. Whilst searching for an extra three tenths, Carlos had instead found an eighth.

    1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      10th November 2019, 22:47

      Haha. I knew there was some speed hidden here somewhere!

  59. Richard de Buck
    10th November 2019, 11:11

    Hmmm…is that really a pack of milk from Lando under my car?

  60. If you stick your ear here you can hear the sea

  61. I think I’ve found a banksy

  62. McLaren be praised.

  63. Damn! Williams really need to get faster cars.

  64. Be gentle.

  65. As Sainz goes to check under his car, a secret magnet concealed beneath the floor attracts the steel implant in his skull.

  66. Some say it was just coincidental that estimates of an unexplained and transient 250 grams mass in the nose cone of Carlos’ car, approximately the weight of one Huski Chocolate drink, disappeared about the time Catering promised him a dozen would be in his hotel fridge when he arrived at a Grand Prix.

  67. Sainz: “Marco…”
    Lando: “Polo”

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