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Gasly: Toro Rosso in the hunt for points every weekend

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Pierre Gasly believes Toro Rosso have become regular contenders for points in the second half of 2019.

The former Red Bull driver returned to the team, which he raced for last year, after the summer break. He has scored points in five of the eight races since then and was on course for another haul at the last round before colliding with Sergio Perez.

Despite the disappointment of failing to score in Austin, Gasly said the team’s consistent performances were a “positive” sign.

“Every weekend we seem to be there around like ninth, tenth,” he said. “Just being able to fight in there.

“Of course it’s really tight, it’s tough. McLaren are faster, the Renaults sometimes faster and sometimes a bit slower. But overall we just seem to be in that fight for one or two points every weekend, which is which is good. That will be the target for Brazil and Abu Dhabi as well.”

Gasly spent most of the last race in the top 10 before tangling with his rival. “I was running in the points 53 laps out of 56,” he said. “And actually I think [we had] really good race until that point.

“We were matching the McLaren in front, keeping the pace with Carlos [Sainz Jnr] which was quite a surprise.

“At the end we started to fight with Sergio and then we came together in turn 13. There was contact and it broke my front-right suspension and after that we had to retire so that was quite disappointing.”

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2019 F1 season

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3 comments on “Gasly: Toro Rosso in the hunt for points every weekend”

  1. Unfortunately, for him, STR isn’t a team for a long-term career in F1, and since he screwed up his big chance in the senior team, he’s chances of remaining in F1 longer-term might lie elsewhere on the grid.

  2. Actually, since his signing to RB gone public he was not that strong and promising, and probably a bit less than before on average. Thats a whole season, its his second season. I won’t say he should be out of F1 now, but he’s not far from that.
    the reasons hes not out yet: he’s still very young, Kvyat not impressed much more than him, RB family is a bit out of talents, Ticktum lost, this seasons F2 roster is not amongst the strongest ones ever, and the example of Grosjean, who is still in, despite of failing to impress for so long while at this level.
    Although considering RB’s attitude, he has maximally 2 more years to perform not much more.
    Wow, i just checked RB’s current academists, many of them are just right after their karting years, or in F4, or not proven in F3. Thats less then i expected. Jüri Vips is proven in F3, and Lucas Auer too, but Auer is not that young, and seems to turned away from formula racing, and paritally there because of he’s Austrian.
    Ferrari’s academy has much more currently, while Russell is so cool that he’s maybe at Williams for another year to dont give Hamilton too hard times before the 7th title :) I expect a lot of him and Norris, F2 is dry because the really good ones mostly made it to F1 currently.

  3. Probably Liam Lawson will be cool, if he can repeat this year, as he beat Marcus Armstrong, and Auer in Toyota racing series, and has some good results in other smaller F3 series despite of the age of 17.

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