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Mercedes’ Wolff to miss first F1 race since 2013

2019 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff is to miss a race for the first time in six years this weekend as he will not travel to Interlagos for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

“Brazil will be the first race since 2013 that I won’t attend,” confirmed Wolff ahead of this weekend’s race. Mercedes has already won the constructors’ championship and Lewis Hamilton sealed the drivers’ title at the last round.

“With both championships secured, it gives me more time in Europe to focus on other open topics,” he said. “It’s great to be able to do this and to know that the team will represent the three-pointed star in the best way possible both on and off the track.”

Mercedes celebrated their sixth consecutive sweep of the championships at their engine and chassis facilities in the UK last week.

“The 1,500 men and women that form this amazing team and made this extraordinary success possible,” said Wolff. “It is always a special moment and this year’s was particularly special as our sixth consecutive double sets a new benchmark in our sport.

“But despite this record-breaking achievement, I still feel a lot of hunger and desire for more achievements. There’s no sense of complacency, everybody is still determined to keep on improving. It’s an inspiring group of people that fully lives up to the Mercedes aspiration of being the best.

“We have two races to go in the 2019 season and we want to end this season on a high.”

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  • 31 comments on “Mercedes’ Wolff to miss first F1 race since 2013”

    1. Job interview with Liberty, eh? 😉

      1. As a CEO – Clown Executive Officer?

        (Toto is not a clown, but Liberty is looking to fill such position)

      2. I was thinking he had some layoffs to start working on with these upcoming financial regs.

    2. As a CEO – Clown Executive Officer?

      (Toto is not a clown, but Liberty is looking to fill such position)

    3. Preparing to be new FIA boss in 2021.

    4. Hmm. Mercedes’ Formula E performance was not exactly great in testing. Staying home to ask some awkward questions are we, Toto?

    5. I demand to be provided live Skype footage during broadcasts of Toto smashing his home desk whenever Mercedes make some minor mistake over the weekend

    6. José Lopes da Silva
      11th November 2019, 15:06

      …why would he go?…

      In fact, I think both Mercedes should both start from the pitlane just to ensure some fun.

    7. So no particular reason for opting not to attend this one race. I thought it’d be something related to health, as was the case with Peter Bonnington concerning him not attending the Mexican GP.

      1. The security conditions in Sao Paulo, around Interlagos, are always ATROCIOUS. Why risk it?

        Maybe this weekend is when they will announce the relocation of the Brazilian GP back to Rio de Janeiro, from 2021, on.

        Also, maybe that’s when they will announce Lewis moving to Ferrari and Seb to Mercedes.

        1. Hi @svianna there isn’t the slightest chance that a racetrack in Rio will be safer from criminals than one in São Paulo.

          1. @lubhz agreed. If anything, around Rio is possibly worse.

    8. Well, why should he, he got the moneys and it’s been obvious by that he don’t care for any dignity in the sport nor have any respect for those in it or those watching.

      Happy holidays, have a great one

      1. Yep, happy trolling, have a great one..

      2. What are you smoking?

        They won the titles, job done. Time for a holiday.

      3. Given your screename you should be grateful this man is the sole reason there is a Finn in a winning car in F1 at all.

    9. Don’t blame him. Going by previous years it’s more dangerous than its worth attending Interlagos.

    10. Can’t be bothered, who can blame him? All in the bag for drivers and constructors, let it be a-team mechanics for experience, spare drivers for experience too – no need to ra e, why race?

      1. Ok, b-team mechanics was what I really meant, who knew it would autocorrect to a-team (I love it when a plan comes together)

    11. Is Tito’s career over? :P

      1. Toto’s *
        Stupid autocorrect

    12. “The 1,500 men and women that form this amazing team…”

      Yep, Merc fans, just tell me how they are doing the best job of them all compared to the teams with 4-5 times less people :)

      1. @pironi the troll

        Merc having more employees doesn’t mean they aren’t doing the best job on the grid with those employees. It’s not a ratio.

        Only a child would need that explained to them…

        1. Xcm, or maybe just deliberately trying to live up to the “provocateur” part of his name, albeit in a rather clumsy and ineffective manner.

      2. Because Ferrari, Red Bull and other top teams have constantly and consistently tried to recruit them over the last few years?
        Because other TPs and top drivers claim they are the best?
        Because their success can be measured by the number of low IQ trolls they trigger?

        1. Because their success can be measured by the number of low IQ trolls they trigger?

          Nail on the head.

    13. Doesn’t want to risk getting robbed. What are the book makers giving for odds on a team bus being held hostage?

    14. Does feel like the season’s over, I don’t blame him.

    15. If Wolff can do it, then I guess I don’t have to get up at 3am to watch this one.

      Where’s your commitment Toto?

    16. Omg, what a cynical bunch. Is it not at all possible that he has actually got something important to be doing elsewhere preparing to get the 7th title next year! He has other stuff to do other than sit at the race track you know.

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