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Albon says 2020 Red Bull deal feels “crazy”

2019 F1 season

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Alexander Albon says it feels “crazy” to have secured a full-time Red Bull drive for the 2020 F1 season, less than a year after his grand prix debut with Toro Rosso was announced.

The 23-year-old had his future at the team confirmed earlier this week. He replaced Pierre Gasly in their line-up during the summer break.

“It’s crazy, really,” said Albon in Brazil. “I say it a lot, but I truly mean it when I say it.

“To get the call-up originally after Hungary, it was quite a daunting prospect, really. But I felt like I could do something.

“To be honest the races that I’ve had, I been I’ve been pretty happy with. And yes, of course, to get that final call to tell me that I’m staying for next year, it feels really good. Really good.”

While Red Bull had indicated a decision on their drivers for 2020 would be made around the last two races, Albon said he tried not to let that distract him.

“I didn’t know when the decision was going to be made,” he said. “For me it was just thinking about the races I had, making sure I was happy with how I was progressing.

“I think that was the important thing, just trying to show that I am making steps forward. In terms of when I was going to get called, of course I knew it was going to happen, but it wasn’t a stress when, it was just ‘focus on the job in hand’.”

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2019 F1 season

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7 comments on “Albon says 2020 Red Bull deal feels “crazy””

  1. All he needs to make sure about is that he manages to maintain the drive throughout the season by keeping at least this level of consistency.

    1. I think Redbull actually would prefer if he wasn’t consistent. A driver of Albon’s quality coupled with consistency would begin to rival Max’s standing in the team.

      Redbull don’t want another Ric v Max situation. Better to have a #2 that knows his place.

  2. He deserves it and always comes across as very humble. I foresee a great future for him!

    1. Humility is a virtue, indeed. But, in a cut-throat business as F1 is, sometimes, humility can be a hindrance. Just look at the drivers that are deemed great. The vast majority are very egotistical and arrogant, at times. Hard to succeed as an F1 driver if you come across unsure of your talent.

    2. I do too, just not at Maxbull… Christian and Helmut will do anything to keep Max the #1 there.

  3. Albon hasn’t been stellar, unlike what the headlines make out. But unlike Gasly, he hasn’t been a disaster either. Whereas Pierre failed to get the RB15 into the top six (where it belongs) on multiple occasions, Alex has always reached the chequered flag there; despite being in his first season of Formula One. So in my mind he deserves this shot at Red Bull for next season, but he does need to up his pace more.

    1. I disagree. To come into F1 and perform like he has in his first few races? I think he’s done an amazing job.

      I am expecting him to really surprise us next season with some frighteningly-good drives.

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