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Verstappen: Red Bull haven’t exploited car’s potential since summer break

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Red Bull’s car has been more competitive than the team’s results since the summer break indicate, according to Max Verstappen.

Prior to the summer break Verstappen scored two wins and a pole position in four races. Ferrari and Mercedes have taken all the wins and poles since.

However Verstappen said the team have been competitive at several races, and a combination of errors and misfortune has prevented them from scoring better results.

“When you look back after the summer break, we were also very competitive in Monza, which you wouldn’t expect,” he said. “So it was not all that bad.

“But of course, we also had to take engine penalties. So starting from the back the best you really could do was fifth and then, of course, it doesn’t look like an amazing result.”

Verstappen crashed on the first lap at Spa. After those two races on high-speed tracks many expected the team to be stronger in Singapore but Verstappen admitted “we made a set-up mistake” and they were beaten by the Ferraris.

“Then Suzuka was always going to be a bit of a tricky one because you can nail the set-up for qualifying or not, and then immediately it can be a big difference,” he continued. “And I was not very happy with the set-up we had in qualifying so it didn’t look amazing.

“But still I had a good start, was virtually in [third], but then I got taken out of course. That would have been a nice result as well for us.”

Mexico brought more frustration as a penalty cost Verstappen pole position and a collision with Valtteri Bottas ruled him out of contention for victory. Had the cards fallen better for the team, Verstappen believes they “could be talking very different about the last few races.”

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2019 F1 season

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17 comments on “Verstappen: Red Bull haven’t exploited car’s potential since summer break”

  1. It’s not just setup errors, engine penalties and back luck. I believe Max made his bad luck to (an extent) and that worries me about his chances to ever be a serious WDC contender.

    1. Equally so when it (luck) turns the right way, we’ve seen him in an impressive streak (from mid last year until mid of this season). The guy will just always push. If it works he’s the hero, if it doesn’t the entire UK will bash him. Nothing new there

    2. @learon Isn’t that what “errors” are?

      @ Mayrton The impressive streak was ended by Brazil 2018 unnecessary battle with Ocon though. Plus the start of 2019 really too (also several setup errors).

    3. @learon Bit of a strange comment there. Max has made very little bad luck for himself this season, and sits splitting the Ferraris, which many including Mercedes and LH himself in order to flatter LH, claim is the ‘fastest car.’ That’s Ferrari…the one’s who have truly made bad luck for themselves.

      That you would express doubt of him ever being a serious WDC contender tells me you are not ‘worried’ at all, but rather hopeful that you are right, so ridiculous is your notion. Even if Max made a mess of this season which of course is ridiculous, you have discounted him from ever learning? Ever having a WCC car?

      Rather let’s give Max a run like LH has had in a dominant car, to be fair, and tell me he’ll never win a WDC. Heck let’s just give him one season with a WCC car. Couple Max’s immense talent with a car that usually starts on the front row, and the rest will be history. Going forward though, we are about to enter a new chapter that should make it more challenging for the drivers, so I predict Max’s (and others’) WDCs will be harder fought and won than in this lift and coast, conservation, delta time, drs era.

      1. @robbie, I am frustrated by his first lap unnecessary clashes – a bit too eager for my liking. He’s one of the few great racers and these clashes have made the races less exciting (for us fans) and dented his points haul/podiums. I do wish him to be as great as possible. I wish the same to be for the like of Leclerc and others. Leclerc seems to own his mistakes which gives him a chance to improve. I just wish Max was doing the same for the sake of exciting racing to watch.

        1. @learon Fair comment. Personally I think there is great excitement in his attitude that he is there to race and to go for it, but of course yes that has to be tempered with finishing in order to finish first. I just think that by racing, which is his job, and in getting into the odd racing incident, there is overkill in reaction, no doubt because Max himself earned that with his pre-Canada 2018 stuff. I think he is well past that and is of course going to get into the odd tussle as all drivers do, and there is a lot of unnecessary rhetoric now, as I think Max is well past the worst of his behaviour and only going to get better and better. Can’t wait til he has a better-than-third-place car on a season long basis.

  2. I guess we can can all use Max’s logic, & assume Red Bull must have been cheating before and have now had to comply with the rules so they’re slower.

    1. In that logic: what technical guideline makes you think so.

      1. Wow, could you possibly have missed the punchline more spectacularly …

    2. Right on the spot. How many crashes and “race incidents” has he acumulated during summer? Why Albon has beaten him in the last 7 races total points? Overrated driver with overrated fans.

      1. GtisBetter (@)
        16th November 2019, 10:58

        Is that you, charles?

        1. Seems somebody is jealous. I am a racefan and of all drivers I like Ves the most. He is not like these drivers ending pos 7 to 20 for their rest of their lives. Fight and take any chance to overtake no matter what costs.

      2. That not very discrete ‘alex’, at least pick a more random name when you post like this jeez…

  3. Once Max makes some “judgement” adjustments (funny sentence) with RedBull and Honda continuing the good work, we’ll see where it leads him. He’s on a journey and all things must unite to be able to stop Mercedes.

  4. A realistic and positive view on the events.

  5. Thats what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket, if that driver doesn’t perform 100% at every track your throwing away points. If red bull had ricciardo they would have beaten Ferrari in the constructors and won more races

  6. But Ricciardo wanted to leave though .. you can’t blame RBR for Daniel’s decision! I wanted Ricciardo to stay as well at RBR. He could have helped Verstappen become WDC in 2020 .. perfect wingman!

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