Lewis Hamilton, Alexander Albon, Interlagos, 2019

No concern over Hamilton wing damage after Albon clash – Masi

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In the round-up: FIA race director Michael Masi said he had no concern about the the state of Lewis Hamilton’s wing following his collision with Alexander Albon.

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What they say

At Suzuka Charles Leclerc was told to pit because his front wing was falling apart. However Masi said this was not necessary for Hamilton at Interlagos because his wing was not showing signs of breaking up:

No, there was nothing hanging off.

We did have a look but there was nothing hanging off that wing.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Has Charles Leclerc done enough to persuade Ferrari to choose him over a four-times world champion?

Leclerc is not going to be intimidated by anyone, Vettel included. This guy gives no quarter, which is what you want if you are Ferrari.

If Leclerc were Hamilton’s team mate, or Verstappen’s, the result would be the same. Vettel was lucky to have Raikkonen next to him for so long, a guy who clearly had no problem with Vettel being the number one driver. Even then, they had their moments.

Ferrari are not going to drop Leclerc, he is their future. The problem hinges on Vettel and how he is going to handle the situation.
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  • 18 comments on “No concern over Hamilton wing damage after Albon clash – Masi”

    1. That clip taken from within the crowd, encompassing the cars (albeit a bit small) and the crowd’s reaction at the same time is just amazing. A far cry from the sterile shots on the official feed. And it’s Brazil, so the crowd is as enthusiastic as always.

      Honestly, seeing the crowd this way is way better than cutting away from the action and seeing them head-on.

      Score one (more) for amateur video.

      1. @phylyp Well I disagree with that. I prefer to have clear view of the car without crowd sounds polluting my feed. Just different person different taste.

        1. seeing the crowd this way is way better than cutting away from the action and seeing them head-on

          @sonicslv – that’s the key bit you missed – I don’t want to watch the entire race that way (so I’m with you on that), but when FOM wants to show the crowd as they do occasionally, they could do it in this manner, capturing their reactions from behind, so as to not lose sight of the cars.

      2. thinking the same.

    2. There is a tweet there that says that F1 rejected Homestead-Miami as a possible venue. I didn’t see anything regarding that in the image caps of those specific parts of that letter. Seeing F1 at Homestead Miami would be nice- seeing cars come off the banking onto the pit straight would be cool but they would have to extend the infield section and upgrade its facilities. It’s only 2.3 mi long at the moment. And also I think F1 regs state that a corner on an F1-spec track can be 7 degrees max but apparently the last corner at Zandvoort is being modified to be 12 degrees?

      1. I was just there for the Nascar race. Homestead wouldn’t be to bad for a race, but hardly ideal. It hardly clicks the boxes that Liberty wants. There has to be an easier way to placate Stepen Ross.

        1. Yeah, it’s in a fairly suburban area and although the drive from downtown Miami isn’t too bad, it’s probably farther outside Miami than COTA is outside Austin.

        2. Also what I’m hoping that comes out of this Miami GP (which is a great city in its own right) is that HR stadium is picked over the Citrus Bowl for 2026 World Cup matches. Although Orlando is probably more of a “soccer city” than Miami is the Citrus Bowl is a crap stadium and Miami’s diversity and cosmopolitan atmosphere makes it much better for a major event like that- Orlando is a city of amusement parks and is 45 minutes away from the nearest beach.

    3. I was at the Aussie GP in March and the atmosphere was great, the engines sounded pretty impressive to be honest and the speed of the cars was simply mind blowing at some parts of the track.

      How come fan videos seem to capture some of this excitement but the official feed rarely does, despite their best efforts ?

      1. Probably the same reason that shakey cam cinematics are so prevelant in the horror genre and war games, they capture the essence of being present better.

        As for the sound, you’re comparing a high fidelity audio feed to a phone mic in which details are lost and resonation is much higher. For engines this actually sounds more angry but I can’t see them downgrading mics around the track. The same effect could be achieved in the audio mix production if they really wanted but then they have to consider stuff like commentary and the relative clarity in channel separation within the world feed.

      2. @aussierod I think the main reason is that the main feed uses zoom a lot. It makes sense to zoom in for the action, but a side effect is that the sense of speed is reduced a lot.

    4. ”The car was well out of the firing line of the race cars, and actually impossible to hit.”
      – This is indeed why I thought the SC due to the crane was a little bit of an overreaction since the crane was equally well out of the firing line and impossible to hit, but still was OK with it.

      1. @jerejj The SC was completely unnecessary with just Bottas’s car. With the crane, the chances of contact were still minimal, but the risk of a serious accident is much higher. Basically they should have just left it parked. I’m totally opposed to safety cars just to add drama. Worse than Ecclestone’s fake rain idea.

        1. @david-br The chance of contact with the crane on Bottas car is pretty much non-existent. The crane itself never enter the race track, always behind the barrier. VSC is obviously what most people expected, SC is just overreacting or they want to bunch the field for other reason.

          1. @sonicslv I agree the chance was minimal, I’m just saying that the consequences of any contact could be much more serious with the crane. On that basis, leaving the car there until the final laps were completed seemed a safe option. Or a VSC and crane as you say.

            1. @david-br
              Minimal that means there is a chance of a marshal getting hit, and as there were four marshals on the track side of the car that warrants a safety car.

            2. I don’t mind the safety car, but the amount of time was much to long. Of course, part of that was the stupid rule of letting all of the cars unlap themselves and catch back up.

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