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Russell will miss “funny, knowledgeable” Kubica

2019 F1 season

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George Russell said he’s learned a lot from his team mate Robert Kubica as the pair prepare to start the final race alongside each other.

Kubica announced in Singapore he will not return to Williams following his disappointing 2019 campaign. Russell said he will “absolutely” miss having Kubica alongside him.

“I have a great relationship with Robert,” said Russell. “We get along well.

“He’s an incredibly funny guy. He’s incredibly knowledgeable on the technical side. And I learned a lot [from] how he deals with the engineers and the feedback he gives. It showed me there was more I need to improve to be more of a complete driver.”

Kubica, who is yet to confirm his plans for 2020, visited Williams sponsor Orlen yesterday. He said in Brazil he is confident of reaching a deal which will allow him to continue racing somewhere next year.

“Of course time is running and the clock is going but I’m pretty confident things are looking good,” he said. “Every week something is happening, in positive and negatives, but it’s moving so I’m pretty relaxed and working.

“As I always said, since Singapore when I was asked, for me racing is something which I’m looking forward [to] and working on this and probably also combining different programmes.”

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2019 F1 season

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6 comments on “Russell will miss “funny, knowledgeable” Kubica”

  1. Kubica is a driver that enjoys my respect and sympathy. It was great to see him back on the paddock regardless of performance. It is a shame Williams was so far off pace, but Kubica himself was lagging behind Russell, so him not having a drive next year seems justified. However, it is articles like this that show some light on the importance of having an experienced driver who can give lots of technical feedback to the team. Good luck Kubica wherever you might land!

  2. Just as the world needs to come to grip on the lack of performance of Vettel, Kubica was also a clear case even before he started this season. Hard to call yourself the pinnacle of Motorsport when there are the Kubicas, Strolls and Grosjeans driving around. And Vettels too.. he could be just fine in a Torro Rosso or Alfa but not in a Ferrari. The guy can only lead from the front. Otherwise he starts driving into cars intentionally (even behind safety cars) and starts insulting race control. Come to think of it.. then those other team wont do either

    1. Well, give us 20 drivers faster than Vettel and then you’re right.
      For sure Kubica was there for the money and because nobody wants that seat, as Williams was in such a bad state. You see how Hulkenberg rules out any chance to land in that seat.
      Stroll is not f1 material, everybody knows it, he can have a good race in Monza or Baku, but is still slow compared to his teammates.
      Grosjean, well Ocon and Hulkenberg are better than him, that’s sure.
      But Vettel come on, he is still one of the top six drivers in f1, Hamilton, Verstappen and Leclerc are better, Ricciardo is on the same level. It’s difficult to understand Russell level and we have to see how Sainz, Norris, Albon will grow.
      Outside of f1 maybe only one or two Indycar drivers have the potential to drive at this level. No more than this.

      1. Ricciardo smashed vettel. So not on the same level

      2. Ricciardo only dipped to Vettel level at the start of this year in a completely new team and car. Otherwise he is superior.

        Vettel has been making bonehead mistakes for years in a team in which he is fully ensconsed and has had development input in each car. Absolutely no excuse for it.

    2. Oh why “Kubica was also a clear case even before he started this season”? Maybe some argument not empty statement? How did you know it that Kubica will be so bad?

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