Mattia Binotto, Ferrari, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, 2019

Caption Competition 162: Binotto on the phones

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Who’s trying to get in touch with Mattia Binotto? Why does the Ferrari team principal need two phones?

That’s for you to decide in this weekend’s caption competition. Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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93 comments on “Caption Competition 162: Binotto on the phones”

  1. Hamiltonshairpiece
    23rd November 2019, 8:00

    Binotto teaches Leclerc and Vettel by confiscating their phones.

    1. Eanie Meanie Minie Mo!

  2. Hamiltonshairpiece
    23rd November 2019, 8:09

    “All I did was swipe across and they both crashed”.

  3. Mattia Binotto reviewing the incident side by side.

  4. Which one do I fire ?

  5. “..yeah so I told them when they stop crashing into each other, they can have their phones back”

    1. priceless :)

    2. Gah. I’m too late.

  6. Wow, technology has come a long way. Look, they’re side by side and they don’t touch!

  7. Derek Edwards
    23rd November 2019, 8:35

    If I’d put the older model on a shorter contract I wouldn’t be quite so worried when it crashes.

    1. Subtle and Super :)

  8. Trying to see both sides of everything is becoming increasingly difficult.

    1. This!

  9. “I think this older one would be better if it was sim only”

  10. After a bill shock whilst in Brazil Binotto to switch off roaming on his drivers’ phones.

    1. Probably less subtle had I put:

      After a bill shock in Brazil Binotto prohibited his drivers to roam.

  11. “No Sebastian, of course I don’t have another phone just for Charles….”

  12. “Don’t worry, Mattia, you’ve got this situation completely under control.”
    “Thanks, Mattia, I appreciate the support.”

  13. Or,

    “Hmmmmm. This one is newer and seems to be cool, but I am so used to this older one that I just don’t want to throw it away.”

  14. So, to pair these phones you have to choose one as “master” and the other one as “slave”. Interesting…

  15. Binotto wishes picking between his two drivers was as simple as comparing the specs of two phones.

  16. Mattia doesn’t appear to be enjoying the “luxury” of having two iPhones.

  17. “Mattia takes away his drivers’ phones as punishment for collision.”

  18. Binotto looking up videos of Ferrari’s domination of the early 2000’s to see what it was like to win championships in red.

  19. Ferrari switched from radio to Whatsapp for communicating with their drivers during races:
    “Move left to avoid collision, NOW!!1!”
    “You move right, ASAP”
    Soon after Mattia finds out he confused the two phones

  20. Since mirrors are useless for both our drivers, how about I can fit cell phones on the car instead? Maybe the wider cameras would be of use!

  21. Blue pill-app or red pill-app?

    1. How come the blue phone is suddenly faster than the red one?

      1. Sorry for that, it was meant to be a separate comment not a reply.

  22. “You’ve both been very naughty drivers, you’re both summoned to Maranello to write apologetic letters to Father Christmas immediately”

  23. An you believe they were texting!

    1. “Texting while driving was the best excuse Sebastian could offer.”

  24. Binotto inexplicably moves his right hand to the left, knocking the left phone out of his hand and dropping the other out of shock.

  25. Binotto thinking which will be his number 1 phone, the one made in Germany or the one made in France?

  26. Now I have both drivers on “speed dial”, there will be no more silliness!

  27. “At least you two don’t crash together”.

  28. “Wish I could reboot my driver line-up after every crash…”

  29. “So which phone are you gonna keep Mattia”?

    “Um, well the old one has been pretty reliable and I know how it all works. But this new one is rather fancy and has lots of new features. Maybe I’ll just keep both”.

    “Ha ! Seriously, who keeps two phones”…

    1. I genuinely run three.
      One for family – one for friends and work – and one for all the websites etc that require a mobile phone number.
      I never answer the third ;)

  30. Oh these World Champions and Would-be Champions – why do they all wish to have an exclusive direct line to Manager?!

  31. “This device has crashed unexpectedly. Driver update required.”

    1. This was the last message sent from the two Ferrari’s telemetry.

  32. At Ferrari the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, and they can’t even look at themselves in the mirror.

  33. Binotto wasn’t upset Sebastian was texting Helmut, but seeing Charles’s texts to Toto really hurt.

  34. “This season I had both phones – that older phone on the right side is 4x times more famous, but it costs 45 million dollars per season, besides it so often ignores my orders, makes mistakes during the races and tends to be slower in qualifying sessions. I am afraid its time is up. The new phone on the left side is quickly becoming famous, it costs only 3.5 million dollars per season, sometimes questions my orders, had some crashes during the season, but is very quick in qualifying sessions. I am tired of having 2 so complicated phones…” :)

  35. Binotto knew he had to get rid of the second phone before he ended up like Max Mosley.

    1. Partying with The Grand Old Duke Of York videos? :)

  36. If we keep these phones 30 cm apart we will be ok.

  37. Binotto’s hands came together. Both screens shattered.

  38. Yes dear I’m sorry, I should never have gone to Lance’s hairdresser..

  39. “Yes Mrs Vettel, yes Mrs. Leclerc, I have told them many times…”

  40. Mattia nervously scrolls down on list of previous Ferrari Team Principals fired for underperforming

  41. Check it out, I push this button on Seb’s and he thinks he driving a Red Bull V-8, I push this button on Charles’ and he thinks he had pitted and keeps going! Bam!

  42. “Whadda gadda do with them phoneys?”

  43. Phone 1 [voice] “…apply full accelerator as you exit the corner …in 200 metres move slightly left … in 50 metres give the car next to you a slight bump … in 200 metres your car has a puncture … in 100 metres park your car on the side of the track… your race is over … start walking back to the pits … [sounds of hysterical laughter]”.
    Phone 2 [Text] Hey Mattia, It’s Ross Brawn here, sorry to bother you for the 100th time this weekend, and I’m sure this won’t interest you, but I’ve received an alert from our I.T. people saying there’s some crazy smartphone app that pretends to help racing car drivers win a race, but in fact will direct any drivers using it to crash into each other. “

  44. How come the blue phone is suddenly faster than the red one?

  45. Two thumbs, two phones, two Tinders

  46. Mattia was still too angry to talk to Seb so he enlisted the help of Chief Strategist Siri to engage him instead.

  47. The update on Mattia’s “Sound of a genuine Ferrari engine” phone ring now includes the sound of a racing commentator saying “he moves into fourth place …he has DRS … OH NO! He has a puncture … this is totally self inflicted … ” followed by swearing in German.

  48. No more cellphone for the both of them.

  49. “So this is the new app where you can get the drivers you like.”

  50. Binotto looking at the lap times from testing to see how it all went wrong.

  51. ” Why wont any drivers managers answer my phones, is there a network fault “?

  52. So now I’m sitting in front of a mirror, I get two phones and use the front cameras to check the back of my hair. I really like the messy look, but it takes a lot of work.

    Man, I don’t care that Seb crashed into Charles, I’m showing you my hair, pay attention or I’ll tell Seb you think he’s no2 in Ferrari.

  53. Binotto:- Merkies, who takes better selfies, Leclerc’s look great he will be our number one.

  54. “Hang on Seb, I have another call!” “Oh, Hi again Lewis, what’s the latest?”

  55. Binotto; genius, legend! First he gets Ferrari team members to wear silly “Harry Potter” glasses, his next epic troll, now he’s trying out the stereoscopic phone scam.

  56. After both children gave Mattia the same birthday gift of a cellphone, he promised them that there would be no prefence and each would get equal treatment.

  57. Binotto testing out Apple’s selfie camera quality as colleague is about to faint

  58. So this is Sebastian, and this is Charles……hmm….now they are side by side! This one goes straight, and this one does not go left…..

  59. Binotto planting another story about Toto leaving

  60. Binotto is using the tried and tested twin battery option to get a download boost.

  61. Activating Fan Boost in 3…2…1…

  62. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    24th November 2019, 11:24

    I think I’m going to switch to Plan B… Plan B… it has the more data and the unlimited texts

  63. These things make great mirrors,
    I can see the back of both ears at once.

  64. How did Keith get a photo of me holding my phones thinking who to tell first not to bother coming back with me to Maranello?

  65. Toto: I told you, go for the tables! The tables! iPhones break!

    1. Good one! :)

  66. Hi Alonso,. This is Binotto… Can u derive for ferrari 2020.

  67. I better take Sebs and Charles phone and send an apology text to Mr Camilleri

  68. I better take Sebs and Charles phone and start writing an apology text to Mr Camilleri..

  69. Hmmm…..what have they been texting each other???

  70. Seb takes wheel to wheel racing to a new level. I heard Nascar wants him.

  71. Binotto just moments before the Brasil crash.

  72. Even with two phones, Binotto still can’t effectively communicate to his drivers.

  73. Which iPhone should I give #1 status to?

  74. Binotto about to finish installing Mario Kart on Seb and Charles phones.

  75. Helmut Marko has accepted your friend request.

    And Toto Wolff.

    1. Wait no I meant:

      Helmet Marko has accepted your friend request.

      And Toto Wolff.

  76. Simone Vestidello
    19th January 2020, 0:15

    “Pronto Seb? Oh, sorry darling, my bad, I didn’t mean to… No, Seb is not another woman!”

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