The £7,000 Niki Lauda tribute Mercedes model – and a few cheaper gift ideas for 2019

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F1 2019

From £39.99 – £64.99

F1 2019 screenshot

The latest edition of the official Formula 1 game packs in everything you’d expect plus a lot more besides, including the 2019 and 2018 Formula 2 rosters and a Senna vs Prost mode. It may leave you wanting in a few areas, but after 10 years of producing these titles Codemasters has honed the only licensed F1 game into a slick, entertaining product.

There’s once chance left this year to win a copy of F1 2019 – enter the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix RaceFans Predictions Championship round for your chance to bag a copy. Already got F1 2019? Codemasters also revived its arcade racer Grid earlier this year:

  • Buy F1 2019 – Legends Edition
  • Buy F1 2019 – Anniversary Edition
  • Lacorsa

    Approx. £38

    If you prefer a more traditional approach to F1 gaming seek out Lacorsa, a classic wooden racing game for up to six people.

    Survive. Drive. Win.


    "Survive. Drive. Win." by Nick Fry

    Now 10 years on from the astonishing story of how the Brawn GP rose from the ashes of Honda to win the world championship, one of the men at the heart of the story has lifted the lid on much of what went on. A few notable omissions aside, there are some fascinating behind-the-scenes stories on an incredible F1 year in “Survive. Drive. Win.”

    Among the other new F1 book releases worth checking out this year is Will Buxton’s “My Greatest Defeat”, a collection of stories told by some of motor racing’s greatest heroes.

    Lego McLaren Senna


    The road car named in honour of one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time has been rendered in Lego form – and at a pocket-money price.

    Motorsport video reviews

    From £12.50

    Essential post-Christmas lunch viewing. Relive the highlights of a thrilling F1 season (you can always fast-forward past Paul Ricard) or catch up on a championship you may have missed.

    Autocourse 2019-2020


    Autocourse is the essential account of the past year of four-wheeled motor racing. Covering the Formula 1 season in detail, it also includes reviews of IndyCar, Formula E, sportscars and many junior categories. Packed with superb photography and excellent writing, the annual has become a collectors’ items for motor sport enthusiasts. Copies available from December 18th.

    Racing Chocs

    From £15.00

    Motorsport plus chocolate. There’s a combination that’s hard to turn down. These superbly detailed edible racing helmets come in a selection of flavours, and start at £15 for a six-piece box.

    Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 R Suede steering wheel

    Approx. £660

    This official and fully-functional replica Porsche steering wheel is just the thing for those extended sessions on Assetto Corsa. It’s compatible with PC and PlayStation 4 and goes on sale December 16th.

    Enzo Ferrari

    "Enzo Ferrari" by Luca dal Monte

    A confession – we were late to the punch on this one. Luca dal Monte’s exhaustive biography of Enzo Ferrari appeared in 2018, but it took us until early this year to do justice to its near-1,000 pages in a review. It is an essential read on a complex man who created one of the greatest brands in motor sport.

    Mercedes-AMG F1 W10 EQ Power+ 2019 1:8 Scale Model Monaco Edition


    Memento Exclusives’ breathtakingly detailed 1:8 scale model of the Mercedes W10, here presented in its one-off Monaco form with a red halo in tribute to Niki Lauda, is our top pick for the F1 fan for whom money is no object. No, it’s not cheap. Yes, you could buy a decent second-hand car for that much. But this limited-edition piece is sure to be prized by collectors.

    Over to you

    What’s top of your wish list this year? Share your picks for the festive season in the comments.


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    11 comments on “The £7,000 Niki Lauda tribute Mercedes model – and a few cheaper gift ideas for 2019”

    1. 1:8 Scale Model Monaco Edition Mercedes or the Lego McLaren Senna? Tough call.

      1. I’m already alerting my family to the existence of both. I wonder which I’ll get?

    2. I know that’s not the point but at 7000 pounds you can buy the mother of all RC cars to show to your equally rich friends after lunch in your mansion. Just don’t drop it on your Olympic-sized pool, or your butler will have to dive in and fetch it and it’s too cold to go in the pool, even for your butler.

    3. The problem with thw chocolates is that both Ferrari drivers had an odd flavour, don’t go for those, they taste a bit oily

      1. i hear Brundle was discontinued when, some 23 years after his career ended, it still tasted distinctly salty…

        1. Cristiano Ferreira
          25th November 2019, 23:51

          At least they taste better then the chocolate for the Williams drivers, because they both came out of date in my box.

          1. Not only that, one of those had a chunk missing

    4. ”(you can always fast-forward past Paul Ricard)” – That isn’t fair towards the Paul Ricard-circuit to single out one out of a total of 21.
      Now regarding the Autocourse-annual book: The one single thing I’m most looking forward to about this book is the chassis logbook-section that shows which specific monocoque-copy each driver has used for each race weekend of the season.

      1. That isn’t fair towards the Paul Ricard-circuit to single out one out of a total of 21.

        @jerejj Not that I’ve seen the numbers yet, but I imagine the race could very well have received the lowest Rate The Race average score this season, which would be noteworthy enough to single it out, no?

    5. Lacorsa looks intriguing – I am going to have to Google that even if only to find out why something that looks so cheap actually costs £38.

      But really folks, don’t spend too much on me this year ….
      the Lauda memorial Merc with a one of chocolate Lauda helmet and the lego McLaren will be fine …. unless you want to throw in the Fanatec wheel as well ….. it’s up to you really.

    6. Seems like a reasonable price, especially when you consider the extras:

      Comes complete with Museum-grade acrylic display case and luxury packaging box

      I mean, does a second hand car come in a luxury packaging box? I think not.

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