Robert Kubica, Williams, Yas Marina, 2019

Kubica: Car “never felt so good” – until second practice

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In the round-up: Robert Kubica said his Williams felt much better in the first practice session but it didn’t last.


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[icon2019autocoursempu]Kubica said he was much less happy with the balance of the car in the second practice session.

It started pretty well I would say. I was quite happy with the balance and the things we were trying, more for the next year I think. Surprisingly there were some areas in the car which never felt so good.

But to be honest in FP2 everything which was positive disappeared for whatever reason. So we have to now go through. We didn’t really change set-up or stuff like this, or whatever we changed, we came back. But we couldn’t get back the behaviour of the car and the feeling I got in FP1.

Normally FP2 is always a better session, cooler conditions, track temperature much lower. But for us, for whatever reason, it was opposite.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

We need to look past Grosjean’s complaints, says Ben:

When the right words are focussed on, you can see that Grosjean isn’t always moaning. From the footage of Bottas’s onboard, I’d say Bottas has to be pretty much fully responsible for this. Grosjean looked twice and this was while Bottas was behind him. It effectively was a lunge down the inside by Bottas which really isn’t a good thing to be doing here.

Bottas did apologise, and once he had, Grosjean accepted it and didn’t keep moaning. Grosjean appears to moan a lot about his own car, but I feel the praise for it and other comments that help the team out are kept too hidden.

They won’t have kept him for nothing. He’s certainly looking good so far this weekend and I think he should have been one of the star performers last time out. that was an excellent weekend, but he had an MGU-K failure which pretty much took him out of what very likely will have been a chance to get far closer to Magnussen in the standings. He’s had a better season in my opinion anyway so is unlucky to be this far behind.
Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)

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  • 11 comments on “Kubica: Car “never felt so good” – until second practice”

    1. Yet another terrible cotd. Nobody is saying he never has the right to cry. People are saying he cry’s CONSTANTLY. Which he does. There is a difference.

      Don’t they call that a straw man argument? Good enough for race fans though…

    2. F1 perfumes: Smokin tyres, Burnin oil and The Badger.

      1. Smell of kerosene, blue exhaust smoke and bonfire of thousand dollar bills.

    3. Judging by the preview, the Racing Point article must be taking microblogging to a whole new level!

    4. Surprisingly sloppy article for RaceFans…thought I was at Planet F1 for a second

    5. Seeing Keith’s tweet, I thought he was pranking us. It took Ben Hunt’s tweet to convince me that this is indeed real.

      Is this the moment F1 jumped the shark? It might well be.

      I can understand circuits and teams releasing co-branded items, since that is a natural outcome of sponsorship. I can even get F1’s sponsors hopping on the F1 bandwagon (say, a Rolex F1 timepiece), since F1 is projected as this huge brand, and ‘others‘ associating with it should only be a good thing.

      Flip it around, though, and for F1 to go out and release a line of products like this just seems so… tawdry. F1 is supposed to be this super-rich sport, aggregate finances run into the billions (with a ‘B’), and they have to resort to flogging co-branded wares like this? Sigh.

      Well, since this seems to be the direction F1 is headed, let me propose a few fragrances (should we spell it f1ragrances?) that is more befitting F1:
      – The elixir of success: (comes in a silver arrow-shaped bottle)
      – The tears of Maranello: (caution, attempting to spray this will likely misfire and dunk it in your eyes)
      – The bull’s brow: (comes in either an orange bottle, or in a bottle with changeable nozzles)
      – The redolence of resurgence: (a scent mocked previously but adored presently)
      – The aroma of (missed) aspirations: (yellow and black)
      – The calf’s brow: (failed QC for the bull’s brow, so is cheaper)
      – Pink mist: (you get paid to use this)
      – The cow’s brow: (this is a wannabe bull, but it stops working halfway through)
      – “Leave me alone, I know what I’m smelling”
      – The scent of motivation and defeat: (comes in a classic and ornate bottle reminiscent of better days gone by)

      1. So this smells like a f1agrant miss? @phylyp

        1. Indeed, they really ought to wave the checkered f1ag on the whole endeavour, @coldfly.

    6. Re Darshan Chokhani’s tweet: A nice set-up for watching a session at the Yas Marina Circuit.

    7. There is and only will ever be one F1 (motor racing) perfume. Castrol R

    8. Fragrant Violation (of the rules), the new parfum from Liberty Formula

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