Roy Nissany to make F1 test debut with Williams

2019 F1 season

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Former Formula 2 driver Roy Nissany will make his F1 test debut for Williams at Yas Marina next week, the team has confirmed.

He will do half a day’s running on Tuesday and Wednesday, while the teams 2020 race drivers George Russell and Nicholas Latifi will cover the rest of the test.

Nissany raced in Formula 2 last year. Prior to that he spent three seasons in Formula V8 3.5, scoring a total of four wins. His father Chanoch Nissany made a single F1 practice session appearance with Minardi at the Hungaroring in 2005.

“I am excited to drive for Williams in the 2019 Abu Dhabi Pirelli tyre test,” he said. “It is great experience to build my on-track experience in a current Formula One car, and I hope that I can impress the team whilst doing so.”

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2019 F1 season

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15 comments on “Roy Nissany to make F1 test debut with Williams”

  1. At this point it just gets sad.

    1. As a long suffering Williams fan, I can assure you it has been sad for quite some time.

  2. Does Nyck Devries (current F2 champion) get any F1 testing time; or did he have some before?

    1. @coldfly As far as I’m aware, no, he hasn’t done F1-running before and isn’t looking like he’s going to get that for this post-GP test either.

    2. He is driving for Mercedes Benz in Formula E

  3. So Russell is going to do the test for his current-team after all, rather than Mercedes, which I suppose, means Bottas is going to do both days.

  4. I have an opinion
    30th November 2019, 10:01

    What’s the chance he will deem that the Williams has “too much grip”?

    1. His father will always be remembered for that, funniest thing in f1 history. To be fair those cars were beasts and he was so undercooked…

  5. Is Williams turning into one of those companies that offers authentic track day experiences, but on actual race weekends?

    1. Ferrari Corse Clienti, only in actual FIA competitions.

  6. I suppose they need someone to make Latifi look fast.

  7. Oh no, who’ll be next to drive the Williams? Raghunathan…?!

  8. I’m from Hungary. His Roy’s “memorable” daddy pwned our quite poor national championship at its quite uneven formula class for some years using a way better car than the others (It means there were some old F3000ers or a bit weaker cars, and only one or two machines comaprable to his one). They must be so rich, his and his father’s test at an F1 weekend is something like Raghunathan’s F2 season. Probably Roy is a bit better than Raghunathan but not that much.

  9. His father Chanoch Nissany made a single F1 practice session appearance with Minardi at the Hungaroring in 2005.

    And he was terrible. Just FYI.

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