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Fittipaldi wants practice session outings to secure F1 superlicence

2020 F1 season

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Haas simulator driver Pietro Fittipaldi is seeking an increased role as the team’s official reserve driver next year, but needs to get his F1 superlicence first.

The former Formula V8 3.5 champion did not add to his FIA superlicence points tally this year after finishing 15th in the DTM while testing for Haas. Speaking after driving the team’s car at Yas Marina last week he said he wants “a more increased role” if he stays at the team next year.

“Obviously the super licence is something we’re working on,” he said. “As soon as I get the super licence I’d like to be the reserve driver for the team, but one step at a time.”

Fittipaldi wants the chance to run in free practice sessions to secure the points he needs.

“There’s no in-season testing so doing free practices would be important,” he said. “For sure I’d like to continue what I’m doing and then hopefully do even more next year.”

“I’m four points away from getting the super licence,” he explained. “If we complete four first practice sessions next year then we would get the points.

“But there’s also other ways to it, racing in a championship that gives you points and everything.”

However Robert Kubica is also seeking the chance to take part in practice sessions for Haas next year.

“Obviously I’m waiting on that as well to see what happens there,” said Fittipaldi. “I don’t know what the rumours are or what’s going on. So obviously that plays a key part in it as well.

“But I’d like to continue with the team. I’m pretty confident it would happen but then I don’t know where Robert will play into it as well.”

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2020 F1 season

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4 comments on “Fittipaldi wants practice session outings to secure F1 superlicence”

  1. It’s going to be difficult now that FIA/Liberty media wants to turn track time into even higher priced commodity than it already is. By scratching more testdays and even wanting to scratch practice sessions…
    But hey for scratching 80 to 100 hours of tracktime, we will get back one raceweekend at a new Tilke track…

  2. I think the kubica haas deal is done, kubica in a Polish interview yesterday said he has made his decision. It is now up to Haas and kubica’s sponser to work out practice outings for kubica in return for sponsorship and money. Also kubica is going to do a dtm season, so more fine print to go over after the upcoming dtm test in a few days. Kubicas development and test driver deal is a complicated one, as he ofcourse wants a possibility of a return to F1 in 2021, otherwise he would not have left Williams, and would not bother with practise outings. Money will determine things, PKN Orlen made a great profit off kubica this year and want to invest more in f1,this has been on record.

    1. @kpcart I highly doubt he’d get back to a race-drive in F1 beyond the next season, so kind of pointless to try and get a test/development driver role in another team. Hulk has a better chance of getting back to racing in F1 than he has.

  3. Please, not another relation of a previous grand Prix driver. It just proves that money and connections mean more than racing talent. I refuse to believe all these sons of racing drivers are the best drivers in the world.

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