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Kubica: Return possible if I stay in F1 paddock

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Robert Kubica hasn’t ruled out the possibility of returning to racing in Formula 1 if he is able to remain in the paddock.

The former Williams driver, who tested a BMW DTM car last week, has been chasing a role at Haas next season which would include opportunities to drive during some practice sessions.

Asked whether he believes the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was his final start in F1, Kubica said: “You never know. Realistically I have to take it as a big chance [it was my] last race. But you never know in your life.

“Of course if in the future I will not be in the paddock then there is very slim chance. If I will be in the paddock everything might happen.

“But as I say I am keeping my feet on the ground and realistically there is much higher chance that this was last race than I will race again. This is, I think, a realistic overview.”

Kubica is keen to continue racing in another category next year.

“The last 10 years I learned a big lesson that not necessarily if everything is under control in your life,” he explained. “In the past, I did have a contract for another three years of racing and I ended up in the hospital with half of my body damaged and nearly lost my life.

“So hopefully this time will be the different time, completely the opposite. I have no drive for next year. But who knows? Things might change quickly. But as I said I want to race.”

He said it would be “a waste of time” to have put so much effort into returning to racing and not continue competing in another championship.

“Probably the categories which I could race next year are completely different. Every category is different, so it will not be easy.

“But I came back to the racetrack to race. I miss racing. In rallies you don’t race wheel-to-wheel. This year we didn’t have a lot of moments racing wheel-to-wheel but when we had I enjoyed it. So that’s why I want to race.”

Pictures: Robert Kubica’s BMW DTM test

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2019 F1 season

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24 comments on “Kubica: Return possible if I stay in F1 paddock”

  1. Lance the dancer
    17th December 2019, 9:28

    Kubica was the fastest of the BMW drivers in Jerez. Williams ruined his reputation this past season giving him no chance to display his incredible talent. Not only both of the Williams cars were trash but also they were different due to shortage of parts and updates for both cars at the same time.

  2. Kubica’s story is beyond remarkable. There was a lot of hype before this season that he will settle in and be the driver he once was, again. Wishful thinking, of course, but I have a feeling that he started to believe it himself…

    1. yeah. i don’t think it’ll happen. at least his sponsor kept Williams afloat for another year, haha

  3. But highly unlikely. Hulk has a better chance of getting back to a race-drive in F1 than he has. BTW, this is a re-post.

    1. You ground this wishful thinking based on what? The lack of resources at RWR or the agressive promoting of Russell on Kubicas behalf for all of the season?

  4. Please don’t, you managed to make everyone hate you, considering your …circumstances, that’s as tough as vettel all of the sudden stop acting like an only child.

    1. @peartree Made everyone hate him? Really?! Maybe he made you hate him which makes me sad for you, but don’t even try to say that you=everyone

      1. @montreal95 “everyone” who looks at his behavior and interviews over the season with an open mind though.

      2. @montreal95, you will find that particular poster seems to have a habit of putting together some rather incoherently written rants or semi-incomprehensible posts which seem mainly aimed to troll others and to provoke an angry reaction.

        Now, whilst it has to be said that some of Kubica’s comments in interviews over the season did come across as a bit bitter and taking some pot shots at the team, it does feel as if the OP wanted to go for the most provocative dismissal in order to rile up Kubica fans as much as possible.

        1. @anon I am not a Kubica fan and neither I am angry at this comment (mostly sad for the poster)

          But I agree this is that sort of comment. I also agree that there were some comments by Kubica that were hard to accept in light of his own performance level. But from that to hate there’s a very long way for a reasonable person

      3. @f1osaurus I disagree. Some of his comments were bitter that’s true, but understandable in the circumstances and there is no smoke without fire usually. You may disagree with him but hate him, really? That’s not an open mind, that’s a bad state of mind in my book. And this desire to speak for everyone is just the worst. What’s wrong with speaking for yourself without trying to extrapolate your own views to everyone else?

        1. @montreal95 Sorry, but if you read/hear his comments one cannot find other than seeing him as the most unsportsmanlike driver in F1. You really must be putting your head in the sand to ignore those.

          1. @f1osaurus Kubica is someone who had worked incredibly hard because of his situation for many years to come back to f1 something most said would be impossible, accomplished it, and then it turned out like this. Hence some frustrated comments. Most unsportsmanlike in F1? You must be either biased against him or with your head in the sand regarding his background to see it this way

          2. @montreal95 No, if it was frustration he wouldn’t be blaming other people. Kubica’s behavior is just unsportmanlike. He was before too though, so he didn’t lose that skill, but it got a lot worse.

        2. @montreal95 I’m sorry for my “incomprehesible” writing I blame my phone. I don’t care if you are “sad” for me, I’m not the one talking to my imaginary split “friend”/persona Anon. I guess I wrote a comment to rile up Kubica fans, shame the only die fans left are on your head. I would have liked to see Kubica succeed and I think @f1osaurus would have liked it too, as all reasonable people would but reality is kubica didn’t cover himself in glory.

          1. @peartree, you blame your phone for a problem that seems to be entirely due to the person holding it – using a phone is no excuse for using words that you do not seem to understand the meaning of, or writing posts that you openly admit were designed simply to troll.

            As for the assertion that somehow I am a “imaginary split “friend”/persona” of that other poster, no – that is your own delusions talking there.

    1. Dude yes :P

  5. The story has a really misleading headline. Kubica is actually admitting that it’s really unlikely he’ll be back in an F1 racing role again in the future, and it’s more likely he’ll have to look at other racing categories to be able to race. He’s just stating the obvious by saying if he does get a reserve/test driver role, then of course there’s the possibility he’ll be able to do an F1 race again if a regular driver for that team cannot drive on a Sunday for whatever reason.

    1. KUB i love you
      18th December 2019, 9:15

      true blue

    2. Misleading headlines attracts views and comments, since many of us start typing our opinion before actually reading the content itself.

  6. Robert needs a top of the line car.

    1. @danmar Sure, he can buy one for the road. He clearly does not “deserve” any car in F1. Regardless of the huge pile of money he brings.

      1. You are making the same mistake so many people make: judging him by the crap car he drove this year. And yes, I mean F1. If he had been in one of the top three cars he probably might not have won any races but most likely would not have been last in every one. Anyway like the man said, opinions are not facts. :)

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