RaceFans’ 2019 F1 Predictions Championship winners revealed

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RaceFans is pleased to announce the grand prize winner for the 2019 F1 Predictions Championship.

Tshifaro Nemukovhani, aka F1tshif, has claimed the top prize after racking up a top score of 292 points over the 21-round championship. They achieved a perfect score in Canada and also named the top five finishers of the Spanish Grand Prix in the correct order.

They have won a table made from a genuine F1 car wheel rim, supplier by our prize partners Memento Exclusives.

Congratulations also go to the other prize winners from the past season who won copies of the official Formula 1 game by taking the top scores in each of the race weekends as follows:

Australia – @charrel
Bahrain – @BadStorms
China – @Deej92
Azerbaijan – @F1725
Spain – @f1tshif
Monaco – @Jbnagle
Canada – @ad_mat
France – @nobby777
Austria – @birelbc131
Great Britain – @joaolsd
Germany – @Aapje
Hungary – @Rekibsn
Belgium – @Binnie-Family
Italy – @Okersen
Singapore – @Bruuuuum
Russia – @Carlitos
Japan – @Edw4
Mexico – @dobri
United States – @davidjwest
Brazil – @sinewave
Abu Dhabi – @FlashofSilver

That wraps up the RaceFans F1 Predictions Championship for another season. Many thanks to the thousands of players who joined in this year.

If you didn’t get a prize this year, don’t worry, there’ll be many more chances to win throughout 2019. Make sure you’re following RaceFans across out social media presences to find out when next year’s competition starts.

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9 comments on “RaceFans’ 2019 F1 Predictions Championship winners revealed”

  1. My full-season scores:
    177 10 8 8 8 12 8 10 10 10 19 2 11 9 7 7 19 3 9 5 1 9 185

  2. Congrats to F1tshif and thanks Racefans for another year.
    Pretty happy with my shared 4th place.

    1. Thank you, it was a tricky season, especially with the Ferrari’s hard to predict at times.

  3. Always good fun to participate in some kind of F1 guessing, especially when great prices are involved. A small decline for me, last year i was 23rd but this year i barely got 68th. Kudos to all the guys that won individually and to F1tshif for earning that great memorabilia

    1. Thank you, looking forward to next season

  4. A little disappointing that I never got the game, despite responding twice to the mail by Keith.

  5. Congrats to they. 256 not bad, could have been better, sky’s insistence on Ferrari being favourites early on, made my championship.

  6. If you didn’t get a prize this year, don’t worry, there’ll be many more chances to win throughout 2019

    So, we’ll have the crazy 6 days (left of 2019) of non-stop gaming action?! :D

  7. Great contest. Nice to have that little extra motorvation and interest in the race outcome.
    For all those competitors that are several Time-Zones behind most of the race venues, getting the predictions in without the benefit of P-3 times is a challenge. I feel for you. Maybe we should lobby for an earlier cut-off time so we don’t have to get up prior to 4:00 am.
    Regardless, I will continue to put in my picks on Friday. This year worked out pretty good, made top 50 and one winner. Not sure how that happened, but will take it.
    Thanks Keith. Mush appreciated.

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