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Alonso tipped for Andretti IndyCar return

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In the round-up: Fernando Alonso could team up with Andretti, who he entered the 2017 Indianapolis 500 with, for his third attempt at the race this year.


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Ben picks out his favourite comeback drives from last season:

I think most of these are very impressive comebacks but for different reasons. I think Bottas’s in the final race was possibly the only one that was aided by no safety car and barely anything else either. Also with a lack of DRS at one of the hardest tracks to overtake on makes it pretty impressive, even being in the best car.

In terms of taking opportunities at a crazy race when they came without messing up, I probably would say Sainz did that in Brazil, but at the same time, I probably would say that was one of the more lucky recovery drives. As the number of things that happened on the last 12 laps were crazy. And this brought him from eighth to third. And I’d say it was only his earlier overtakes that were totally on merit.

Although Vettel was certainly aided somewhat by the ability of his car and a few mistakes from other drivers, he did actually do a great deal of overtakes that race on a wet track. I think it was quite possibly the best recovery drive and not just because of the fact he gained the most places. It’s just a shame that Vettel couldn’t perform like this more often.

I didn’t actually recognise Kvyat’s performance at Spa. That is making it look much better than I thought he did.
Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)

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8 comments on “Alonso tipped for Andretti IndyCar return”

  1. Yes you can Michael, make it so, Fernando in a good car again will be well worth watching, would be great to see him at Long Beach too.

  2. Regarding the COTD: I would include The Red Bull-drivers’ comebacks from Mexico and the US as well. Max finished 6th in Mexico after dropping to dead-last following an early pit stop due to a puncture in, and while the car-advantage helped, he still did that through a one-stop strategy from lap five onwards with a single set, and without SC helping either. His teammate at COTA seven days later, finished 5th (thanks to Seb’s DNF), after being 20th following his opening lap-pit stop due to the contact with Sainz at the exit of T1, and did so with a three-stop strategy, and without the help of SC. Add to that; he possibly had some race-lasting car damage as well.

    1. @jerejj 6th is basically the same as “last” in that car though. Not much difference between lapping the entire second tier field starting from pole or finishing 6th from last.

  3. Prediction: this year (if he joins and qualifies) Alonso will be taken out on the first lap.

    I don’t wish for this to happen, it is only s prediction.

  4. Surely Alonso can afford to fund his own seat for the 500. He can’t have spent all his millions on strippers and booze, right?

    Honda may be a bigger obstacle, depending on how long they feel like holding a grudge.

    1. proud_asturian
      11th January 2020, 8:16

      He’s spent it on trying to feed his ego.

      1. What does that even mean lol, its either the booze, or what we all know is a better way to feed is ego, THE SEAT AND THE WIN.

  5. It’s hard to believe that Honda would allow Alonso to team up with Andretti again, but I hope it happens. He seemed really happy being there. Pretty sure this will lead to more races for the balance of the season if it does. I’d love to see how he’d do on some road and street courses.

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