Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Shanghai, 2019

Caption Competition 163: Hamilton and Vettel

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Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel found something to occupy themselves with during one of their many press conference appearances during last season.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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53 comments on “Caption Competition 163: Hamilton and Vettel”

  1. What, it’s my Bottas voodoo doll! You should get a Leclerc one. We should both get Max ones.

    1. Hahah

  2. Thinking he was off camera, Hamilton was caught belittling his teammate.

  3. “Show me on the doll where Charles hurt you”

      1. Excellent ! :) Shades of a South Park classic ;)

        1. Did he ever do… this?

          but yeah, winner for sure, especially the patronizing aspect of it is just delish

  4. Still more personality than the real Bottas.

  5. Bottas v0.25

    1. Lol ! Winner winner chicken dinner.

  6. So this is how I eventually forced Nico to retire

    1. Good one! Not to like hamilton’s fans ;)

  7. “Hello Lewis, Ha ha, ha ha ha, you thought you were going to drive for Ferrari, ha ha ha ha! Charles is their Number One driver and he won’t let you ha ha ha ha!”

    1. Please, don’t try to joke ever again.

  8. Hey Vettel, do you think I would look cool as a toy figure like this?

  9. China jails ‘gene-edited babies’ scientist for three years (BBC News)
    Describing his experiments, He said: “I understand my work will be controversial – but I believe families need this technology and I’m willing to take the criticism for them.”

  10. Lewis and Sebastian laugh at Valtteri’s claim that his trophy, built by MI5’s “M”, has a build in rocket motor enabling the Second Place person to escape the post-F1 GP traffic jam and get to the airport early, thus saving 785,000 Euros in taxes. “Ha ha ha, Second Place isn’t always First of the Loosers …. ha ha ha ha …. see you guys later … and enjoy the extra taxes …. ha ha ha ha ha”.

  11. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    11th January 2020, 9:35

    Thanks to the cost cap, drivers days of receiving huge figures were over

    1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
      11th January 2020, 14:13

      “And I also have a fidget spinner with your face, Seb.”

    2. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
      11th January 2020, 14:15

      Was supposed to be a new entry and not a reply, sorry.

  12. Neither Lewis nor Sebastian realised that Dieter Rencken’s “Valtteri Doll” came with a built in microphone…. “Ha ha … do you know what Toto thinks? …. That’s nothing … do you know what Fiat are planning to do at the end of next season? ….”.

  13. See, expensive perfume comes in little bottles lol

  14. During his latest blog Nico Rosberg develops an unexpected cramp in his leg leaving both his viewers concerned.

    1. Don’t give up your day job…

  15. Lewis: “As you can see, it’s holding a winner’s trophy.”
    Sebastian: “…been a while since I’ve seen one of those…”

  16. You remember Top Gear, Richard Hammond!

  17. An art installation at the Chinese Grand Prix presented Hamilton, Vettel, Rosberg and Villeneuve by scale according to their relevance to modern Formula One.

  18. These modern trophies are getting silly.

  19. All the World Champions from the last 10 seasons and their size according to the number of titles, 2019, colorized.

  20. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
    11th January 2020, 14:14

    “And I also have a fidget spinner with your face, Seb”.

  21. Sebastian always enjoys Lewis’s i-Doll banter.

  22. Hamilton: ‘Look how accurate it is’
    Vettel: ‘What do you mean? It looks nothing like Bottas’
    Hamilton: ‘Valtteri?… It’s James’

  23. The downsizing due to the 2021 budget cap has already begun.

  24. Seb didn’t know where to look when Lewis produced his little man.

    1. The winner.

    2. Montréalais (@)
      11th January 2020, 18:39

      Definitely the best so far.

  25. LH “…psst… Hey Seb, what you really need is one of my CL Voodoo Dolls!…”
    SV “…heh, heh, heh, thanks man, where is the best place to stick the pins?…”

  26. Lewis to Vettel: “Man… these trophys get worse.”


    Vettel to Lewis: “…I thought you were in to pussycat dolls!”

  27. Go on. I dont mind you can play with my little fella.;-)

  28. “Seb, this is Schumacher. First I took his car, then I won 5 titles in it. Maybe I’ll get a Red one next?”

  29. Lewis: Here you go Seb thought this would look good in your Barbie collection.
    Seb: Nah its ok they each have a Ken !

  30. Lewis and Seb take a time off as they realize they are not the youngest in the grid anymore..

  31. “Sorry, I didn’t bring the one I have of you. I keep in on the turntable back in the motor home.”

  32. Got our teammates here, The White Puppet and The Red Monster. Wanna swap?

  33. Since switching over to slot car racing Nico Rosberg has got a nice Carrera.

  34. Simone Vestidello
    19th January 2020, 0:10

    “Wanna spin it?”

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