Romain Grosjean, Haas NASCAR demo, Circuit of the Americas, 2019

Caption Competition 164: Grosjean tries NASCAR

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Romain Grosjean had a chance to sample Tony Stewart’s NASCAR during last year’s United States Grand Prix.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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60 comments on “Caption Competition 164: Grosjean tries NASCAR”

  1. Back to the office, just another day of work.

  2. Grosjean swapped seats with the French Spiderman.

    1. Like putting a square peg in a round hole. It wont fit. Clockwise?

  3. Shake and bake!

  4. Thin men turn left

  5. Romain’s cookbook said nothing about shaking before the baking.

  6. Derek Edwards
    18th January 2020, 9:35

    Romain was fed up of driving cars with narrow operating windows.

    1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      18th January 2020, 14:17

      Very good!

      1. Lol yeah good one.

  7. Fenders, good. Bumpers, good. Now, where is Markus?

  8. Leave it to “it’s-not-my-fault” Grosjean to get it wrong again. Yo, Romain, the steering wheel is on the left side of the car!

  9. “Mate, I cannot believe these windows!”

  10. So, this is Crashcar, yes?

    Finally, something I’m good at.

  11. The brakes don’t even work in this thing.

  12. Halo + Aeroscreen is a serious hinder to car extraction.

  13. Stranger Uber they have in America…

  14. Where’s my keys?

  15. Learned this from Moto GP guys. It helps the balance.

  16. Grosjean works on his exit strategy.

  17. Help! It’s eating me!

  18. “I always knew rubbing was racing!”

  19. “why did he crash into the wall? And what does ‘Magnussen hit me’ mean? Who’s Magnussen?”

  20. Romain, the steering wheel is on the other side.

  21. RocketTankski
    18th January 2020, 13:42

    The casting of the new-look Daisy Duke has upset some Hazzard fans.

  22. The only way to stop Grosjean from wrecking. (Nascar machines are left hand drive, he’s climbing in the passenger side ;p)

  23. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    18th January 2020, 14:20

    Just one more season and then we’ll show him the door

    1. This one

  24. This all looked so much easier on the XBox One.

  25. The Duke Boys made this look easy

  26. “Don’t worry Boss, he won’t crash it. I’ve taken the battery out”

    1. Am I Starsky or Hutch?

  27. “jauque le vou” thees car won’t let go of my brake fooooot!

  28. I think Ericsson hit us

  29. Getting ready to take a spin in a NASCAR racing car.

  30. Rubbin’s racin’

  31. Hmm, winning the Daytona 500 pays a mil and a half bucks; why not.

  32. “If I can just kick this wing mirror off then I can say I didn’t see them behind me”

  33. That’s the bring out the yellow to help teammate late in the race move…. :)

  34. Well, the team told me I could do Nascar on the side …

  35. Oh yea, forgot the steering wheel is on the other side.

  36. My foot didn’t get caught on the bat mobile.

  37. Grosjean decides to revert back to an earlier spec HAAS car, to try and get to the bottom of the 2019 difficulties

  38. Simone Vestidello
    19th January 2020, 0:08

    “At least Günther didn’t see I broke the window”

  39. As Grosjean and Magnussen are keen to crash each other on a race track Grosjean takes it to an another level to beat Magnussen.

  40. Grosjean to himself: Ok I was told to jump right into the car seat but some how I ended up on the other side so I am going to try to get back inside by putting my left leg in first then my second leg in, then push myself into the car seat. Hopefully I won’t get lost inside or this gig will be bad for me.

  41. Grosjean: “That’s the wrong car, guys! I need an Indycar to blame Ericsson for the crash!”

  42. Sonny Crockett
    19th January 2020, 10:05

    This window is a pain in the Haas…

  43. Mindful of the fact that he had had a rather spicy curry the night before Romain decided not to risk breaking wind inside the car!

    ( yeah I know – toilet humour – sorry :/ )

  44. We have a winner ! :)

  45. “So which team mate do I have to drive into?”

  46. It was only after spending 5 minutes getting into the car that Romain realised he’d forgotten to put his helmet within easy reach.

  47. “I used to laugh at Jesse Duke’s whining when climbing into the General Lee … but … arrgghh … ouch … errr … yeow … “.

  48. “quite a halo on these cars”

  49. Im stuck on the window exit mate!

  50. This narrow window is following me everywhere.. seems like Guenther met them before I did..

  51. While the idea of himself climbing into a Nascar seemed sort of reminiscent of a confectionery advert from Romain’s childhood involving a young lad jumping onto a pony, Haas’s marketing gurus cast cold water on it, and said it was passe.

  52. Anyone have a shoehorn?

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