Evans takes second career pole in Santiago

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Mitch Evans has taken his and Jaguar’s second pole at the Santiago Eprix, after running fastest in free practice and group qualifying.

Errors saw Lucas di Grassi end up 20 seconds off the pace and a stunning lap from Oliver Turvey brought his NIO car into Super Pole contention.

Qualifying 1

1Stoffel Vandoorne Mercedes1’05.566
2Andre LottererPorsche1’05.801
3Alexander SimsMercedes Benz EQ1’05.848
4Sam BirdEnvision Virgin1’05.886
5Oliver RowlandNissan e.Dams1’18.239
6Lucas di GrassiAudi1’26.526

Qualifying 2

1Edoardo MortaraRokit Venturi1’05.547
2Nyck de VriesMercedes1’05.560
3Jean-Eric VergneDS Techeetah1’05.625
4Daniel AbtAudi1’05.745
5James CaladoPanasonic Jaguar1’06.305
6Robin FrijnsEnvision Virgin1’09.089

Qualifying 3

1Mitch EvansPanasonic Jaguar1’04.941
2Max GuentherBMWi Andretti1’05.169
3Pascal WehrleinMahindra1’05.525
4Antonio Felix da CostaDS Techeetah1’05.574
5Brendon HartleyGEOX Dragon1’12.732
6James CaladoJaguar1’13.430

Qualifying 4

1Sebastien BuemiNissan e.Dams1’05.390
2Felipe MassaRokit Venturi1’05.463
3Oliver TurveyNIO 3331’05.510
4Neel JaniPorsche1’05.696
5Nico MuellerGEOX Dragon1’06.637
6Ma Qing HuaNIO 333No’time

Qualifying classification

1Mitch EvansPanasonic Jaguar1’04.827
2Max GuentherBMWi Andretti1’51.020
3Pascal WehrleinMahindra1’05.645
4Felipe MassaRokit Venturi1’05.645
5Oliver TurveyNIO 3331’05.788
6Sebastien BuemiNissan e.Dams1’05.809
7Edoardo MortaraRokit Venturi1’05.547
8Nyck de VriesMercedes1’05.560
9Stoffel VandoorneMercedes1’05.566
10Antonio Felix da CostaDS Techeetah1’05.574
11Jean-Eric VergneDS Techeetah1’05.625
12Neel JaniPorsche1’05.696
13Daniel AbtAudi1’05.745
14Andre LottererPorsche1’05.801
15Alexander SimsBMWi Andretti1’05.848
16Sam BirdEnvision Virgin1’05.886
17Brendon HartleyGEOX Dragon1’06.126
18James CaladoPanasonic Jaguar1’06.305
19Nico MuellerGEOX Dragon1’06.367
20Jerome D’AmbrosioMahindra1’07.692
21Robin FrijnsEnvision Virgin1’09.089
22Oliver RowlandNissan e.Dams1’18.239
23Lucas di GrassiAudi1’26.526
24Ma Qing HuaNIO 333No time

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  • 5 comments on “Evans takes second career pole in Santiago”

    1. Hazel, a suggestion to consider: how about one “build-up” style of article on the Thursday/Friday preceding an FE weekend? Just to get those of us who don’t closely follow FE a little clued into the fact that there’s a race that weekend, and – more importantly – generate interest by helping paint a picture in terms of what challenges/opportunities await the teams and drivers, both for themselves and in the context of the championships.

      1. Hear hear! I just found out there’s a race tonight like less than an hour ago when YouTube’s algorithms recommended me a video of qualifying highlights. Sometimes I’ve found out too late and missed the race.

        I visit F1 Fanatic daily so some kind of a build-up article few days before the event would certainly help.

        1. A preview each week would be good, if nothing else it would let people know it’s on. I follow FE and I still missed the opening round because it was randomly on a Friday.

    2. +3 And the time would help Hazel :)
      Qualifying’s on FoxSports 2 right now, (obviously delayed) next up at 12.30pm West Coast I think (and hope) the race is coming up….

    3. 3 Alexander Sims Mercedes Benz EQ 1’05.848

      I believe Sims drove the BMW Andretti.

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