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Late entry by Hitech expands Formula 2 field to 22 cars

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Hitech will enter the Formula 2 championship this year, expanding the series’ roster to 22 cars.

The team, which was founded in 2015, has expanded quickly. It joined the F1-supporting Formula 3 championship, previously known as GP3, last year. Hitech finished the year second in the championship and won four races with Yuri Vips and Leonardo Pulcini.

Prior to that the team competed in the DTM-supporting FIA F3 championship.

“Many teams continuously show interest in joining our championship,” said Formula 2 CEO Bruno Michel. “Today’s driver market combined with Hitech’s prowess meant this addition to the new season
became possible.

“Hitech Grand Prix enjoyed a strong Formula 3 season in 2019 and I know that although they are joining late, they will be able to adapt quickly to Formula 2 in order to fight against the other teams.”

The new Formula 2 season will begin in Bahrain on March 21st. Teams will continue to use the Dallara F2 2018 chassis which was introduced two years ago, but all of them will have to get used to the new 18-inch wheels which are being raced for the first time this year.

“I’d like to thank Bruno for the trust placed in Hitech to give us an additional entry,” said Hitech owner Oliver Oakes. “Stepping up to F2 was always something we were aspiring towards, once we had established ourselves in the new era of Formula 3.

“With the new 18-inch rims and some car updates coming to F2 in 2020 it made entering now much more necessary than the end of 2020 where we would be a year behind the learning process.

“Of course, joining the grid this late means we are slightly up against it – but at Hitech we like a challenge. We are under no illusions that it will be a big ask to compete against some very established teams in F2 but I believe in our group and I am really excited for the first event in March at Bahrain.”

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