Lawrence Stroll, Racing Point, Circuit de Catalunya, 2019

‘Stroll isn’t in the paddock to just turn up, he is investing in the team to win’

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In the round-up: Aston Martin CEO says new investor Lawrence Stroll is serious about winning with the brand in Formula 1.

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It’s been an uncertain few months for Aston Martin but yesterday brought good news:

Aston Martin is my childhood poster car, specifically the Vantage line, so this is fantastic news for me. The marque is still alive.

I’m expecting big things from the Valkyrie in the next five seasons in the WEC/Le Mans (and possibly IMSA) and adding a F1 programme to that. Happy days.

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12 comments on “‘Stroll isn’t in the paddock to just turn up, he is investing in the team to win’”

  1. It always saddens me when I read teams talking about points and podiums like it is a great thing but knowing that winning is totally out of the question. I know it is the reality of the sport and points = big dollars.
    I really hope Stroll is going to acheive something other than mediocrity in F1. It would be a story worth remembering if he does.

  2. The father or the son? If merc is going to keep having a seat warmer alongside Hamilton, sign Rossi, at least he is a token seat warmer, and he might rebel.

    1. It’s not very convincing either way imho.

      It’s hard to take the father seriously when he puts his clearly inferiorly talented son in the car.
      It’s also hard to take the son seriously because he is clearly undeserving of an F1 seat based on his skill and capabilities.

      1. really? by your comment you’d think that Lance was obliterated by the “talented” Perez. In fact Stroll got more points, and sure Perez beat him in race results and qualifying, but still, it wasn’t the white wash you make it out to be.

        Stroll matched Magnussen and more than doubled Grosjeans points, to me, those two, especially Grosjeans, are a waste of seats in F1.

  3. So, wonder what Lewis is thinking of that sponsorship deal with Ineos, well known for it’s screw the environment politics, sir Ratcliffe gotta line his pockets.
    My bet is: As long as he gets paid, not a word!

  4. I may be in the minority but I’m a bit cold on Aston Martin taking over Force India/Racing Point.

    Firstly I’m personally not keen on their cars but mainly it’s another manufacturer – another big-ish car company that can pull the plug when funding or sales don’t look good and disappear. I get nervous of those teams long term futures far more than the smaller organisations that exist mostly as just a racing entity and as a fan seen too many ‘favourite teams’ just up and leave when it suits them.

    I suppose I think the ‘privateer’ teams are more F1’s lifeblood than manufacturers that come and go, and seeing FI/RP become yet another car company is a little sad. The only positive is Stroll seems like he wants to stick around a while so maybe so will Aston Martin? In some ways I think their future is a little more precarious than it was before.

    1. I’m not sure that’s what’s happening here. Essentially Stroll and his consortium has dropped a ton of cash into Aston Martin for an equity stake and then gained the rights to use AML as a title sponsor. It’s not AML buying out Racing Point at all, as far as I can see in what I’ve read?

      And AML are tiny in manufacturer terns – and performing poorly recently – hence the need for this deal – it was that or eye-watering levels of interest on a loan drawdown facility from the US.

  5. Level headed chap Alex R, smart, quick too, great interview…..Darn, that Acura’s almost as pretty as the Dark Red Mazda… @ Great drive by Kamui at the 24.

  6. Oh ! + Ryan Briscoe, Scotty and Renger van der Zande..

  7. Thanks for the COTD @keithcollantine, must’ve been a slow day ;)

    On to 12 hours of Bathurst coming up very shortly, Mount Panorama never disappoints.
    Up until a few weeks ago the chance of international open wheelers (IndyCar) was still there but I guess we’ll just have to wait until the S5000 finalizes their calendar. I’m sure they’ll come to a good date eventually

  8. “I’ve always said if Ferrari or Mercedes called then yes, obviously, you’ve got to do that. But I would never go back to run from eighth to 20th. That doesn’t interest me.” — this is why, we will not see an American in the sport, until their ego accepts this reality. as, every WDC in recent memory has.

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