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Mercedes announces five-year sponsorship deal with Ineos

2020 F1 season

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Mercedes has confirmed the Ineos group has joined the team in a new, five-year sponsorship deal.

The petrochemicals manufacturer will be a ‘principal partner’ to the team which has won both F1 titles in the last six seasons.

Mercedes and Ineos have already collaborated on the latter’s cycling and sailing projects through Mercedes-Benz Applied Science. Mercedes has assisted the development of the RB2 race boat for the America’s Cup, including its aerodynamics, drivetrain, hydraulics and other aspects of its design and simulation.

Ineos’s other sporting interests include the former Team Sky road cycling team, which is being rebranded Team Ineos. It also owns football clubs OGC Nice (France) and Lausanne Sports FC (Switzerland).

The company, which also owns oil refineries and oil and gas fields, was founded 22 years ago by Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

“It is a very proud moment for us to welcome Ineos to Mercedes in their new capacity as Principal Partner. The company’s amibtion, dynamism and entrepreneurial flair are a perfect fit for the spirit of Mercedes-AMG Petronas.”

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2020 F1 season

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19 comments on “Mercedes announces five-year sponsorship deal with Ineos”

  1. So we will see two silver arrows on track after 2020?

    1. Personally I don’t think there was ever any serious doubt

    2. Not sure from this. The deal might encompass Formule E?

      1. Eh? Ineos is an oil company, which has been under fire from the green lobby for its business interests.

        1. That hilarious! Yes, it’s a petrochemical company… what exactly do you think these cars run on?

        2. I hate “tree huggers”, they and liberals have ruined this great world of ours… long live fossil fuels and whale blubber oil lamps…

    3. Highly possible now given the income of Ineos, therefore the amount of money they’ll invest in the team.

    4. Agreed, remembering Ineos produce electricity putting the e in formula-e.

  2. Livery reveal is streaming live on Twitter right now – Red roll hoop!

    1. It’s actually a really boring livery. Not even as nice as last years.

  3. Don’t see the point of last paragraph?????

    1. Probably cut and paste from the press release. I skip these as they will always be just marketing droid speak.

  4. Ineos is a major participant in the practice of “fracking” , not a very environmental friendly process. I can’t see how Merc is going to play the “Clean” card with this. Never mind pushing it into FE. But you never know these days…..the Brits have managed to integrate it quite well in the “clean” sport of sailing . Hypocrisy much?

    1. …RB2 race boat…

      In case anyone is wondering, “RB” means Race Boat, and shouldn’t be read as somehow being related to one of Mercedes F1’s competitors.

  5. Good luck to anyone hoping they are selling to Aston Martin.

    Not going to happen.

  6. They also make the now shamed plastic food packaging. Presumably also for the meat that Lewis tells westerners not to eat.

    I’d imagine half the money they give Mercedes to spend in F1, isn’t ‘carbon neutral’ either.
    Another farce for F1 along with ‘road relevance’.

  7. The new death star.

  8. I think Mercedes will pull out and remain as engine manufacture, wolf and Ineos buy the team.

    Ratcliff has the cash, and the sport is most definitely not going full electric

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