Ferrari SF1000 launch, 2020

First pictures: Ferrari reveals its new 2020 F1 car, the SF1000

2020 F1 season

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Ferrari has unveiled its new car for the 2020 F1 season, the SF1000, in a spectacular event at Teatro Romolo Valli in Reggio Emilia.

The car’s name acknowledges the fact Ferrari will start its 1,000th world championship race this year.

“As we look to this year clearly it’s going to be an interesting year,” said CEO Louis Camilleri. “We have tough competition, a long season.

“But it’s also an important year because, as most of you know, in parallel we need to develop and create a completely new car in line with the regulations that will govern Formula 1 in 2021 and beyond. So the team is going to be very, very busy.”

The team is looking to build on a promising but ultimately disappointing 2019 campaign. Ferrari’s power unit was considered to be the best in the pit lane and the team took nine pole positions, but won just three races while rivals Mercedes took the championship silverware.

Ferrari SF1000
Ferrari SF1000
Sebastian Vettel, who will start his sixth season with the team this year, described the car as an “incredible achievement.”

“Obviously a lot of hours go into the car,” said Vettel. “I like it a lot.

“We had the opportunity to obviously see it a little bit before and to have also a direct comparison with last year’s car and you can really spot the differences. Especially when it comes to packaging and the back part of the car, everything sits a lot tighter.

[smr2020test]”So there’s a lot of work behind that because it’s not so easy. We found some clever solutions to be able to achieve that. I can’t wait to drive it because it obviously that’s more exciting than looking at it.”

Charles Leclerc, whose contract was extended during the off-season, is going into his second year at Ferrari.

“The approach is a little bit different just because now I know the team and I know more or less the car,” he said. “Obviously this year it’s a new car but it’s still an improvement of last year’s car.

“We’ve been working altogether to make it better and to be more ready for this year. I know the people so it’s a big challenge and I can’t wait to drive the car.”

Pictures: 2020 Ferrari SF1000

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2020 F1 season

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  • 48 comments on “First pictures: Ferrari reveals its new 2020 F1 car, the SF1000”

    1. Not a fan of keeping the halo black. Makes it stick out more

      1. actual I tihnk the complete opposite, black makes it subtle and disappear for me to be honest. Glad they kept it like that.

        1. For me, the halo stands out less when it looks like it’s actually part of the car

      2. Personally, I feel that for the Ferrari livery where black is a highlight colour, I find it helps de-emphasize the halo.

    2. Last year’s car with larger sidepods and RBR front end

    3. “Ferrari are cheating with mirrors!!!!” in 3… 2… 1…

    4. Did they forget to polish it ?

    5. Why are they launching the 2019 car again?

      1. because regulations haven’t changed, what are you expecting?

        1. 5 wheels and a quadruple diffuser

    6. The ‘horns’ around the airbox are interesting. Most of the sidepods seem lifted straight from the Red Bull though. Other than that I suppose the only thing remarkable about the livery is the black halo. Just once – to scare everyone and mainly for the drama, I wish they’d come out with a car that wasn’t red.

      1. “Most of the sidepods seem lifted straight from the Red Bull though”…Red Bulls sidepods from the last couple of years are none other than a carbon copy of an SF70 so basically they copied themselves..

      2. Interesting these horns are making comeback after what – twelve years? I remember McLaren introducing them in 2005 but since the big aero change in 2009 none of the teams really explored this area.

    7. Other than that I suppose the only thing remarkable about the livery is the black halo

      There is also the numbers which are made with graphics that recall the one used by Ferrari from 1979 onwards

    8. Well…. It’s red.

      It’s just an Sf90 with some slight revisions, pretty much as expected given the huge rule change coming up for 2021.

      Might be my imagination, but it looks like the wheelbase is a little longer.

      1. You might want to look again, there are quite some big changes on the car. They made a lot of changes on the side pods and barge boards. The side pods look more like the ones red bull had and the barge boards are a lot more aggressively designed, especially the winglets behind the suspension seem to be something completely new. It also looks like an increase in rake. My speculation is that their design philosophy went more in the same direction as red bull’s.

        1. Nicely spotted. Ferrari is definitely taking a gamble here and I hope it works.

    9. The car is especially reworked in the middle, from the bargeboard area to the sidepots. I wonder whether they’ll bring the new front for the tests as was suggested by some journalists.

    10. Pity that Ferrari wont go back to gold coloured wheels. Make the car pop they would.

    11. Jonathan Cockroft
      11th February 2020, 18:23

      Did I dream it or are they not all supposed to be having a little extra fin on top for the driver number. Or is that 2021?

    12. Is there a mandatory camera in the halo now? Quite the bump. Also noticed the nose now has a Racing Point/Alfa Romeo design.

      1. Oh, and viking horns, we haven’t seen those in a while.

      2. @montalvo Where? I don’t notice a camera within the Halo.

        1. I spoke too soon, looks like it was already on there is 2019 and not just at Ferrari.

    13. Not greatly different from its predecessor.

    14. Stephen Higgins
      11th February 2020, 18:31

      Gold wheels and black wings would have made this the absolute bomb…

    15. Cristiano Ferreira
      11th February 2020, 18:32

      Can they accomplish Mission Winnow this season?

    16. Very happy they’ve kept the matte red with black accents look. Always hated the white on Ferrari, this is a classy aggressive colour combo. Hope it is here to stay for years. As for the car I’m not as scrutiny’s a fan as most people here so they literally all look virtually the same, it here’s hoping it’s a goer. Certainly has more rake than a B&Q which seems like a good thing.

      1. *scrutinous (not a real word but it works here lol)

        1. Scrutinizing is the word you are looking for

      2. I think their all-red cars of 2018 and 2008 were their best this century, I appreciate they added more red in favour of black this year.

    17. Not fooled, that’s last years car with new livery. Livery remains unchanged.

      1. This must be a record for the most amount of contradictions in the fewest amount of words. Well done.

        1. Glad someone caught on. It’s lonely at the top of sarcasm mt.

    18. The British press and pundits will now declare this the fastest car of 2020 and when Merc crush them by 0.6 tenths in quali and race pace they will say Ferrari threw the championship away but its still the fastest car.

      1. Ahahahah, true!

      2. Very true. The British media needs to be tried and hanged in front of the whole world.

    19. Nice bit o’ rake. Go fasta red. Tobaccy decals. What’s not to like? :-)

    20. Me: “Heh, SF-1000 sounds like a motorbike.

      What if Ferrari made motorbikes? Woah…”

      1. They do: Ducati.

        1. Ducati is actually Lamborghini, which is Audi, which is VW.

    21. There is at least 12 Mission Winnow awful/atroshious logo visible on the top picture… The Ferrari would be nice without it… Totaly Useless.

    22. Some might hate that, but Indycars look better and particarly cool with the aeroscreen.
      Tuesday Afternoon from the 2020 NTT INDYCAR SERIES Open Test at Circuit of The Americas

      1. @gusmaia that aeroscreen looks hideous and like it’s just plonked on. They may as well just have gone full canopy. The halo while not perfect will one day save a life and all the petty comments about it being ugly will stop.

    23. Palantir, ew. What’s up with the glossy paint around the back? What are they not telling us?

    24. I do hope 2021 eliminates these stupid thumb noses. We havent managed to get away from them since 2014 except for Mercedes.

      Interesting how the viking horns occupy the maximum dimensions allowed for the airbox as a whole, clever interpretation of the rules there.

    25. The M logos are displayed on the new 2020 Ferrari on least 17 times. Last season the M logos was over 20 times in all the 2019 Ferrari angles it used.

      No other single vendors/adverts do not display number of logos on different F1 cars. Why? Can why M logos are used by Ferrari so many times?

      Philip Morris sells tobacco products. The M logos are not very foolish to anyone. They sell tobacco products.

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