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First pictures: Raikkonen drives new Alfa Romeo C39 at Fiorano

2020 F1 season

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The new Alfa Romeo has run for the first time at Fiorano in a special ‘snakeskin’ testing livery.

Kimi Raikkonen drove the team’s new car for the 2020 F1 season at the test track belonging to its engine supplier Ferrari. The 2007 world champion took to the track at 9:37 in the morning and put 33 laps on the C39, while team mate Antonio Giovinazzi and Alfa Romeo’s new reserve driver Robert Kubica observed proceedings.

Among the special features in the livery are snake motifs, a heart-shaped Alfa Romeo logo acknowledging Valentine’s Day and a tribute to the Sauber Group staff who created the car. Alfa Romeo’s F1 operation is run by Sauber.

The C39 will be seen in its definitive livery for the first time when the team begins testing at Circuit de Catalunya on Wednesday next week.

Pictures: 2020 Alfa Romeo F1 car

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2020 F1 season

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18 comments on “First pictures: Raikkonen drives new Alfa Romeo C39 at Fiorano”

    1. @peartree so cruel yet so probably true.

      1. I am not so sure about the backmarker remark. Once they pinpointed the major aero issue, whatever that was, fixing it during the winter is very possible.

        Alfa is in a better position to do this than Haas and Williams.

    2. @peartree Thank you expert for your use(less)ful contribution

  1. i know it’s a special testing livery – but *DAMN* that looks good.

  2. In the first picture, the car is pulling off the main straight, across the pit exit, bad signs?

    1. Did they change tire allocation for demo runs? I thought they had to use special tires (blank) for those runs and couldn’t use (yellow) marked tires or intermediate in the case of RBR (in addition to yellow).

      Or maybe those tires are different that race weekends ones but have the same color for promotional purposes?

  3. Pity they have disrupted the positive trend of narrowing the cars and came up with that ugly tank again. Definitely the worst looking car on the grid.

  4. I really like that “Dragon” skin texture they have going on there.

  5. Looks a lot like last year

  6. Is this an offroad version?

    1. It is for GIO…

  7. Interesting roll hoop inlet design. I can’t recall another team staggering the engine and cooling inlets like that. Perhaps leaving the option open to put Ferrari-style viking wings on the forward part of it?

    As an Alfa fan I’d love to buy a shirt with the heart-shaped logo. Doubtful they’ll make one but I can hope!

    1. Mercedes played a little bit with somewhat similar idea on their W03.

      But I am sure I have also seen it somewhere else, though can’t remember or find it…

      1. Ferrari ran staggered intakes in 2012

  8. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    14th February 2020, 19:59

    I don’t know if it is intentional, but the central hose in the nose cone has the same triangular shape as (slightly older) Alfa road car grilles

  9. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    14th February 2020, 19:59


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