Daniel Ricciardo, Renault, Circuit de Catalunya

2020 pre-season testing day one in pictures

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Pictures from the first day of testing for the 2020 F1 season at the Circuit de Catalunya.


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5 comments on “2020 pre-season testing day one in pictures”

  1. Jonathan Cockroft
    19th February 2020, 12:21

    That Alfa, Williams and Haas look very similar at a glance. #sigh

  2. Too many white cars! Not enough representation!
    Williams looks good just a tad outdated.

    1. I wonder if my hope of a green car will ever come. About 17 or so years back the colours were amazing.. I believe yellow, green, orange, blue and turquoise, red, chrome, white and maybe even black. Ahh that was great.

  3. Many cars have similarly narrow noses compared to their respective predecessors. BTW, I also noticed that some trackside ad-banners from the last Spanish GP-weekend are still there, which hasn’t tended to be the case in pre-season testing.

  4. The William’s looks more like what a hass would be imagined to look like

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