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First pictures: Renault reveals its new F1 car for 2020

2020 F1 season

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The new Renault RS20 has hit the track for the first time in pre-season testing with the team’s new driver Esteban Ocon at the wheel.

[smr2020test]The car is running in a black testing livery. Renault say they will be “back to full colours for the season start” in Australia next month.

Ocon was pleased with his first run in the new car, telling media including RaceFans afterwards he felt more grip than ever before in the RS20.

Daniel Ricciardo will take over from Ocon in the car this afternoon. Ocon said he will pay as much attention to his team mate’s progress as he can.

“Not closer than normal, just as I would normally do to see what the other guy’s doing and how it’s progressing because they are taking over from what we did this morning, just moving forward. Hopefully I won’t be too busy with marketing so I can follow closely! But as soon as I’m free, I will be there.”


Pictures: 2020 Renault F1 car

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2020 F1 season

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37 comments on “First pictures: Renault reveals its new F1 car for 2020”

  1. Okay! Wasn’t expecting this much black.
    My favourite livery so far!

  2. Is this… the definitive livery…? :(

    1. Nope. Just a test livery

    2. There are only 3 sentences in this post. Is it really too much to ask for you to read them? Jeez!

      1. Not that I have to justify myself to anyone, but when I made the comment there was only one phrase and a couple of pictures and no mention regarding the livery. After I went to the official F1 website, I realized that the livery was just for testing. Now I see that this news has been updated.

        You shouldn’t be to quick to judge

  3. Wow so cool

  4. That looks…very unorthodox in terms of design, I hope it’s not a bad sign. Not a permanent livery of course, and I’m glad for it.

    1. @pironitheprovocateur
      Yes, it’s very strange indeed.The last time the team had such an unorthodox design it didn’t go particularly well for them (2014). Let’s hope it goes better for them this year.

  5. Love it in black, but I prefer the full colours.

    Is that the old car in the background?

    1. It appeared in a couple of ‘leaks’ on social, I think it’s just a show car with some new bits on it.

  6. That nosecone is interesting. Curved on the upper surface, with a deep neutral area. Sort of remind me of wings from the mid noughties.

    1. @mouse_nightshirt that was my first impression as well, the rounded nose seems like JPS Lotus 97T, very curved especially if we compare with other 2020 cars like Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Haas which have a flat nose.

  7. Looks like Renault were actually doing something over the break. Looks to be a step away from the norm in parts, hopefully they’ve found something. The front wing looks dissimilar to most others, the flat top plane. The pillars that join the front wing to the nose are tiny and offer improved airflow through to the cape, it all looks very tidy. Can we get some photos of the back half of the car?

  8. Is it just me or does the driver look very high / the cockpit area look very low on the Renault?

  9. That’s one hell of a good looking livery. And i don’t know why but when i see that thin convex nose in black i feel some vibes of IndyCar(?!). I hope regular livery will not be mostly last year livery. I hope for some mix-up even tho it will keep yellow-black scheme

    1. They will race with the same livery as last year, just google Renault RS20 and you’ll find leaked pictures from the filming day.

    2. After a while i realized what that front nose reminds me of. Andrea Moda. Hope that Renault will not end up like them.

      1. That would be a pity, but I feel like there’s a reason they went all black for testing. Like they’re trying hard to hide something…

  10. It sort of reminds me of sauber’s first f1 car. The c12 in its testing color scheme without the white wings. I think it looks cool and sort of retro. Simple but very effective. I really like the gloss paint effect which with black paint creates a really nice effect when the light reflects off of it. So glad it is not matte black.

  11. This livery could use a John Player Special sticker and some golden lines. Blink if you know what I am talking about.

    This is not and upgraded 2019 chassis. Renault went all in.

  12. Why does this remind me of an early 90s Ferrari?

    1. I had the same thought, reminds me of the 412 T1 or T2.

  13. Wow, so retro, early 90s Ferrari and cool.

  14. The look reminds me of Andrea Moda…

  15. That car looks (shape, not colour) looks quite different to last year’s.
    Hope they are onto something.

  16. Lol at the people saying they love the special testing “livery”. It’s just black. It’s the most uninteresting livery you could possibly put on a car other than completely white.

    1. So…Lol at Senna’s JPS Lotus, lol. So uninteresting *shrug*

      1. “Pastaman”, says it all.

        1. Does it now? Interesting.

      2. Go look at the JPS livery again, it at least has gold highlights/trim. The only thing not black on the Renault is sponsors and numbers. So yes, lol. Black isn’t a livery, it’s a color.

        1. Completely agree with @pastaman, this is not a livery, it is utterly boring. At least some of the other testing livery we have seen on other teams in the previous years (e.g. RedBull) did have a great and unorthodox look.

          In my opinion the AlphaTauri was the biggest surprise and is one of the best looking. But let’s see what the actual Renault livery is going to be like.

  17. Racecar is race car backwards
    19th February 2020, 13:35

    Best looking nose of the year for me. And in the running for the decade.

  18. I prefer the yellow-black mixture on the Renault-cars, but I’ll get used to this whole-black livery as well.

    1. You won’t need to get used to it, it’s only for testing.

  19. Allblack way better than the crappy mix they’ve been using. Car looks good. Hope it delivers!

    1. They had to remove the bottom to rebuild it for Daniel.
      Special design it seems..

  20. Okay. This looks interesting. Tight battle for 4th place in constructors with McLaren?

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