Hugenholtzbocht, Zandvoort, 2020

Zandvoort ready to reopen next week after track changes

2020 Dutch Grand Prix

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The remodelled Zandvoort circuit is due to reopen on Friday following completion of construction work at the track.

[f1tv2020testa]The circuit, which is due to hold the Dutch Grand Prix on May 3rd, has been extensively renovated ahead of its return to the F1 calendar for the first time since 1985.

While the track’s basic layout has been kept the same, some corners have been reprofiled and the entire circuit has been resurfaced. The new asphalt has been fully laid, and changes to the barriers and run-off areas are almost complete.

The biggest changes to the track are at Hugenholtzbocht (turn three) and Arie Luyendijkbocht (turn 13), which have been steeply banked to angles of 18.7 and 17.7 degrees respectively. The alterations were designed by Studio Dromo, which previously handled last year’s resurfacing at Silverstone and track alterations at Sepang in 2016.

Yesterday Formula 1’s official tyre supplier Pirelli announced it will supply a special new construction for teams to test at the Circuit de Catalunya next week, which it may choose to nominate for the race at Zandvoort. It has designed a new front tyre which it believes will be more resistant to the cornering forces generated in the banked turns.

Before and after

Zandvoort, 2018
Zandvoort, 2018
Zandvoort, 2020
Zandvoort, 2020

The images above show the start/finish line which runs down to the right-hander Tarzan (turn one), then loops back into the left-hander Hugenholtzbocht (turn three), one of the two corners which have been banked.

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Pictures: Final stages of track renovation at Zandvoort

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24 comments on “Zandvoort ready to reopen next week after track changes”

  1. Hopefully they will get plenty of cars thrashing around the circuit to properly bed it in and remove the oils that come to the surface on ‘green’ asphalt. I’m not impressed by a circuit that requires one-off special tyres. There’s potential for a Pirelli disaster, especially if there are mixed conditions on race day.

    1. Mixed conditions.. Nice. Just like Germany last year.
      Can not wait.

      1. Awful race. Total crap

        1. Like always, most F1 fans will disagree with you.

        2. Best race of the decade, at least.

    2. Ah come on Jon Bee, a Pirelli disaster would be interesting.

    3. Pirelli is bringing special tires to Zandvoort to deal with the banking.

      1. And snow? Sleet? Orange mist?

  2. Unlike IndyCar where they have the SAFER barrier (soft walls) on ovals, better hope no one crashes into the fencing on the banked section. Bad things happen when hitting fences at high speed.

    1. Don, I believe SAFER barrier, or a version thereof, is already in use at Monaco, Baku, Russia, and probably some others. I remember as far back as when Sergio crashed coming out of the tunnel at Monaco the barriers looked similar to IndyCar’s SAFER barrier. Then, when Maldonado crashed at Tabac I remember the US coverage mentioning it as the same or similar as the SAFER barrier.

      I am willing to trust they will go to the correct lengths to ensure safety. Frankly, I trust F1’s safety standards over IndyCar’s.

  3. What I still don’t understand is the scheduling of the race. Is there any particular reason for choosing the beginning of May even though it’s far from ideal temperature-wise. June or July would be far better on that front. Last year, the highest ambient temp reached on the 3rd of May in Zandvoort was only 11 degrees Celcius, which is even less than during pre-season testing in the Montmelo area. Only European venues within the Mediterranean climate zone should hold a slot earlier than mid-May within the Northern Hemisphere spring.

    1. Basically, scheduling @jerejj as it was originally intended to replace Barcelona, and the summer months are already booked full, unless they do a three race stretch again, which the teams didn’t want to do.

      1. @bosyber There would be a chance to create room for it there without having three races on as many consecutive weekends, though. At least two ways and they’re switching Zandvoort and Circuit Paul Ricard around since the French GP venue would be a more fitting place for the Northern Hemisphere spring than Zandvoort, and or by having the Azerbaijan GP in, for example, September instead.

        1. Why should F1 only “function” at summer Temps?
          Just like the extremes is Singapore, or the low pressure in Mexico its just a track with something special.
          F1 should be able to run under these very different venues.

          1. I’d very much like to see that too, a race in Finland around the spring time would be something, but I guess we also have to consider possible engine and electronic issues which are something team’s don’t really want in the era of restricted electronic and engine parts.

  4. Hopefully we can bank on seeing a good race there this year.

  5. I wonder how they are going to safely catch drivers with exploding tyres… or are we going for IndyCar-like deaths?

    Of course if the snow (I stick with my prediction from last year) doesn’t stop the race altogether.

    1. @dallein Snow in May doesn’t happen in Holland. It hasn’t snowed here all winter btw.

      Usually, May has pretty good weather. Almost always above 10 degrees Celcius, up to 25 even. However, rain is always a possibility and wind is guaranteed as the circuit is literally on the coast.

      1. I’ll have some light showers spiced up with severely strong wind, please.

    2. I was wondering about that, catch fencing behind the banked corners ?
      Other than that bring it on, something new, I predict a corker.

  6. I didn’t think the yearly running event at the track (and the town and beach) would go through because of the constructions, but it does, so I’ll be taking to the track on March 29. I’ll try to put some rubber down and to run the new banked final corner as quickly as I can :-)

  7. Racecar is Racecar Backwards
    24th February 2020, 15:12

    A lap of Zandvoort

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