Marino Sato, Trident, Formula 2 test, Yas Marina, 2019

One F2 seat left for 2020 as Marino Sato joins Trident

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Trident has confirmed Marino Sato as one of its two Formula 2 drivers this year. The team’s other seat is the only vacant spot left in this year’s championship.

Sato, the reigning Euroformula Open champion, is the tenth driver to be confirmed on this year’s F2 grid who has not previously completed a season in F1’s most prominent junior championship.

“I really appreciate everyone who’s involved to make this happen,” said Sato. “To be racing in here will mean a lot for me, and of course for the future as well so can’t wait to get started.”

Team manage Giacomo Ricci described Sato as “a young driver with limited experience in a very competitive championship like ​​Formula 2.

“Our technical staff was positively impressed by the quality of his work in the post-season test carried out at Yas Marina last December and will provide its best efforts to help him grow up during the season.”

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2020 Formula 2 driver line-up so far

DAMSSean Gelael
DAMSDan TicktumFirst full season
VirtuosiCallum Ilott
VirtuosiGuanyu Zhou
ARTMarcus ArmstrongFirst full season
ARTChristian LundgaardFirst full season
CarlinYuki TsunodaFirst full season
CarlinJehan DaruvalaFirst full season
CamposJack Aitken
CamposGuilherme SamaiaFirst full season
CharouzLouis Deletraz
CharouzPedro PiquetFirst full season
MP MotorsportFelipe DrugovichFirst full season
MP MotorsportNobuharu Matsushita
HWAGiuliano Alesi
HWAArtem Markelov
PremaMick Schumacher
PremaRobert ShwartzmanFirst full season
TridentMarino SatoFirst full season
HitechNikita Mazepin
HitechLuca Ghiotto

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    1. Shaping up to be a great grid

    2. Many rookies, many of them deserved his promotion, so this looks good at first sight.

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