Robert Kubica, Alfa Romeo, Circuit de Catalunya, 2020

Kubica: My brain didn’t think this speed was possible

2020 F1 season

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Robert Kubica said it took him a few laps to get used to how much quicker his Alfa Romeo is than the Williams he drove last year.

[f1tv2020testa]The team’s reserve driver headed the times with a best lap of 1’16.942 in today’s test, which is over two second faster than he managed in pre-season testing for Williams in 2019.

“Normally people think that the quicker you go, the more difficult it gets,” said Kubica. “I [wouldn’t] argue doing 1’17s this year is more difficult than doing 1’19s, 1’20s last year. So it’s a bit different difficulty.”

Kubica said it took him a few laps to adjust to the performance of Alfa Romeo’s C39 chassis when he drove it for the first time last week.

“Especially last week in the morning, the first laps I had more of a ‘brain stop’. I know how it feels here around, and I could feel that I have more grip to deliver and I can go faster, but my brain was saying well, until now, this was not possible. So it took like a couple of laps to unlock the real feeling.”

The difference between the two cars chiefly comes down to the Alfa Romeo’s superior aerodynamics, said Kubica.

“There is one big friend in this product – there are not many friends, this sport is quite tough – but there is one big friend. It is downforce. And once you have this it’s a big mate and it’s helping a lot.”

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2020 F1 season

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22 comments on “Kubica: My brain didn’t think this speed was possible”

  1. Downforce is a friend.

    1. “Aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines.” (by Enzo Ferrari)

      1. who knew…?

      2. Times have changed…Even the best engine (Ferrari) and driver (Vettel) will suffer from a lack of downforce!!!

        1. Vettel is the ‘best driver’ ?

    2. *Wholesome F1 Quotes*

  2. A few laps without ballast are part of the Orlen contract?

    1. Last years Williams wasn’t able to get cose to this handling, empty or not… And Orlen had that contract last year too, didn’t it? :) Why can’t you just admit, the last years Williams was a very poor car… At least that for starters… I won’t even start the subject od Kubica “forgeting” how to drive, and that sometimes his Saturday’s laps were SLOWER than his Friday ones… The team was promoting their own star… And who could blame them? They own the team, they can do what they want… But this chance given by Alfa Romeo just showed the doubters, Robert Kubica still can drive!
      Yes, it was a “quali test”, yes, the car was low on fuel and yes it was on C5… But the time was over 3 seconds (!) better, than his last years quali time in Williams. And not many drivers broke the 1:17:000 barier this year…
      So… I think, either way, it was quite a good lap, and you can’t deny that.

      1. Of course I can admit that last years williams was a very poor car. But even in a poor car, you can excel comparing to your teammate. It was the opposite, what happened, Russell, a rookie in some races finished around a minute in front of Kubica.

        Alfa Romeo give him a chance is the same as saying that Minardi gave a chance to Chanoch Nissany. Kubica is there, because a company payed for it.
        I don’t know what contract Orlen had last year. Maybe they expected that in normal conditions Kubica would be able to beat a rookie. Now that they saw what is Kubica real level, probably they demanded to have an headline, even if it is with low fuel, C5 and we don’t know what else.

        1. If you read interviews with Kubica last year you should know that racing at the last positions is NOT within his ambitions. Nevertheless, he was still able to beat Russel in Germany and show his skills during racing. Stop saying nonsense. Kubica is still fast enough, top10.

      2. I can deny it, fastest laps in testing mean nothing at all.

        Kubica is only in the car because of Orlen’s money, this run was all about giving them a good story.

      1. +1

        This should be the last time we will hear him mentioned in connection with F1.

        1. Who? Kubica?

          Not a chance! He’ll play a big part in the Alpha campaign this year and I can see him moving up to a race seat for 2021.

  3. Ricciardo’s brain had to do the opposite last year.

    1. Does he have one🤪🤛?!

      1. Must do seeing as he spanked your idol in 2014.

  4. I’ve had this thought inside my mind for months and months now, but never had the willing to vent it. I don’t think I should even now, but whatever. What if Russell is the biggest talent to have ever walked this Earth? How do you know he is not? From all he has done until now, it might still be possible. Take the scientist approach and do a mind experiment: assume Russell is in fact just that. What about Kubica then? Just think about it

    1. Point taken. Or is that given?

    2. Sometimes drivers have a bad season in a bad car, especially after 7 years away from single seaters….no doubting Russell is a talent too. all F1 drivers are talented.

    3. Similar thoughts have crossed my mind too @alfa145

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