Hanoi Street Circuit, Vietnam, 2020

Vietnam GP promoters announce Hanoi Street Circuit is complete

2020 F1 season

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The major construction work on the street circuit in Hanoi which is due to host the first Vietnam Grand Prix has been completed, the promoters have announced.

[smr2020test]The 23-turn, 5.607-kilometre circuit will hold the third round on the 2020 F1 calendar on April 3rd-5th.

The final 150 metre long section of track was laid last week. The race promoters estimate cars will reach maximum speeds of up to 335kph on the circuit.

“This is a major milestone for us to celebrate as we come closer to staging Vietnam’s first ever Formula 1 race weekend in just over a month’s time,” said Vietnam Grand Prix Corporation CEO Le Ngoc Chi.

“We are beyond excited to witness the extraordinary sight of Formula 1 cars racing on this incredible circuit. It will be a moment of great pride for the whole team here at VGPC and a fitting tribute to the hard work that has gone in to ensuring the newest track in F1 is ready on time.”

Formula 1 Management assisted in the design of the circuit, which was created by Tilke. “With the help of everyone at Tilke and F1’s motorsport division, we feel confident in saying that this track will be one of the most challenging and exciting on the F1 calendar and we look forward to it quickly becoming a fan favorite,” said Le.

Hanoi Street Circuit, Vietnam, 2020
Hanoi Street Circuit, Vietnam, 2020
“With grandstands and all remaining temporary structures also going up around the track, the excitement in and around Hanoi for the Formula 1 VinFast Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 is continuing to grow. We are ready and can’t wait to welcome the world to Hanoi very soon.”

The promoters say they expect the race to go ahead as planned despite concerns over the spread of the coronavirus which has already caused the postponement of the Chinese Grand Prix.

“Preparations for the race are going according to the set schedule,” said Le. “The F1 race in Hanoi in 2020 will take place as planned. We are of course monitoring the situation closely and will notify customers and media should there be any changes.”

Hanoi Street Circuit, Vietnam, 2020
Hanoi Street Circuit, Vietnam, 2020
Hanoi Street Circuit, Vietnam, 2020
Hanoi Street Circuit, Vietnam, 2020

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6 comments on “Vietnam GP promoters announce Hanoi Street Circuit is complete”

  1. Looks good, they have done a great job and got it ready well ahead of time (unlike some other new circuits in the last 10 years). Let’s just hope it goes ahead.

    What surprises me is how the first section of esses is completely concrete barrier-lined, not a jot of run-off which is rare now-a-days. No room for error, and blind corners which could be scary if a car sticks it in the barriers just sheaf of the chading pack.

    I’m also surprised that they haven’t built a permanent ‘club’ circuit into the plans which could be operated all year round. This would utilise the pit straight, then join up the first 2 corners (the stadium section) with the esses next to the actual stadium. None of this part of the circuit is on public roads.

    Dieter Rencken has written before about the downside of Liberty’s plans for increasing the number of inner-city circuits – it means that the F1 circus turns ip once a year and dissappears, but leaves no circuit for the locals to enjoy for the rest of the year. This would help buold the Motorsport scene on nations such as Vietnam. It also gives the circuit owners more opportunities to make money back on building it all in the first place.

    I guess in this case a circuit there is just too close to residential properties, but that is just a guess.

    1. Good point, even close to residential areas i think it could still work, especially with just keeping mufflers wouldnt be much louder than the roads

  2. With seeing how they have done at Zandvoort, makes me think maybe they ought to have slightly banked the outside of turn to and possibly even turn one, in an attempt to aid overtaking. Especially as its seems to be a not permanent section.

    Perhaps this is a potential aid to creating battles at tracks like Abu Dhabi and Sochi.

    1. Also, surely banking the outside of a corner that lies after a straight would improve chances of an overtaking attempt? In theory it would allow a driver to brake later when attempting to go around the outside. for example turn 11 on this track.

  3. gone in 8 years

  4. Well I’ve just received an email saying the stand where my seat is will not be built!!

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