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Verstappen says he didn’t see damp patch which caused spin

2020 F1 season

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Max Verstappen admitted he didn’t notice the damp patch at turn five when he spun into a gravel trap during today’s test.

The Red Bull driver, who has had several spins over the five days of testing so far, came to a stop in a gravel trap. The session was red-flagged while his car was recovered.

“I think I just touched the white line and it was still a bit of a damp patch, which I didn’t see in the car,” said Verstappen. “But on the onboard afterwards I saw it.”

Damp conditions on the fifth day of testing limited how much running the teams did in the morning. “It was a bit of a shame in the morning with the weather,” said Verstappen, “but it’s the same for everyone.

“But we were able to test all our things and get an understanding of the car. And I think so far we are pretty happy about it.”

Red Bull have covered more laps than anyone bar Mercedes in the test so far, but haven’t done as large mileages in the second week of the test as they did in the first. Verstappen says this was intentional.

“It was never the target to run as much as last week,” he said. “I think we have done our long runs and everything. It’s sometimes also a bit boring.”

The team’s plan this week involves “checking parts, sometimes trying a few things” said Verstappen. “Sometimes, of course, some things they don’t work out. But of course, some things on the car are very complex as well so to get to it, it takes a bit of time. So that’s why sometimes you don’t run as many laps.”

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2020 F1 season

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23 comments on “Verstappen says he didn’t see damp patch which caused spin”

  1. He’s crashing out a lot during testing this year. This might hurt his confidence in himself and in the car (not really knowing what it is going to do).

    If I’m RBR and I have bet a half-billion euro operation around this kid, I’d be very annoyed and very worried.

    1. @jeffreyj – Disagree. It’s testing.

      Unless he injures himself or the car/PU is an absolute stinker, there is nothing to get in a twist over. Verstappen is a very good driver, whatever else one thinks of him, and if he’s pushing the limits in testing, so be it. As long as he isn’t wasting a lot of time (RBR have most laps after Merc) because of spins/offs/etc., I don’t see any reason to be concerned.

      1. @jeffreyj I too think the opposite of you as @hobo does. You’re way overthinking it. They are only thrilled with Max and it is his work, including the odd venture into the gravel, and along with Albon’s, in the name of learning about the car, that is going to continue to give them all confidence in their competitiveness this season. They’d be way more annoyed and worried if they were watching Max work his magic with another team.

        1. I don’t see much difference with Gasly touching the white line last year, other than that it was a higher speed corner and the wall was much closer on that occasion.

          Listen, if you are looking for the limit and spin, ok fine. But if you keep repeating these mistakes multiple times in two consecutive sessions, then there is something more to it imho.

          1. If it bleeds into the season, it might warrant addressing. But nothing seems worrisome.

          2. @jeffreyj
            “I don’t see much difference with Gasly touching the white line last year, other than that it was a higher speed corner and the wall was much closer on that occasion.”
            You mean; When he crashed into the wall at high speed, costing the team almost a day and a half of testing times opposed to Max his spins costing a couple of laps?
            Dude, guess you were the last in line when brainmatter was distributed, no?

          3. Dude, guess you were the last in line when brainmatter was distributed, no?

            Why always so antagonizing?

    2. Verstappen likes to go over the limits a lot in testing and free practices, it seems. These spins have all been relatively minor and I have a feeling it’s somewhat intentional. He wants to drive the car to the edge, and goes over them to find exactly where that edge is.

      It might be more of a sign that the car is already a pretty complete package from the first time it hit the track, than a sign of the car or Verstappen being bad.

    3. What crashes? 3 spins, that’s all.
      Yesterdays spin was caused by a fuel run-out test, as Red Bull habitually plans towards the end of one session during preseason testing. Kvyat had the same happen almost simultaneously.

      1. He spun cause of a fuel run out? LOL!!! is that what tells you you’re out of fuel? omg, best comment ever. WOW!

        1. It is actually what Max told Dutch media… Saying the spin wasn’t his fault but the car’s as it was running out of fuel as planned…

          Dutch media (and fans) eat that stuff up like it’s God’s word.

          1. @jeffreyj
            Yeah, you’re right, because it’s far more plausible that the guy who keeps his car under control during the most atrocios races of the last few years is suddenly losing his ability to drive…..right?
            But hey, the moment Christian or Helmut agrees with you, all your ignorance is forgiven!

          2. Lol, its never Max’s fault…. you can even ask his dad if you don’t believe him….

    4. @jeffreyj
      As 1978 world champion Mario Andretti once said: “If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.”
      Hmmm, Mario Andretti or a clown who never saw the master of spinning and crashing Schumacher……?

      If I’m RBR and I have bet a half-billion euro operation around this kid, I’d be very annoyed and very worried.
      Well, you’re not RBR (guess you rather see your drivers spin (and crash into a wall, something he still hasn’t done during testing) during the race) and they are not worried (because they still remember what happened in Germany last year).

      1. @aiii Well said. Completely reminded me of Gilles Villeneuve and how he similarly started off by fearlessly going too fast, dealing with that, and then backing off the next time, in order to find the limits. Many build up to it gradually rather than diving right into the deep end.

        And lol then there’s Oconomo referencing 1978.

        Great stuff.

        1. As a driver, you always need to find the limit, and this includes going over the line in establishing whats possible. In testing, multiple spins mean nothing as long as you don’t bin the car. Each run is a ‘test’, meaning trying things, experimenting, pushing over limits. This is the game and how it must be played if you ever plan to get everything out of the package. Max will be fine, he is only getting better. No points or money in testing, just preparation for the real deal. Now is the time to figure out the limits.

          Mario is correct, driving on the limit is a bit uncomfortable as you push to the nth degree. Come racing, hopefully you will know enough to reign it in just enough to ride the edge and not go over.

          Finally, Max knows he will still have to over drive to be able to match the Mercs at a more relaxed pace, as it has been for far too long.

          1. I have never seen Hamilton spinning this much in his entire 12-year career… Or Alonso or Schumacher for that matter (haven’t really seen Senna).

            So if this is “how the game must be played” I honestly don’t know what “game” you’re talking about mate.

          2. @jeffreyj
            Really dude, Schumacher? The guys spun more during a free practice than all of the current drivers combined in their entire career.
            And Hamilton? Germany springs to mind……2 spins in a single race…….or the entire period of 2009-2012. (When he was spinning left and right)
            Come on man, get your act together and come up with some real arguments; you’re only making a fool of yourself.

            So if this is “how the game must be played” I honestly don’t know what “game” you’re talking about mate.

            Well, it’s clear to everyone you have no clue at all, hahaha.

          3. Oconomo are you 12?

          4. Actually, I think he might be 12.

            It’s so entertaining (although often frustrating) to read comments from clear fans. How they feel the need to immediately reach for insults I will never understand.

            I sincerely hope this Oconomo person is twelve or younger. Anything other than that would be sad..

    5. Have you ever heard of Marc Marquez?

  2. Hahaha he’s not 12. I’d say btw 9-11, the reaching for insults gives it away. i just skip reading his comments now. Sad.

  3. Oconomo is a dangerous threat to all of us!

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