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F2 driver Lundgaard missing Bahrain test due to Coronavirus quarantine

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Formula 2 driver Christian Lundgaard will not take part in this week’s Formula 2 test in Bahrain as he is unable to travel to the country due to the Coronavirus.

The 18-year-old has been detained in a hotel in Tenerife following an outbreak of the virus.

“Regrettably, due to a genuine force majeure situation, Danish racer Christian Lundgaard will be unable to take part in the official FIA Formula 2 tests in Bahrain from 1 – 3 March 2020,” said a statement from his ART team.

“Over the past week, Christian, 18, has been participating in a winter training camp in Tenerife organised by Renault Sport Academy, however he has been detained on the island following an outbreak of the Coronavirus in his hotel.

“Christian has been checked by medical experts and is fit and well and not displaying any symptoms of Covid-19, however the governing authorities have ruled all guests of the hotel must remain in quarantine for two weeks as a precaution against the spread of the virus.

“Renault Sport Academy, ART and Christian would like to thank you for your wishes. No further announcement will be made on this unprecedented situation.”

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11 comments on “F2 driver Lundgaard missing Bahrain test due to Coronavirus quarantine”

  1. Imagine F1 going to a race and then have drivers having to miss the next GP or two because of being in quarantine… that could seriously impact both championships.

    Now, this is in no contrast of course to the human cost that has already occurred and will in the near future I’m sure, but still.

    1. FIA & LM should put FE & STR on quarantine as based in Northern Italy. Ban them from races untill covir-2019 will end its spread.

    2. You mean a bit like the cyclists that are now under quarantine (including Froome etc) after one of the riders in the UAE cycling round was found to carry the virus @jeffreyj?

      I am sure that is exactly the kind of thing Ferrari (and probably RB 2) are worried about.

      1. @bascb Well, I don’t follow cycling so I didn’t know that, but yeah I guess so.

        With the virus now having reached the Netherlands I think it won’t be long before more and more European countries will be affected and who knows where on earth (literally) we can go come summertime… I fully expect I will have to cancel my vacation plans but never mind that, with a death rate of around 10%, I am starting to feel a bit unsafe myself now tbh.

        1. @jeffreyj no need to be worried – coronavirus has a mortality rate of about 1% – similar to that of the seasonal flu. In fact, flu kills about 7-8 times more people per year than coronavirus has ever infected.

          Let’s not overreact, people…

          1. That’s incorrect @minnis, the flu has far below 1%, the covid19 seems to be between 2 and 3%, it’s 10 times as deadly.

            Off course the flu is far more

          2. @minnis @bascb

            My bad, I thought the mortality rate was much higher. I don’t think I was exaggerating about my vacation though and more to the point: the potential for the virus to disrupt not only the Asian, Eurasian and southern European parts

  2. ”No further announcement will be made on this unprecedented situation.”
    – Well, at some point in the future, some info definitely has to be given out, LOL, so not really worth taking those words literally.

  3. Where is Tenerife? Renault’s young drivers winter training is a glorified vacation.

    1. @peartree

      Yeah, and people who work and live on Tenerife are all actually just lazily reading a book on a beach all day because we all know that people living in warmer climates than the UK are all just lazy profiteers of EU tax money that the UK paid for!! Thank god for Brexit!


      1. @jeffreyj Good thing continentals are willing to share their NHS with expats.

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