Caption Competition 167: Raikkonen, Kubica and Giovinazzi

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Alfa Romeo drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi were joined by new reserve driver Robert Kubica at a publicity event last week.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

Caption Competition

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79 comments on “Caption Competition 167: Raikkonen, Kubica and Giovinazzi”

  1. kimi, internal dialouge: i really wish i wasn’t here right now

    1. Giovinazzi looking to Finnish on Pole.

      1. You have my vote!

      2. Great! It’s the best!

        1. Kimi and Kubica Discuss if Polish Vodka is Better than Finnish one, While Giovinazzi p\Practices Fuel Management During a Photo Op.

    2. Brilliant!

  2. Hurry up or we’ll be late for Hamilton’s pyjama party.

  3. AG: But Mr. Raikkonen, don’t you have a media session to attend?

    KR: Shut up kid, just keep filling.

    RK: Oh boy, think I’ll sit in the back.

    1. Boys trying to act natural to avoid an agreement with the fuel station owner

  4. Robert was a little embarrassed for not realising the tank was nearly empty.

  5. Its looks like all three have pulled off an Italian job and are looking at a quick getaway. But the Stelvio (not a preferred getaway choice) ran out of gas.

  6. Hey guys, I thought you said that we’d be splitting the cost for petrol!

  7. Ignore him, that ponytail is so embarrassing!

  8. Robert: Psst… Let’s send Gio to pay so we can make a quick getaway.
    Kimi: Bwoah …but I’ve asked him to buy me a Magnum.
    Robert: Get rid of him and I’ll order you a truck load of them every race weekend.
    Kimi: Deal!

  9. Kub: Us two lost our caps when we crashed, hehehe

  10. Kimi wistfully thought back to the days when his company car was a little lower, faster, and didn’t break down every 20 miles.

  11. AG: Hey… guys… you said it’s a Diesel, right?
    KR and RK: NOOOO!!!!
    So they have some coffee and wait for the tow truck.

    ps: feel free to rewrite my post in proper english or in a more funny way ;)

  12. KR: Petrol cap is on this side… Just be cool Rob…
    RK: I got yer back bro…
    AG: Dang it where’s the petrol cap?

  13. Make sure the others cannot figure out how much coffee we’re running with.

    1. :D excellent!

  14. To: Greta Thunberg would be like
    -“How dare You!?”
    All lough

  15. The blank stare when an F1 racer is asked to convert cubic decimetres to litres.

  16. i don’t know which idea was worse, wearing our racing suits to get coffee or getting coffee from a gas station?

  17. I think this ban on refuelling is really delaying our pitstop.

  18. Don’t worry guys, the pit crew should arrive in two hours.

  19. Kimi: This dent in the back of the car…. anyone know how it got there?

    Kub: (whistles)

    Gio: (whistles)

  20. Martin Neville
    29th February 2020, 17:36 that claire williams is what do you think she wants lads AG do you think she has come to apologise for not listening to you feed back last year ? then they all fall about laughing

  21. Antonio tampered with the fuel flow meter whilst Kimi and Robert kept a look out.

    P.S. I’m a Ferrari fans. This just just a bit of fun!

  22. Who’s the alfa driver in this pack?

    1. Cheer up. Maybe they’ll have ice cream at the next stop.

  23. Joakim Jarnstrom
    29th February 2020, 18:37

    Bye, bye, Charles, it was nice seeing your new Ferrari. (But you will not get very far with one liter of coffee in your tank)

  24. Hey Robert, don’t look him, he is not rookie since few years ago.

  25. RK “Bring your racing overall” they said… You know what for?
    KR: Dunno, this is my coffee break overall anyway.
    RK: It has taken too long already, I hope the guy in the service overall makes some haste now.
    KR: Bwoah, wouldn’t bet on that. Don’t look, he’ll only take longer.

  26. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    29th February 2020, 19:38

    Antonio: Is it my turn to drive the red car yet?

  27. Kubica: it’s been a while since I was last in Switzerland, so you’ll have to remind me Kimi… Do you have to tip the attendant here?

  28. Kimi: “Try to look fat – maybe they won’t notice we’re SUV positive”

    1. Excellent

  29. As the boys fuel up the Stelvio their face expression says it all: “In next year is Aston Martin really gonna give Perez and Stroll a Cygnet as a company car?”

  30. My brain is shocked by how much better this new car is compared to last year.

  31. Kimi had a few and nobody wanted to ride with Kubica driving, so Giovinazzi was left as the designated driver.

  32. With the new weight regulations and budget cap coming up, Alfa Romeo decided to focus on 2021 already.

    1. Lol. Good one :D

  33. Gio – hmm If I had Rob’s hairline looking like Monaco Nouvelle Chicane I’d be asking Kimi for that hat…..

  34. The secret weapon of Alfa Romeo: a toe-in Kimi under coffee br(e)aking.

  35. RK: So you just… don’t show up to media briefings?
    KR: Nah, I send the kid pumping gas instead.

  36. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    1st March 2020, 2:56

    Kimi – “The sausage rolls were much nicer at Shell”

  37. Phillip Schmitz
    1st March 2020, 4:18

    Kubica – You won with the 2012 Lotus car?
    Raikkonen – Yea, it was a good car. Not one to compete all the time. However it got good results.
    Kubica – I drove that car during the testing with Renault a few years ago.
    Raikkonen – Yea, how did you like it?
    Kubica – It was like heaven. Like I wondered what I could’ve done with that car in that year.
    Raikkonen – You would’ve done well.
    Giovanazzi – Okay, gas is now filled up. What’s next.
    Kubica – Go pay the cashier for it.
    Raikkonen – Also get a bottle of vodka as well.

  38. three guys walk into a bar…

  39. F1 McF1face
    1st March 2020, 5:05

    Something something something…Kimi pulled up to the wrong side and is hiding the cap.

  40. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    1st March 2020, 7:26

    Cheer up guys, we know this PR stuff is boring……..but it’s Orlen a day’s work.

  41. Kimi: ‘I take my time’…..and have a coffee!

  42. Joakim Jarnstrom
    1st March 2020, 8:15

    Antonio: Great idea Kimi, smuggling regular fuel for FIA:s tests in coffee cups.
    Kimi: Shush, I think that is a FIA inspector? Try to look relaxed Robert.

  43. the three alfateers

  44. Kimi: there’s just no ice cream in this side of town.
    Robert: yeah I agree, I kind of don’t like this coffee.
    Tonio: so I’ll just fill this up. Maybe it’ll take us like a grand prix distance to get a vanilla.
    All: yeah, keep lookin, keep lookin.

  45. Robert: Remember that time Lewis drive into you and I won the race?
    Kimi: Yeh, Nico too.
    Robert: Ah those were the days. What happened to us…?

  46. Electroball76
    1st March 2020, 12:17

    So you CAN get quicker than a Kwik Fit fitter

  47. Derek Edwards
    1st March 2020, 12:23

    Two has-beans.

  48. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    1st March 2020, 15:46

    I miss the amazing feeling of winning or even fighting for podiums, confided Robert to Kimi, as Giovinazzi felt awkwardly left out

  49. Fill her up, kid. And while you’re at it, get us some doughnuts to go with this coffee. Where’s the pit crew when you need them?

  50. Kimi: Antonio, this time can we please have a nice smooth ride? This isn’t a racing car, and you’ve got passengers! Say it slowly, “smoooottttthhhh”! We don’t want to feel every gear change. We don’t need to hear the engine screaming and tyres screeching. We want nice and quiet, and to feel we’re just floating along. Can you just drive like that?

  51. Antonio: Say guys, when we got stopped by that policeman, how come he wanted a selfie with you guys and not me?

  52. You’re definitely sure it’s this year they are bringing back refuelling?

  53. The best of the leftover

  54. Outtakes from Drive to Survive season 2

  55. Alpha and Romeo XD.

  56. Did you see that steering wheel move??

  57. Kimi: Guys, do either of you know the special code we had to use to get the petrol for free?

  58. Kimi: So tell me Robert, which car is Williams going to use for testing the 18 inch wheels?
    Robert: Yeah … I wondered that too. I was hoping it’d be the FW19, but I think the V10 would be a bit too conspicuous.

  59. fastest lap. Pole. Starting from grid

  60. AG: One day I will be wearing all red overalls boys!
    RK: I almost wore that
    KR: Bwoah! Been there. Done that.

  61. Hey Kid $40 BUCKS Fill Her Up.

  62. 2 Men and the Hired Help.

  63. Everyone silently in their heads: “Damn I’d better pretend it’s mine”
    Beautiful girl silently in her head, getting out of a Ferrari: “Lol look at these morons next to the Fiat pretending it’s a premium car!”

  64. Alfa romeo/sauber once again create headlines for signing more drivers than seats.

  65. Raikkonen: 315 GPs, I’m not pumping gas.
    Kubica: 97 GPs, I’m not pumping gas.
    Giovinazzi: 23 GPs, ok, but you old men are going to be gone soon!

  66. Richard Collantine
    2nd March 2020, 14:26

    RK : I think he said wearing your cap that low pushes your ears out and it looks really cool!

  67. AG: Hey, guys! Are you sure all rookies pay for gas on road trips?
    RK/KR (in unison): Yeah, ask FIA!!!

  68. We hope the race car is a little more reliable than this Alfa………

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