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2020 Australian Grand Prix TV Times

2020 Australian Grand Prix

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Join us on RaceFans Live throughout every session of the Australian Grand Prix weekend plus the opening IndyCar race of 2020. Look out for the live page on the site during every session and follow all the action with your fellow RaceFans.

Here are the details of Sky and Channel 4’s coverage of the 2020 Australian Grand Prix in the UK and ESPN’s in the USA:

2020 Australian Grand Prix: Friday 13 March – Sunday 15 March 2020


DaySessionChannelCoverage StartsSession StartsSession Ends
FridayAustralian Grand Prix first practice liveSky Sports F10:301:002:30
FridayAustralian Grand Prix second practice liveSky Sports F14:455:006:30
SaturdayAustralian Grand Prix third practice liveSky Sports F12:453:004:00
SaturdayAustralian Grand Prix qualifying liveSky Sports F15:006:00
SaturdayAustralian Grand Prix qualifying highlightsChannel 412:00
SundayAustralian Grand Prix liveSky Sports F13:005:10
SundayAustralian Grand Prix highlightsChannel 414:00
SundayIndyCar Grand Prix of St Petersburg liveSky Sports F118:3019:30

USA (Eastern)

DaySessionChannelCoverage StartsSession StartsSession Ends
ThursdayAustralian Grand Prix first practice liveESPNEWS20:5521:0022:30
FridayAustralian Grand Prix second practice liveESPNEWS0:551:002:30
SaturdayAustralian Grand Prix third practice liveESPNEWS22:5523:001:55
SaturdayAustralian Grand Prix qualifying liveESPN21:552:003:00
SundayAustralian Grand Prix liveESPN0:301:10
SundayIndyCar Grand Prix of St Petersburg liveNBCSN15:0015:30

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2020 Australian Grand Prix

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11 comments on “2020 Australian Grand Prix TV Times”

  1. The UK time are labelled BST, but I think the times are actually GMT. Either way the UK will not yet be on BST this weekend.

    1. That’s right they are GMT still.

    2. @kartguy07 The above times indeed are for GMT.

  2. At first glance I saw a finger over the lens in your image, it’s of great disappointment to me to see that it is merely dust.


    1. Probably from where Ricciardo went off at the start.

  3. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
    9th March 2020, 23:53

    Just to let people know, there is a nowtv offer for £198 for the full 9 months.

    I personally think this is awful value given it is more than last year. As well as the fact channel 4 have been given permission to provide more highlights coverage as well as show them earlier. This already would mean than Channel 4 will get more viewers that last year. So I really expected Sky to be aware of this and reduce the cost of this deal, not increase it! I also think it is incredibly poor that their coverage is just 720P, something freeview HD had better than over a decade ago. It really does look poor image quality wise, barely better than standard definition. Extremely poor value in my opinion for what you get, but it is the best value of what they have to offer. So probably is the best option if you want to watch every race and qualifying session.

    1. @thegianthogweed f1tv and not be in the uk if you know what I mean.

      1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
        10th March 2020, 9:03

        Not really sure what you mean. I don’t want to have to move country to be able to get F1TV! :D

        1. You can make it appear that your computer is not located in the UK if you use a VPN service, but they are not free so another little cost.

          1. The latest versions of the Opera web browser apparently has a free VPN built in to it. Might be worth a shot…

  4. Would you please post the times for Eastern USA in times that we Americans can actually understand! As an example:
    1:00pm or 11:00am or 2:30pm or wherever the time may be in American terms. 22:55 means absolutely nothing to me!

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