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2020 F1 season

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Renault’s RS20 has run in two interim liveries ahead of the new season.

The team presented its RS20 in an all-black colour scheme in testing. However the car also ran in another guide, similar to its 2019 livery, in a filming day at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Renault intends to officially present the new livery in an event in Melbourne tomorrow.

Team principal Cyril Abiteboul said Renault are “as best prepared as we can be for the start of the year thanks to the hard work across Enstone and Viry over the winter months.

“These efforts were exemplified in pre-season testing with solid engine reliability and a performance level, which fitted with what we expected to see. Now we aim to see the benefits of our preparation come to fruition at a race weekend.”

Pictures: Renault RS20 alternative interim livery

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2020 F1 season

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  • 11 comments on “Video: Renault’s other RS20 interim livery”

    1. This article has been revised – it originally referred to the design as the team’s 2020 race livery however Renault has indicated it is an interim livery which was used for filming purposes. Apologies to anyone who was misled by the original article.

    2. This was released on the first day of testing, I wondered even then how has nobody picked that up (even if it’s not the final product).

    3. Ocon got alot more face time in the click. Hmmm.

    4. I am certainly hoping to see lots of yellow……sunshine behind the dark clouds!!! Whilst OT i would like to put a question to the board. With Indycars now sporting the full windshield / halo what is the likelihood that F1 will follow suit in ’21 or at the latest ’22? IMPO it looks far superior to the barebones halo and according to the drivers they all believe that it’s really good and works well under all conditions.

      1. IMO, Halo looks far better than IndyCar’s aeroscreen, I find that particularly awkward looking, it rises far too abruptly from the monocoque. (I’ve always thought Halo looked ok though)

        As we know though, it’s a safety device. Looks shouldn’t come into it.

      2. @kenji It’s very unlikely, IndyCar chose both the areoscreen and halo because they needed sufficient visibility at high banking corners (think eau rouge/radillion sideways at say flatout at say 190 mph) as well as safety regards. F1 implicated the halo in 2018 as they needed a safety device that was ready on short notice that had maximum visibility. Areoscreen was an option but it was found that it shattered in some incidents (that the fia tested) and made drivers dizzy. It would be unfavourable for some teams as their ’21 car/concept will be based partly on the halo and the airflow behind the car. As well as this, the ’21 rules are aimed to make f1 cheaper. Each team must have 3 halos. F1 spec halos cost £33,000 each, that times three is £99,000 having an areoscreen and the halo were looking, £35,000 – £40,000 each. Yes the fia are trying to make things safer for everyone but the halo works and the halo works. There is no point in changing the rules in such short notice after the ’21 regs have been announced and at this point the teams have about 30-40% of total funding towards ’21 development and the teams will have to redesign the back of the car because that’s the part after the airflow goes after the cockpit (hopefully) and that costs a lot of money to do and can wreck multiple teams’ seasons. So no. It’s very unlikely for F1 to adopt the halo/aeroscreen idea.

        1. tanks for the response Alex. I certainly don’t agree with the cost variations being a material issue. If your costings are accurate the variance, in F1 terms, is miniscule. The integrity of the aeroscreen is far more substantial and and the fact is that it covers all safety aspects. The halo only partially covers that, as it does very little to prevent full facial impacts vis a vis Massa’s coil spring incident! From a purely aesthetic viewpoint i prefer the aeroscreen looks despite the fact that at certain angles it does look rather precipitous. Each to his own i guess.

          1. @ Alex…ooops. Opening should read ‘thanks’.

    5. Renault desperately trying to drum up some interest in their team.

      I am expecting nothing of real interest.

    6. I’m glad the yellow is back!

    7. White has made a bit of a return in their team kit, well the march for the drivers, maybe we’ll see a return to the yellow & white.

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