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Four Haas team staff cleared after Coronavirus tests

2020 Australian Grand Prix

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Haas has confirmed all four of its team members who were tested for the Coronavirus have returned negative results.

Haas was one of two teams which had isolated staff who had reported potential Coronavirus symptoms. All four of the American team’s staff have now been cleared.

However McLaren has confirmed one of its team members has tested positive for the virus, and withdrawn from the race as a result.

Speaking before the news of the negative test was announced, Haas team principal Guenther Steiner said the team would find not be able to replace any missing staff during the race weekend.

“Alternative plans is difficult because nobody can come here any more – not time-wise and not permit-wise,” he said. “So we [would] need to come up with something.”

Steiner confirmed the team had brought its usual number of team staff to the race in Australia.

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  • 6 comments on “Four Haas team staff cleared after Coronavirus tests”

    1. @ben-n
      glad that your brother and his team mates are alright. Good luck to him this year!

      1. Thanks @eurobrun – very kind of you to remember from yesterday!

        Yes, they all came back negative and are expecting to compete in the weekend as normal at the moment (assuming it goes ahead). Frankly, I think non-essential things like F1 and other sports should pause for a few months to try to get this under control. Some things are just so much more important.

    2. William Jones
      12th March 2020, 11:55

      Seconding the sentiment, really please to hear everyone at Hass is OK!

    3. Good news.

      1. True that. pause & reschedule if possible, especially with EU under lock down I think it is only going to get difficult for teams to travel.

    4. Good news: I’m glad the Haas staff’s situation is less severe than initially feared.

      Bad news: this means there’s at least 2 bugs in the paddock. This makes it a bit of a nightmare for people’s immune systems in general.

      I wish everyone who is ill the best in their recoveries, and everyone who is well the best in staying healthy.

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